Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Ive Thought About It For Six Months

Chapter 510: Ive Thought About It for Six Months
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Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, deans office.

After the cleaning lady poured some water into the plants on the window sill, she began to wipe the dust on the glass window.

She quickly completed her work and lifted her water bucket, about to walk out of the office.

When she was leaving, she looked at Professor Peter Goddard with a surprised look on her face.

Even though she didnt know a lot about academia, this was the first time in many years that she had seen such a distressed expression on the serious old mans face.

Of course, he only became a dean five or six years ago

The old man full of white hair sat silently at the desk. He pushed his glasses up his nose and looked at the young man standing in front of his desk. He then sighed and said softly, At the beginning of the year, someone suggested to include you in the team of tenured researchers at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. I know its not a good time to bring this up now, but are you really not going to think about it?

Research institutes such as the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study all had a small, tenured, life-long research team. This team consisted of the best scholars in the world. Even the researches that they undertook were also the most cutting-edge research in all kinds of fields.

In academia, not only did a tenured researcher position at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study meant a guarantee of research funding and living standards, but it also meant the highest type of honor.

There were only ten tenured researchers in the mathematics department. Lu Zhous supervisor Professor Pierre Deligne was one of them. If Lu Zhou continued to stay at Princeton, within two to three years, hed become the eleventh tenured researcher.


Lu Zhou shook his head and said softly, Ive thought about it for six months already.

Before winning the Nobel Prize, the resources he received in China were far less than those at Princeton. However, after winning the Nobel Prize, the resources he would have access to in China were far greater.

There was nothing wrong with calling Lu Zhou selfish. After all, whenever he did multiple choice questions, he would consider which option was the best choice.

Since Lu Zhou said this, Dean Peter Goddard didnt say anything else. He opened his desk drawer and pulled out an application form.

Really? Since youve already thought about it, I have nothing else to say. Princeton in the nations service and the service of humanity This is Princetons informal school motto. I think your choice is correct.

Dean Peter Goddard gently placed this application form on the desk, as if he were putting down a heavy burden. He then leaned against his chair and looked at Lu Zhou.

Other than the researcher position at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, theres also your faculty position at Princeton University Im guessing youre resigning your teaching position as well.

Lu Zhou: Yeah, Im going to Nassau Hall after this.

Dean Goddard smiled and said, Remember to say hello to Professor Eisgruber for me.

Lu Zhou picked up the application form on the table and nodded.

I will.

After Lu Zhou left Dean Goddards office, he didnt stay at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study for long. He immediately went straight to Nassau Hall.

Compared to Goddards disappointed reaction, Principal Eisgrubers reaction was fairly mild and calm.

After hearing Lu Zhous request, the principal didnt say much else. He took out a similar form from his drawer.

I remember more than twenty years ago, I was still an academic dean back then. Mr. Faltings found me and told me that he was going back to Germany. I also wanted to retain him, but now that I think about it, theres no need for that. This decision cant be made in a day or two, it also cant be changed with just a few words.

He adjusted his glasses and handed the form to Lu Zhou.

Not being able to have you here is our loss.

Principal Eisgruber paused for a second and said jokingly, So, in order to make up for our losses, I hope that while resigning as a professor, you can at least accept an honorary professor title.

Lu Zhou paused for a second after accepting the form. He then smiled and said, Its my honor.

By the time Lu Zhou left Nassau Hall, the sun was already setting.

With these two application forms in his hand, Lu Zhou slowly walked back home. He even took a longer route.

His mentality was similar to someone who was traveling far away, who still wanted to stay here for a bit longer.

After all, he had lived here for so long and experienced so many things, so naturally, he had a soft spot for Princeton.

When Lu Zhou walked past Lake Carnegie, he contemplated on whether or not he should go for a nostalgic night run later. He suddenly saw a familiar figure sitting on a bench by the lake.

A smirk appeared on his face. He walked toward the vending machine and bought a sports drink and a can of coffee. He then walked toward the lake.

Molina was in a blue sports outfit, wiping the sweat off her face with a towel.

Suddenly, a drink appeared in front of her.

Molina paused for a second and looked to the side. She then saw Lu Zhou standing there.

She raised her pretty eyebrows and took the drink. She thanked him and immediately opened the can, taking a huge sip.

Youre welcome.

Lu Zhou smiled and sat on the bench. He opened his can of coffee and slowly took a sip.

Even though he normally likes to drink instant coffee, this type of factory-produced cold brew coffee had a special flavor.

Molina: When did you get back?

I got back around noon. I wanted to come here for a run. But after I finished my errands, it was already dark, Lu Zhou said while looking at the students running as well as the rowing team training around the lake.

Molina glanced at Lu Zhou.

Speaking of which, you havent been at Princeton for half a year, right?

Yeah, time really flies by quickly. Lu Zhou looked at the lake that sparkled under the sunset and said with a smile, It feels like I just graduated yesterday, but Im already 25 years old.

Molina: I think most people graduate when theyre 25 years old.

Lu Zhou smiled in an awkward manner and said, I think youre right Speaking of which, what about you? Hows your research project with your supervisor going?

Molina had a smug smile on her face, and she said, I already graduated. Im a lecturer at Princeton University now.

Surprised, Lu Zhou looked at her and said, Already graduated? Congratulations I wanted to host a party to celebrate you joining the faculty, but Ive already resigned.

Oh yeah?

Molina didnt look surprised; it was like she expected Lu Zhou to resign.

She looked at the can of sports drink in her hand and said, So this can of drink is to compensate for that?

I guess, but one can isnt enough. Lu Zhou patted the dust of his pants and stood up from the bench. He then looked at her and smiled. When you get the chance, come to China. Ill take you drinking.

Molina jokingly said, What if I dont get the chance?

Then well just have to meet at some academic conferences.

This was how their normal nightly conversations went.

There were no greetings, no farewells.

Molina looked at Lu Zhou walking away and didnt say anything. Instead, she picked up a rock and threw it in the lake.

She didnt have a lot of interests outside of mathematics, and Lu Zhou was just her normal friend.

But when she thought about Lu Zhou leaving, she still couldnt help but feel a little lonely