Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Xiao Ais New Homexiao Ais New Home

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The lease for the house near the university almost came to its end. Lu Zhou already had his own house, so he didnt have to continue renting and storing Xiao Ai there.

After Lu Zhou finished his last project, he spent two days directing professionals to move his server to his mansion at Zhongshan International.

There were security cameras and alarms in his old house. Obviously, he couldnt just leave these things for the landlord. Coincidentally, since his new house needed security equipment, he moved them as well.

After everything was done, Lu Zhou looked at the server chassis in the room and smirked.

All of the security cameras were connected to Xiao Ais server. Regardless of whether anyone was at home, no matter what happened, Lu Zhou would immediately be notified of the situation through his phone.

From now on, this is your new home.

Xiao Ai: [But I dont want this home. (sad.jpg)]

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Shh, be quiet.

Xiao Ai: [(slamming the table.jpg) (about to cry.jpg)]

Lu Zhou didnt care if Xiao Ai was unhappy with the new home. He comforted Xiao Ai for a bit then went out to the supermarket and bought some fresh produce.

Xiao Tong would come around later and eat at his place. She would also help him clean the house.

His parents would come over tomorrow.

He had to clean up the guest room before the arrival of his parents. Since Xiao Tong was going to spend Chinese New Year here, she had to clean up her room as well.

Lu Zhou put the grocery near the sink. He was about to wash the vegetables when his phone suddenly vibrated. When he picked up the phone, he heard a robotic voice.

Master, there are guests at the door.


Lu Zhou took off his cooking gloves and threw them near the sink. He then walked out of the kitchen and went to the front door.

When Han Mengqi saw Xiao Tong pressing the doorbell, she asked anxiously, We didnt tell him beforehand that were coming. Is that alright?

Xiao Tong smiled and said, Dont worry, my brother isnt that stingy.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming from behind the door, followed by the door being opened.

Youre here Han Mengqi? Lu Zhou was about to invite Xiao Tong into the house but suddenly noticed the little girl standing behind her. He then asked, What are you doing here?

Han Mengqi replied nervously, Xiao Tong said you needed some help, so I came along Um, Im not bothering you, right?

Not at all! Come on in. Lu Zhou moved out of the way to let them in. He then asked with a smile, Speaking of which, are you not going to Shanghai for Chinese New Year?

Han Mengqi smiled reluctantly. She didnt seem willing to answer this question.

Okay okay, girls dont like it if you ask too many questions.

Xiao Tong interrupted this heavy conversation. She then took Han Mengqis hand and walked into the house as if it were her own house. She then took off her shoes and put on a pair of slippers.

After entering the house, Han Mengqi looked around the living room and couldnt help but feel nostalgic.

Five years ago, her tutor was still teaching her mathematics problems for a few hundred yuan an hour; she didnt expect her tutor to become so powerful in just five years.

She suddenly felt a little discouraged.

No matter how hard she worked, how matter how many hours she spent in the library or laboratory, she would never catch up to him.

Whether it was in terms of knowledge or status

Han Mengqi felt like Lu Zhou left to a place far, far away from her.

Lu Zhou found a pair of spare slippers for Han Mengqi and said in a friendly manner, The house isnt clean. Its a mess, and I hope you wont mind it.

Han Mengqi stopped daydreaming, and she muttered, Its fine, Im here to help clean up anyway.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Its fine, you dont have to help. Xiao Tong will clean her own things, so just rest on the sofa.

What do you mean? Han Mengqi persisted as she said, Dont underestimate me! Im not the same girl I was five years ago, and I know how to do chores!

Even though Lu Zhou didnt want his guests to clean his house, but since she was so motivated, he decided to let her be.

Actually, when he just bought the house a while ago, he called for a house cleaning company to clean the place.

However, since he didnt live in it for a long time, there were layers of dust everywhere.

The most important thing was the guest bed; it didnt even have a bedsheet or bedding on it.

What if I buy a sweeping robot? I can let Xiao Ai control it.

Anyway, the artificial retard is just sitting there. I might as well utilize it

The more Lu Zhou thought about it, the better the idea seemed.

It was soon lunchtime, and the three sat at the dining table.

Lu Zhou, who hadnt cooked for a long time, decided to flex his skills to his past student and sister by making a table of delicious food.

Han Mengqi hadnt tasted her tutors cooking for a long time, so she was delighted.

While eating, Lu Zhou said to Xiao Tong, This time next year, youll have to think about your future. So, what plans do you have after graduation?

Xiao Tong already had a clear goal in mind, and so, she replied promptly, I want to study abroad.

Lu Zhou: Do you have a goal?

Xiao Tong: Oxford University. I already received a recommendation letter from my summer student exchange program Oh yeah, Brother, can you write a recommendation letter for me as well?

Oxford University was ranked second in the world for economics. However, the major was more theoretical based rather than application based.

Lu Zhou looked at Xiao Tongs puppy eyes and chuckled.

No problem, piece of cake.

His phone suddenly began to ring.

Lu Zhou put down the chopsticks and stood up from his chair.

I have to take this call.

He left the dining room and stood at the corridor near the stairs before he took out his phone and looked at the screen.

It was an unknown caller, but from the number, it seemed to be an international call.

Dont these foreigners know how to use WeChat? Theyre killing me with these long-distance phone charges.

Lu Zhou: Hello?

Keriber: Its me!

When Lu Zhou heard the familiar German accent, he remembered the email that he sent two days ago. He immediately knew who was calling, so he spoke with a cheerful voice.

Professor Keriber? Whats up?

Keriber was sitting in the airport terminal. He took a deep breath and said, Im in Dubai.

Lu Zhou: Dubai?

Keriber couldnt help but complain. Yeah, all of the flights from Germany to China are full, so my assistant helped me book the ticket. This is the fastest route.

Lu Zhou: When will you arrive?

Keriber: The day after tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow? Lu Zhou frowned and asked, Why does it take so long?

Keriber replied in a resentful tone, The flight is delayed.

Lu Zhou:

This really is quite an ordeal.

When Lu Zhou heard about Keribers unfortunate encounter, he didnt know how to comfort him.

Keriber paused for a second and sighed before he said, Actually, before arriving at Jinling, I still have to transfer to Beijing. However, I dont think I can catch the Beijing flight Do you have a way to take me from Beijing to Jinling?

When Lu Zhou heard this, he instantly understood the root of Keribers troubles.

Chinese New Year was the busiest time of the year. Whether by rail or by flight, one had to buy it at least a week in advance.

Lu Zhou said, Ill give you a phone number. After you land in Beijing, just call that phone number. Someone will help you solve the problem.

Keriber was a bit hesitant, and he asked, Phone number? Will it work?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Youll know when you try it.