Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Reached A Cooperation

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After he returned to Germany, Professor Keriber didnt screw around. He immediately talked to the director of the Institute for Plasma Physics and explained the situation in China

I met Professor Lu at Jinling. He showed me the latest results produced by their Institute of Computational Materials. They stacked the two-dimensional graphene at a special overlapping angle and prepared a type of material with a superconductivity transition temperature of 101K.

SG-1 material? Ive read that thesis before. It was on the MRS Autumn Conference website, Professor Ganser Hesinger said. He was writing at his desk, and he didnt bother to look up. He then said nonchalantly, 101k transition temperature, nothing special.

Even though he was a plasma physicist, materials science wasnt his research field. However, as the director of the Institute for Plasma Physics, he was responsible for controllable nuclear fusion engineering. Therefore, he kept up to date with the latest research in areas such as superconducting materials.

There really was nothing special about a 101K superconductivity transition temperature. After all, the current research on superconducting materials had reached a state transition temperature of 203K. However, the application of this technology wasnt promising. Therefore, it was difficult to take it out of the laboratory.

So far, they were still using copper oxide when making superconducting magnets.

Even though the material had many poor qualities such as poor thermal conductivity and an unstable magnetic field output, after combining all of the factors, the copper oxide was still the best choice.

Its not about the 101K, Professor Keriber shook his head and said. The real advantage of the SG-1 material is in its thermal conductivity properties, we were oblivious of this part.

Professor Ganser Hesinger put his pen down. He frowned and asked, Are you sure?

Professor Keriber said in a confident tone, I saw it with my own eyes, and I dont think my eyes will lie to me.

After hearing Keribers description, Professor Hesinger suddenly became serious.

Superconducting magnets were the key to magnetic confinement fusion technology. Whether it was the tokamak or stellarator, they both required a larger magnetic field to constrain the plasma which was at hundreds of millions of degrees.

If the graphene superconductor was really as shocking as what Keriber had described, then it undoubtedly would become the key to solve the controllable nuclear fusion bottleneck.

Professor Hesingers assistant, who sat at a desk next to them, spun the pen in his hand as he said, What about the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres? Without their permission, we cannot transfer the WEGA to the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Professor Hesinger said, I will contact the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres. Help me inform the researchers at the Institute for Plasma Physics; I have to hold a meeting regarding this matter.

Principal Xus suggestion gave Lu Zhou an idea.

Since spreading the hiring advert on the Internet was useless, he had to target people one by one.

This wasnt difficult for Lu Zhou.

He had always kept up to date with the latest mathematics research. He only had to look at the scholars theses to see what work they had done.

He didnt keep as close an eye on the latest physics research; he just had to pay attention to some top-level seminars and poach some scholars that had potential.

He was mainly aiming at overseas Chinese professors that were willing to return to China.

Due to the Jin Ling Citys talent settlement policy, on top of the basic salary, he might be able to help these scholars get a moving allowance of 500,000 to 1 million yuan. Not to mention, it was extremely cost-effective as Lu Zhou didnt even have to pay for this allowance himself.

As it turned out, Principal Xus suggestions were pretty good.

After they received the emails from Lu Zhou, even the scholars that didnt want to return to China were interested in this Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners invitation.

Furthermore, the Institute for Advanced Study had a research environment that wasnt affected by politics, which was quite unique among the Chinese research institutes. This alone was quite tempting.

Lu Zhou didnt know how many people he would attract, but he was optimistic.

Your place is so far away from everything, there isnt even a place to buy breakfast! I have to drive just to buy it, Lu Bangguo said while carrying soymilk, Chinese fried breadstick, and steamed buns into the house. He put on a pair of slippers before he walked inside the house.

Just like what he did in Jiangling, he woke up early in the morning and went outside to buy breakfast.

Xiao Tong said, Dad, this is a mansion-only area. Naturally, there wont be any breakfast stalls nearby.

Old Lu looked at his daughter and said, Rich people dont eat breakfast?

They can ask their chefs to make breakfast or ask their maids to buy it for them. Xiao Tong chuckled and said, Oh yeah, Brother, how about you hire a female servant?

Lu Zhou:

What servant Dont let outsiders live in your home, Fang Mei said. As she put the breakfast takeout into some bowls, she said, If you really cant take care of yourself, well move from Jiangling and accompany you here. Well buy you grocery and cook or something.

Old Lu said, Dont spoil him! If we really live here, you can give up your dreams of having a grandson.

When Lu Zhou was in high school, Old Lu was very satisfied with his hardworking, single son.

However, Lu Zhou was still single despite him having graduated from university, received a PhD, became a professor, and won the Nobel Prize. He might even become an academician in a few years. Lu Zhou was addicted to research, and Old Lu couldnt help but worry.

Even though there was no throne in the family for him to inherit, their bloodline couldnt be broken.

Even if Lu Zhou didnt marry right now, at least he should show some signs of a girlfriend, right?

When Lu Zhou placed his laptop on the dining table and ate breakfast, Old Lu sighed and said, Its the holiday Why are you still busy with work?

As Lu Zhou sorted through his emails, he joked, I have to. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility.

It wasnt just the country; the entire world was waiting for his research results.

Old Lu went silent for a while and decided not to mention the marriage thing. After a while, he then said, Dont overwork yourself. Whether its learning or studying, your health is the most important.

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded. Okay, I know.

Suddenly, his phone on the table began to ring.

It was an international number. Lu Zhou picked up his phone and accepted the call.

He heard Professor Keribers voice through the phone.

We had a meeting regarding your proposal.

Lu Zhou: And your answer is?

Professor Keriber: We think cooperating is more beneficial for us.

When Lu Zhou finally heard this long-awaited answer, he smiled widely.

He didnt expect to hear this piece of good news so early in the morning.

Im happy to hear this answer, and I wish us happy cooperation.

Happy cooperation!