Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 484

Chapter 484 New Year Of 2019

Chapter 484: New Year Of 2019
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It took an entire day and two people to help Lu Zhou clean up the house.

Even though he was drenched in sweat, he discovered that cleaning actually helped him to relax.

He had spent the past couple of weeks at the research institute, either doing experiments or analyzing experimental data. Therefore, cleaning really lightened up his mood.

Just like lunch, when dinner time arrived, Lu Zhou was still the chef.

After eating dinner, Xiao Tong obviously stayed over, but Han Mengqi had to say her goodbyes.

Originally, Xiao Tong wanted to ask her to stay and sleep together. However, it wasnt appropriate for a girl to sleep at someone elses house.

Furthermore, it was a guys house.

It was getting late, and there werent any taxis nearby, so Lu Zhou called Wang Peng and asked him to drive Mengqi home.

After Mengqi left in Wang Pengs car, Xiao Tong suddenly sighed. She then asked in a dry tone, Brother, why didnt you persuade her?

Lu Zhou: Persuade her to do what?

Persuade her to stay. Xiao Tong tilted her head and said, If you tried to convince her, then she definitely would have stayed.

Lu Zhou: Dont bother other people.

What do you mean by bother? Ah, you make my brain hurt Ouch! Xiao Tong was shaking her head when she suddenly cried out in pain.

Lu Zhou gently tapped Xiao Tongs forehead and spoke angrily.

Brain hurt my a*s! You havent even sorted out your own things, but now youre worried about others. The TV remote is on the table. If you want to watch TV, then watch it. If not, go and take a shower and sleep. I still have some stuff to do, so I cant stay with you.

Lu Zhou turned around and walked toward the stairs. As Xiao Tong rubbed her forehead, she felt dissatisfied. She then asked, What do you have to do? Is it more important than your sister?

Lu Zhou: I have to write a recommendation letter for you.

Xiao Tongs eyes lit up, and she immediately said, Really? Youre writing it right now? Remember to say good things about me! Like Im a once in a century genius or something.

Lu Zhou:

The day before Chinese New Year, Lu Zhou let Wang Peng drove him to the train station. He went there to pick up his parents that took the train from Jiangling.

Since they didnt have the habit of visiting their hometown relatives, the old couple decided to just come to Jinling this year instead.

Actually, it didnt matter where they spent Chinese New Year. As long as everyone was healthy and was together, everything was well.

Youre doing pretty good for yourself. You even bought a mansion! Lu Bangguo had his hands behind his back as he stood next to the window and looked at the flowers and plants in the backyard. He then asked curiously, This place isnt cheap, right?

Its not cheap, but its not too bad. Lu Zhou smiled and said, I got a lot of money from the awards, right? I dont usually spend it so I bought a house.

After buying the mansion, paying taxes, cleaning and buying furniture, all in all, it added up to around 50 million yuan.

His prize money wasnt enough to buy this house.

It was just that Lu Zhou didnt know how to tell his father about his patent management company.

Old Lu didnt ask exactly how much it was. Instead, he merely nodded and said, Good.

If the money was spent on something else, he would have told his son not to waste money. However, since the money was invested in a house, in his mind, no matter how much it cost, it was worth it.

Obviously, Lu Zhou thought the same.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, How about you guys just move here? The house is too big, and I feel lonely living here by myself.

Old Lu waved his hand and said, Well talk about it when you have kids.

This again

Lu Zhou sighed in his heart and looked helpless.

Dad, its Chinese New Year, can we not talk about this?

Old Lu looked at Lu Zhou and asked, What other time can we talk about it?


I think hes kind of right?

Suddenly, Lu Zhous phone began to ring. He took out his phone that was in his pocket and answered it.

Youre already here? Okay, Ill be there in a sec.

Lu Zhou hung up the phone and looked at his father.

Dad, I have some work matters to attend to. I have to go to the research institute.

Go go, your mom is making dumplings in the afternoon. Are you eating at home?

Lu Zhou: Of course I am! Remember to prepare an extra pair of chopsticks.

Old Lu paused for a second. He then suddenly said in a joyful tone, Okay okay, Ill tell your mom to make more dumplings.

Lu Zhou: ?

After three days of torturous traveling, Professor Keriber finally arrived at Jinling.

He felt so exhausted that when he finally walked off the airstair, he felt like a layer of skin was shed from his entire body.

However, his tiredness didnt dampen his desire to see Lu Zhous good news.

If everything was real, then his research might really bring light to the future of controllable nuclear fusion technology.

Professor Keriber didnt spend an extra second at the airport. The moment he got out of the airport, he immediately took a taxi to the Institute for Advanced Study.

When this German engineer saw Lu Zhou waiting at the entrance of the institute, he greeted Lu Zhou and walked toward him with his suitcase.

Keriber said with surprise, I cant believe it! They said there were no more tickets left, so how did you do it?

Lu Zhou: Its just power and influence.

Keriber went silent for a while. Suddenly, he asked, Is this why you decided to research in China?

Lu Zhou joked, Part of it. At least I wont have to worry about research funding problems or a protest letter from some environmental organization.

Keriber: Power makes people lose sight of themselves.

Lu Zhou smiled. Objectively speaking, anything can make one lose sight of themselves. This doesnt only depend on pleasure, it also depends on self-control. As long as it is properly used, power can solve many of my problems outside of research. And that is good enough for me. Okay, no more small talk. Ive waited for you for a long time, so come with me.

Lu Zhou took Professor Keriber through the layers of security, and they soon arrived at a laboratory at the Institute of Computational Materials.

Brother Qian, his most productive assistant, was standing next to a piece of laboratory equipment.

There was a glass display cover on top of the equipment, the air was sucked out, forming a vacuum.

When he looked closer, he could clearly see that in the middle of the glass cover, there was a wire that was thinner than a human hair.

The ends of the wire were connected to the upper and lower ends of the glass display cover.

Keriber stood next to the experiment equipment and frowned. As he looked at the wire inside the glass cover, he asked, What is this?

I was about to introduce it to you, Lu Zhou said. He stood next to Professor Keriber and smiled as he said, This is the thing I told you about, the SG-1 electrical wire.