Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Going To Slightly Offend You Guys

Chapter 532: Going to Slightly Offend You Guys

After Zhou Chengfus flight landed, he headed toward the Southwestern Institute of Physics. He didnt expect to see a particular person there.

And this person was his least favorite

Our stellarator is still being overhauled. We have to borrow your HL-2A machine. Ive applied to the higher-ups regarding this matter, and the Energy Bureau has approved our request. Director Lu said you guys will fully cooperate with our experiment, so I immediately came over. As for the written documents, theyll probably arrive tomorrow at the latest, Lu Zhou said while sitting in Zhou Chengfus office. He fiddled with the tea set on the coffee table and said, This teapot is pretty, where did you buy it?

Zhou Chengfu stared at Lu Zhou with a blank face and said, Arent you researching the stellarator, why are you here?

Lu Zhou: Fast ignition.

Zhou Chengfu was stunned when he heard this.

No way! Igniting the experimental reactor, are you insane?

Lu Zhou didnt care about Zhou Chengfus comments. He only smiled and continued, Ive read the relevant papers. The HL-2A can achieve the ignition conditions. I need to test the performance of a new type of material by simulating the internal neutron radiation environment, so Im asking you guys for help.

Dont worry about the money. The tritium resources consumed by the experiment will be provided by us. You only have to cooperate with our experiment.

After hearing Lu Zhous request, Zhou Chengfu nearly vomited in his face.

What do you mean youre going to provide us with the money?

Do you think you can just buy us with money?

Not to mention, money was a trigger for Zhou Chengfu.

Especially when he heard that Director Lu said they would fully cooperate, this made him furious. He was the one that decided to research fusion energy first, but now he was being treated as a b*tch.

If you really f*cking want to do neutron radiation experiments, why dont you go to Daya Bay?

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, Both Dongguan and Daya Bay cant reach our neutron requirements.

Right now the newest international controllable fusion research plan was to build a neutron source device based on the D-Li interaction, to simulate a neutron radiation environment, which was present inside the fusion reactor. However, up until now, this device had remained in a concept stage. Only the Americans were doing research on this thing, and they were probably the only ones that knew their research progress.

What about Science Island? Zhou Chengfu was frustrated; he didnt want to give up. He quickly said, The EAST machine in Science Island can do it, why dont you

I need to use yours.

One sentence from Lu Zhou blocked Zhou Chengfus entire argument.

Lu Zhou put down the teapot in his hand and stood up from the sofa.

Zhou Chengfu looked so uncomfortable; it was like he just ate a bug. Lu Zhou smiled and spoke in a relaxed manner.

Anyway, Ive probably already offended you in the past, so Ill just offend you one more time today.

Zhou Chengfus face looked gloomy as he said quietly, You have to think clearly. If our HL-2A is destroyed by you guys, and youre not able to create the demonstration reactor

Lu Zhous facial expression didnt change as he replied, You dont have to worry about that, thats my responsibility.

Zhou Chengfu snorted.

He stood up from his office chair and walked out of his office without saying anything.

Lu Zhou looked at this old man leaving and stopped smiling.

Maybe there was a more euphemistic approach he could have taken, but he was in a hurry.

Therefore, he could only apologize.

Including the University of Science and Technology of Chinas inertial confinement fusion machine, there were 16 controllable nuclear fusion experiment machines in China.

However, there were only a few machines that could reach hundreds of millions of degrees in their reaction chamber, which was the temperature at which deuterium-tritium fusion occurred.

HL-2A was one of them, which was obviously the accumulation of countless researchers blood, sweat, and tears.

Zhou Chengfu looked at the equipment maintenance technician, who was on the verge of tears. Without asking, Zhou Chengfu knew that his machine was ruined.

He looked at Lu Zhou angrily; his blood was boiling.

He couldnt help but want to melt this kid by throwing him into the tokamak machine. However, the experiment was over. At the very least, he knew this wasnt done for nothing.

Zhou Chengfu stared deadly at Lu Zhou.

Whats the result?!

Lu Zhou ignored the resentment in his tone and stared at the scanning electron microscope images, and finally, he sighed.

It doesnt look good.

This time he brought around 20 samples; all of them were mounted to the first wall of the tokamak.

These images were obtained after the experimental reactor shut down and cooled. Workers in chemical protective suits entered the reaction chamber and collected these materials for special laboratory testing.

Looking at these data alone, the performance of these materials in the reactor chamber didnt look good.

However, Lu Zhou never expected the first experiment to be successful since every research experiment was done by trial and error.

Blood nearly came out of Zhou Chengfus nose.

What do you mean its not looking good?

Are you going to do another experiment later on?

Lu Zhou rubbed his chin and stared carefully at the images. He said, The neutron radiation from the fusion reactor environment is too strong. Even though the silicon carbide and porous aerogel material have good neutron-transmission properties, the neutron beam still penetrated the material, which formed several Frenkel defects inside the material.

Zhou Chengfu: What the hell is that?

Surprised, Lu Zhou paused for a second and looked at him.

Frenkel defect? The defect forms when an atom or smaller ion leaves its place in the lattice, creating a vacancy, and becomes an interstitial by lodging in a nearby location Its a very basic crystallography concept.

Zhou Chengfus face was as red as a tomato. He nearly wanted to curse at Lu Zhuo.

However, he suddenly realized that this kid was a Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner. Anything he could say would embarrass himself even further, so he decided to shut his mouth and whispered quietly, Im in nuclear physics and plasma physics, not materials

After all, there werent a lot of people that were a master of everything.

Zhou Chengfu was the manager of the entire project, so he might know a bit more about various different fields. However, his understanding obviously wasnt in-depth enough.

Not to mention, the HL-2A reactor didnt use this type of material. He had only ever heard about ceramic-based composite materials used on reactors.

Like this thing here and there. Lu Zhou didnt care if Zhou Chengfu understood or not. He pointed at the images and said, Can you see these white dots? Looking at it with the infrared detection data, one can deduce that the vacancies are left by the displacement of hydrogen atoms. This indicates that this material doesnt have good anti-neutron properties; the neutrons are trapped inside the material.

Zhou Chengfu understood this part, and he asked, So whats the use of this stuff?

That would depend on who is using it.

Lu Zhou stored the data on a mobile hard drive. Without looking at Zhou Chengfu, he said relaxingly, Dont forget, I was the one that invented the computational materials field.