Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Buying A House

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His little student was standing on the stage right now.

Her achievements and honors were displayed on the projector behind them.

In addition to the ten full marks for her core subjects, she also ranked first in the applied chemistry department.

It wasnt just her grades; she also published two SCI theses as the first author and had a year of experience doing research at the Institute of Computational Materials.

Even though she wasnt as well-rounded as the other students, who won awards in various competitions, her scientific research experience was on another level.

What did two SCI theses mean?

It wasnt a big deal for nutty masters or PhD students, but for an undergraduate student, this was a huge deal.

Meng Qi walked up the stage in the midst of the applause. When she received the certificate from Lu Zhou, she gently bit her lower lip before she said anxiously, Teacher


Um, Can I become your masters student?

Would Nobel Prize laureates accept masters students?

Forget about Nobel Prize laureates, even some busy academicians didnt want masters students.

After all, in terms of free labor, it was more efficient to take experienced PhD students.

When she remembered that Lu Zhou worked at a place far, far away, she couldnt help but feel disappointed.

Suddenly, she regretted asking this.

Lu Zhou finally replied, Ill probably come back to Jin Ling University and teach sometime this year.

He paused for a second before he smiled and said, When the time comes, I will probably be teaching computational materials science. If youre interested in that area of research, you can become my masters student.

Han Mengqi was quite talented, especially in science. Lu Zhou could tell that from back when he tutored her.

She managed to pull her grades up in such a short amount of time, and she was able to be admitted to Jin Ling University; this wasnt something an ordinary person could do.

The teenage version of Lu Zhou might not have been able to do the same.

After all, before the system existed, he had a certain amount of talent but was nowhere near a genius level.

Therefore, being able to be admitted to Jin Ling University from an ordinary high school, where the educational resources are not the best, required serious hard work.

Lu Zhou never agreed with the saying that girls shouldnt be in scientific research.

There were plenty of beautiful knowledgeable female researchers at Princeton, such as Dr. Nieng Yan, or Molinas supervisor, or even Vera.

Meng Qi, who was anxious, became surprised. She then became excited.

As Han Mengqi held the certificate in front of her chest tightly, it was like she didnt believe what she just heard. She then spoke quietly, slightly trembling in disbelief.


Lu Zhou smiled and nodded.

Of course. I mean, before you did your college entrance examination, we did make a deal.

In the crowd.

Seeing that Han Mengqi was blushing on stage, her three roommates in the crowd looked at each other.

As they clapped along with the other audience members, Li Fang said, Am I wrong or is Meng Qi actually being shy?

The applause gradually subsided. Su Jiawen stopped applauding and said, I think youre right.

Luo Meng: She knows God Lu?

Without thinking, Li Fang said, How is that possible? Hes a Princeton professor.

Luo Meng was suspicious, and she said, But look at her face; I think they know each other.

Li Fang: I think youre over-reading into it.

Didnt Meng Qi submit to SCI before? Do you think God Lu happened to be her reviewer? Also, I remember now. The chemistry department undergraduate student internship program that Meng Qi joined was at the Institute of Computational Materials. I heard the Institute of Computational Materials is owned by God Lu! Maybe Luo Meng was blushing from excitement as she began to imagine; her mind was already filled with a million-word romance novel.

Su Jiawen facepalmed. She looked on hopelessly at her crazy roommate before she sighed and said, Stop reading so many novels

After the Annual Person Award Ceremony came to an end, Jin Ling University returned to its usual peacefulness.

The weather became colder and colder as it approached Chinese New Year. There were fewer students around, and the peaceful campus felt deserted.

However, compared to the Jin Ling Universitys quiet atmosphere, the Institute for Advanced Study next door was way more lively.

After the researchers arrived at their new jobs, the experiments began.

Also, in order to finally leave the crappy hotel room, Lu Zhou decided to take some time and let Wang Peng drive him to a real estate office.

The black car with the red national flag was parked outside the real estate office. When the sales lady saw Lu Zhou and his driver got off the car, her eyes lit up. Once she realized the status of this customer, she immediately walked over.

Wang Yalan had a professional smile on her face as she politely asked, Sir, is there anything I can assist you with?

Lu Zhou sat down on a sofa in the office and picked up a brochure on the table. As he flipped through the pages, he said, I want to buy a house. Is there any good listing?

Are you planning to buy for living or investing?

Living I guess, Lu Zhou said. He looked at the photos on the wall and thought for a moment before he said, The main requirement is a quiet environment. Preferably already built, as I dont want to wait too long.

He suddenly remembered something, so he added another requirement.

Oh yeah, it has to be a stand-alone house.

When Wang Yalan heard the words stand-alone, she became even more enthusiastic. She immediately sat next to Lu Zhou and began recommending houses to him.

Sir, are you planning on buying a mansion?

Lu Zhou: You could say so.

Wang Yalan: Then I recommend this mansion in the rose garden area. The main body of the building is made of German limestone, and it has a modern minimalist influence and classical European style. Its unique both in terms of appearance and comfort

Lu Zhou looked at the photos of the mansion and felt it was pretty good. He then asked, How big is it?

Wang Yalan: The building area is 1,100 square meters, and the backyard is 2,600 square meters. Theres also a lawn and swimming pool

Lu Zhou nearly choked when he heard this number.

It was not like he had a goddamn helicopter, so why the hell would he need such a big backyard? Was he going to be playing golf? Actually, it was not big enough for golf

Too big. Just recommend me something a couple of hundred square meters. Plus this is too far away. Find me a place with a better transport system, and it has to be close to the university.

Surprised, Wang Yalan looked at him and asked, Youre living by yourself?

Lu Zhou: Not allowed?

No, no, Wang Yalan said. She then quickly flipped to another page and said, This mansion is on the east side of the Purple Mountain, so it fits your requirements. The area is 585 square meters, with a front yard and garage. Its close to the city, and the university and high-techzone1is on its east side.

Thats pretty good.

As Lu Zhou flipped through the interior and exterior pages of the house, he nodded with satisfaction.

He was quite happy with it, especially with the location and transport.

How much is it?

70,000 yuan per square foot.

Which meant the total price is around 40 million yuan?

Lu Zhou closed the brochure in his hand and stood up from his sofa.

Okay then, lets go see it.