Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Useless Notes

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Immediately after Lu Zhou said that sentence, the lecture hall went quiet for a few seconds.

This was followed by a commotion in the lecture hall.

Lu Zhou could clearly hear a tint of quiet laughter buried in the conversations.

Obviously, when he said that he was the one that created the L Manifold, many people recognized his identity.

There were also a lot of people that were confused, and these people were waiting patiently for the situation to unfold.

After all, not everyone would know about the trivial content; it was only specifically for those who had read the relevant literature.

It wasnt easy for most scholars to read all of the papers in their field, let alone reading research papers in other fields.

Unless someone studied differential geometry and partial differential equations in-depth and did their research on the proof of the existence of a smooth NavierStokes equation solution, then they likely didnt know what the L Manifold was.

Not to mention that it had been less than a year since the Millennium Prize Problem NavierStokes equations were solved.

Of course, since Professor Bothams research was in this field, he knew quite a bit about the L Manifold. He obviously knew who the inventor of the L Manifold was.

But even so, it was difficult for most people to remember a face from a foreign country.

Forget about a foreign Nobel Prize laureate, he didnt even recognize his own countrys Nobel Prize laureate!

It wasnt like there were photos attached to the papers

Professor Bothams wrinkly face turned red, and he stared at Lu Zhou for a long time and couldnt say anything.

Youre just a mathematician, what the hell do you know about the L Manifold I obviously cant say this.

He took a deep breath and decided to bite the bullet.

Where was I wrong?

To be honest, he didnt think he was wrong.

After all, before going on stage, he had gone over his thesis numerous times.

And no matter how many times he checked, he was convinced that his calculation process was perfect.

Botham clearly didnt admit his mistake.

Lu Zhou sighed.

Can I use the blackboard?

Even though Professor Botham wasnt convinced, he still made a gesture of invitation.

He was already being humiliated, so he should try to appear generous.

Professor Botham watched Lu Zhou walk toward the stage. He stared at Lu Zhou expressionlessly as he comforted himself in his mind.

On the other hand, under the gaze of the scholars, Lu Zhou walked onto the stage.

He picked up an eraser from the multimedia lecture station. He looked at the blackboard and began to contemplate for a moment. Then he began to erase the middle part of the blackboard.

Lu Zhou didnt notice how stiff Professor Botham was. After he erased the blackboard, Lu Zhou threw the eraser aside and picked up a piece of chalk from the lecture station.

You have a fundamental misunderstanding on the L Manifold. Differential geometry is a very effective tool for solving partial differential equations. However, it cannot be directly applied like other methods. First of all, we have to construct a bilinear operator B

This type of situation was very common in the field of mathematical physics.

The rise of an interesting mathematical tool. The physicists didnt completely understand the tool but that wouldnt prevent them from using it.

Because if they were correct, they might have made a physics discovery.

If they were wrong

Then they could at least produce a paper, demonstrating how the mathematics tool couldnt be applied like this.

Lu Zhou spoke while filling in the part he erased.

[(t)=e^(t)0+e^(t-t)B((t), (t))dt]

We set a Schwarz divergence vector field 0 to the equation and set the time interval I [0, + ). Then define a generalized solution N5 of the nonlinear equation as an obey integral equation with the continuous mapping of t, ie N5df(R3)

Professor Botham looked at the lines of calculations on the blackboard and had a headache.

Even though Lu Zhou didnt move at a fast pace, he never took a pause.

It was difficult for Botham to keep up with Lu Zhous train of thought.

If Lu Zhou prepared all this to give him a hard time, then whatever.

But if Lu Zhou thought of all this on the spot

Then that would be terrifying!

Botham spent a week to prepare the content that he wrote on the blackboard earlier

Compared to Professor Botham, the scholars sitting in the crowd were even more muddled

In order to listen to this seminar, they spent a long time studying the thesis from the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. But now, someone was telling them that the calculations in the thesis were wrong?!


Excuse me?

As expected, new physics discoveries didnt happen that easily.

Of course, other than the majority who were muddled, there were a small number of scholars who were actually listening and understanding the content on the blackboard.

These were the only people in the lecture hall that could appreciate the value of these calculations.

And for Lu Zhou, that was enough.

Lu Zhou wrote down the last line of calculations and looked at the blackboard. He briefly checked his work and nodded.

Its basically like this.

Even though theres no new physics discovery, this is still a very interesting phenomenon.

Im not well versed on the tokamak. I cant form an opinion on the magnetic surface tearing problem from these conclusions alone. However, in my opinion, due to the uncertainty of the internal current in the plasma, even if we construct a perfect external field coil, it would be difficult to control the magnetic field inside the reactor

Lu Zhou placed the chalk on the lecture station and nodded toward Botham. He then turned around and walked off stage.

The moment he stepped down from the lecture stage, the lecture hall was filled with tumultuous applause.

Soon, the muddled scholars stopped daydreaming and joined in on the applause.

The applause echoed in Professor Bothams ear. He watched Lu Zhou leave the lecture hall and couldnt say anything. Finally, he silently took out his phone and took a photo of the blackboard.

This made him very upset.

However, he still learned something from this seminar

Dian Cili stared blankly at the calculations on the blackboard. He had totally forgotten about what notes were; he was speechless.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Whose seminar am I listening to?

Suddenly, Brother Fei, who was sitting next to him, let out a long sigh.

Professor Lu really is nutty

Even though they didnt understand anything, they didnt feel too frustrated.

He was willing to bet that even if their supervisor, Professor Yu Jinsong, was sitting here, he wouldnt be able to understand anything either.

Dian Cili blankly nodded and gulped.


When he looked down at the notes that he had written, he suddenly realized a serious problem.

Oh yeah, we just finished writing these notes

Fei Jingti smiled bitterly.

Theyre probably useless.

In less than half an hour, their notes were proven to be wrong.

I feel bad for this British professor

The two looked at each other, they were at a loss for words.

F*ck sake!

Why did we wake up so early for this?