Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Experiment Success Rate

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The suburb name was called Zhongshan International, also known as the legendary filthy rich suburb of Jinling.

Lu Zhou remembered hearing about it back in college, but he didnt remember who told him about it.

The entire suburb was filled with mansions, and it was located on the northeast side of the national grade 4A scenery area. The suburb covered an area of 3671mu1and had a plot ratio of only 0.168. It contained a golf course and also had a shopping mall nearby.

However, Lu Zhou didnt really care about these things; he didnt play golf nor did he like to shop.

As long as the house was adequate and the environment was decent, it was good enough for him.

This house is pretty good.

As Lu Zhou stood in this rustic study room and touched the bookshelf, he nodded with satisfaction.

Wang Peng walked to the side and touched the windows. He then pointed at the two trees outside and spoke.

The position of the two trees outside isnt good.

Lu Zhou looked out the window and said, Why do you say that? I think its pretty good.

Without those two trees, the entire front yard would be naked; it would ruin the overall allure.

Wang Peng pointed and said, Its easy to create a blind spot in that position. If I climb over there and walk along the wall, I dont even have to bend over; I bet you wont see me.

Wang Yalan raised her eyebrows and politely said, Sir, there is a professional security team in the gated community, and there is no way for thieves to get in. Therefore, theres no need to worry about these types of things.

Wang Peng was amused, and he raised his eyebrows as he asked, More professional than me?

Wang Yalan was stunned; she didnt know what to say.

What do you mean by more professional?

Are you a professional thief?

Lu Zhou gently coughed to end the conversation. He then said, Dont bother with the two trees. Ill just install a camera there.

To be honest, he wasnt some kind of secret agent nor was he involved in weapon research. Anyway, he wasnt going to put any important data at home. Even though being cautious was the correct thing to do, he didnt have to be that careful.

There werent any scholars in the world that had a wider research area than his, but there were scholars that were nuttier than him; there were even a few in Princeton. Hed be crazy to think the conspiracy theories of attacking scholars were real.

As for what would happen in the future?

He would deal with it in the future. After all, to worry about this now was unnecessary.

After he bought the house, he planned on installing a security camera system and some drones. Xiao Ai would manage the security for him.

Even with the two trees there, he didnt believe anyone could climb over.

Wang Peng made a helpless expression.

I was just suggesting Of course, the decision is yours.

Lu Zhou walked away from the window and looked at the study room. He then said, I quite like this house This will do then.

While Lu Zhou was inspecting his future house, Hou Jinli, who also recently joined the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study, was also inspecting his future house Well, the dorm that he would be staying in.

Hou Jinli had just left the University of Science and Technology of China campus. He was now at the Jin Ling University campus, As he looked at the new staff accommodation while carrying his luggage, he felt very emotional.

However, it wasnt a negative emotion

It wasnt positive either

He thought about the research institutes promise for staff accommodation and couldnt help but feel a little excited. Houses nearby had an average price of 30,000 yuan per square meter. He could start living there after working for one year and could own the place after working for eight years. These conditions were considered extremely generous among the Chinese research community.

Especially the materials research community.

Of course, what made him more excited was that he would become a staff member of a Nobel Prize winners laboratory.

Hed be willing to work there even if he wasnt paid.

Once he wrote a couple of theses, his qualifications would be on another level.

Hou Jinli spent a long time tidying his new place and spent his first night in Jinling sleeping at the Jin Ling University staff faculty dorms.

He finally settled down at his new place.

Tomorrow was the first official working day.

The next day, Hou Jinli took a taxi all the way to the entrance of the Institute for Advanced Study. He then went to the Institute of Computational Materials.

From the main entrance of the research institute to the materials building, he had to go through two security access points. Both points used facial recognition.

The research didnt give these new hires time to become familiar with the environment. After their orientation yesterday, all of them had basically been assigned specific tasks.

However, he didnt need time to become familiar with the environment here. Before coming here, he had been doing similar types of work. Coincidentally, it was also research on carbon nanomaterials.

For him, all that changed was the location where he would be conducting the experiment.

The only thing he had to familiarize himself with was where the instruments and reagents were at.

Hou Jinli double-checked his tasks for today before he put on an anti-static white lab coat. He weighed 10 grams of 100 mesh graphite powder and mixed it with sodium nitrate solids at a 2:1 ratio.

Suddenly, Yu Junda walked into the laboratory. He was also in the internship stage.

Were making an SG-1 sample today?

Hou Jinli nodded and said, Yeah, theres not enough stock left. Are you familiar with the Hummers method?

Ive done it a few times.

Okay then, come and help me.

Normally, other than preparing it in-house, the chemicals and reagents needed in experiments could be bought from other research institutes or companies.

However, the SG-1 material was a new technology that was recently unveiled at the MRS conference. Even though most databases had all the relevant theses and experimental reports, there werent many laboratories that had the capability of producing it.

Every step of the graphene oxide preparation was crucial.

According to the Hummers method, which was adopted by Qian Zhongming, the process of adding potassium permanganate was divided into low, medium, and high-temperature reaction stages.

When adding the potassium permanganate in parts, the reaction temperature should be around 20 degrees Celsius, and it would require around half an hour of stirring.

After that, the temperature should be raised to 35 degrees Celsius, and it should be stirred for half an hour.

Once the product of the reaction was poured into a certain amount of deionized water, it should then produce a bright yellow solution. This should be placed in a 98 degrees Celsius water bath and heated. It should be stirred for about half an hour. Finally, the solution should go through suction filtration. After that, the researcher would place it to be dried.

If everything went well, the final sample would be in a light reddish-brown color.

If something went wrong, one would have no idea what one just made.

Most of the time, the real marker of a researchers experiment abilities were in the small details.

If one didnt pay attention to these details, one could produce two different results even though one was doing the same experiment using the same procedure.

In other words, if a researcher could pay attention to the small details, even though they wouldnt necessarily become an excellent researcher, they wouldnt be a noob researcher anymore.

For Hou Jinli, these procedures werent difficult at all.

He spent a year working as a researcher for the University of Science and Technology of China, and he did similar experiments countless times before. When he finished the entire process smoothly, Yu Junda, who stood next to him, was astounded.

Even though he also worked as a researcher for a good university, unfortunately, he was responsible for writing theses

Hou Jinli completed the graphene oxide preparation but stayed serious.

Next up, he had to follow the experimental report and use techniques such as N-doping, etc. to modify the graphene oxide.

The next steps were the key to determining the success of his experiment.

Unfortunately, even though the experimental report was written clearly, and he was carefully following the steps, things didnt go as smooth as he had imagined.

The final product that appeared in front of the two researchers was a pile of black powder.

Yu Junda realized the experiment had failed. He had a slightly awkward expression when he asked, Is this thing still salvageable?

Hou Jinli was also feeling awkward as he replied, Probably not.

Experiments all had an underlying success rate, so failing once wasnt a big deal.

However, their efforts had gone to waste

Hou Jinli sighed and placed the sample into a small plastic bag.

He walked to the waste bin and squeezed the black sample.

He thought this thing would instantly turn to dust when squeezed. However, the irregular powder particles didnt break.

Hou Jinli noticed this unusual phenomenon and stopped walking. He then looked at the small plastic bag in his hand and frowned.

This thing seems to be quite strong?