Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Happiness Came Too Suddenly

Chapter 534: Happiness Came Too Suddenly
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Institute of Computational Materials.

Hou Jinli stood in front of the laboratory entrance and took a deep breath. He nervously opened the door and walked into the laboratory.

Ten minutes ago, he was still sorting out samples in the laboratory. However, someone suddenly told him that Lu Zhou wanted to see him.

After he heard this news, without any hesitation, he put down the work he was doing and rushed over here.

When he saw Lu Zhou standing in the laboratory with a white lab coat, he asked nervously, Sir, did you ask for me?

Lu Zhou nodded and answered concisely, Yeah, I did.

Hou Jinli became even more nervous after hearing Lu Zhous reply.

Professor Lu, who hadnt been to the laboratory for several days suddenly appeared again. Not to mention, the first thing he did after returning to the lab was to ask for Hou Jinli.

What could Professor Lu want me to do?

Maybe theres a problem with my research project?


He clearly remembered that he repeated the experiment several times, and he also double-checked the experiment report.

Also, surely Professor Lu wouldnt ask for me over such a small matter.

It wasnt his fault he was nervous. Normal people would never think that a Nobel Prize laureate would be interested in their research. After all, Hou Jinli was a noob researcher for so many years.

While Hou Jinlis mind was racing, Lu Zhou was carefully observing him.

Lu Zhou noticed his nervous expression and guessed what he was thinking, so he smiled and said, Relax, dont feel any pressure. Im probably younger than you in age. Also, I dont have any bad news for you.

When Hou Jinli heard this, his tense shoulders finally relaxed.

Lu Zhou paused for a second before he continued, Ive read your research report.

When Hou Jinli heard this, he immediately stood up straight and waited for the Nobel Prize big name to critique his research.

The thing you discovered is very interesting. It not only has good resistance to high temperature, but it is also much better at resisting neutron radiation than normal alloy materials.

Excited, Hou Jinli gasped, Really?

His experiment was mainly concerned with high-temperature resistance; he obviously didnt have the means to conduct a neutron radiation experiment, so he didnt even think of doing one.

Now he found out that not only did his research material have excellent temperature resistant properties, but it also had excellent anti-neutron radiation properties, so he was immediately shocked by this great news.

Lu Zhou nodded.

There are some flaws, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Also, thats the end of the good news. The news I am about to say might not be beneficial to you.

After I discussed with some of the experts at the China National Nuclear Corporation, we believed that this material has future prospect applications on fusion reactors. Therefore, we will approve your conclusion report, but you might not be able to publish the research thesis.

Hou Jinli sighed in his heart.

Actually, when he heard that his material had neutron radiation-resistant properties, he already guessed what Lu Zhou was about to say.

The research that was done in the research institute all belonged to the research institute. This was written on the contract and was standard practice, so there was nothing debatable about that. What belonged to the researcher was often the thesis itself or maybe a bonus.

Due to the issue of patents, other research projects, and the overall interests of the research institute, researchers couldnt immediately publish the thesis upon completion. They had to first make a report about the situation. After that, the person in charge would decide on the thesis publication.

In most cases, unless someone was screwing with you, this process would all go smoothly. After all, theses were the life of a scholar; their job titles depended on their thesis publications.

However, there were also some special circumstances where the thesis would be banned from publication.

For example, when a major scientific research project was underway and the research results in a thesis could help the research project. Basically, the research result could be considered an in-progress result.

In order to prevent from helping competitors, theses like these were often banned, or at least, it would be delayed from publication.

Normally, if this happened, the research institute would often compensate the thesis author.

Normally, this compensation was in the form of research funding or more bonuses. Some nutty bosses would even compensate by letting the author co-sign a high-impact-factor thesis; these were all possibilities.

Of course, there were also some unjust bosses, especially arrogant ones on the leadership team.

In their opinion, letting researchers conduct experiments was a privilege. They often stole the thesis first author spot and wouldnt give any compensation when a thesis was banned from publication. If the researchers tried to defend themselves, the bosses could even prevent them from publishing on the academic conference posters.

These were all possibilities.

Obviously, Lu Zhou wasnt that kind of boss. Hou Jinli also didnt think that a big name like him would bother stealing a first author spot from his little thesis.

Therefore, he thought for a bit before replying, Thats fine, I am willing to comply!

Lu Zhou looked at Hou Jinli and nodded. I hope you understand. Im sorry your thesis turned out this way, but I will try to compensate you for your loss. Both in terms of monetary value and honor value, and I will make sure that youre satisfied with it.

When Hou Jinli heard this, he looked at Lu Zhou with gratitude.

He didnt even ask what the exact compensation was.

He believed that since Lu Zhou made a promise, Lu Zhou wouldnt let him down.

Otherwise, there was no need to make the promise in the first place.

Lu Zhou didnt plan on talking about the exact compensation, hed think about that later. He didnt come here just to talk with Hou Jinli. Otherwise, he wouldnt have worn the anti-static white lab coat.

Since Hou Jinli understood the circumstances of his thesis, Lu Zhou ended this conversation topic and started a new one.

The reason I asked for you to come today was mainly to ask about that ceramic-based graphene composite of yours.

When Hou Jinli heard Lu Zhou ask about his project, he immediately put on a serious expression.

Please ask.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, With regards to the toughening agent for the ceramic-based graphene composite material, which is the porous graphene aerogel, is there a way to change its pore diameter?

Hou Jinli thought for a bit and answered, Theoretically, it is possible. When I tried to synthesize the material, I received samples with different pore diameters However, this is still in theory, well have to try to find out.

Then please try to figure it out. Lu Zhou picked up a document from the table and handed it to Hou Jinli as he said, I have some simulation data here. If you can, I hope you can produce the materials that match these data.

When Hou Jinli looked at the document, his facial expression subtly changed subtly.

What shocked him wasnt the content of the data. After all, he couldnt understand the calculations.

What really shocked him was

Hou Jinli gulped.

Does this mean

Im doing an experiment with a Nobel Prize winner?

This happiness came too sudden, and he wasnt prepared for this at all.

Seeing that Hou Jinli went silent for a while, Lu Zhou asked, Is there a problem?

No problem, no problem. Hou Jinli immediately nodded. When he thought about something, he asked, Oh yeah, it might be slow if I do it by myself. Can I get an assistant? One is enough.

One isnt enough, youll need at least ten. Start the experiments on all five samples now. This task is important. I need to see results in a week.

Lu Zhou handed him a name list and said, The names of all of the researchers working in this institute are on this list. They all come from good backgrounds. Find the ones you like and circle their names.