Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 546

Chapter 546 We Are Different

Chapter 546: We Are Different
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Ah, sounds easy. Zhou Chengfu shook his head and smiled. He didnt know if he was smiling at himself for being paranoid or he was smiling at how young Lu Zhou was. He said, One day, youll realize its not that simple.

Well, it looks like you won. I have nothing to say.

I have to apologize for what happened in the past. But I have to say, even if I, Zhou Chengfu, wasnt around, there would have been a Wu Chengfu or Zheng Chengfu instead. Also, lets talk about you for a moment.

Zhou Chengfu suddenly stared at Lu Zhou with his bloodshot eyes.

There will be a day where you are the king of your field. What you say is the truth, no one can trump your throne. If you want to go east, no one dares to go west. The scholars that resent you only dare to talk behind your back Are you certain that when that day comes, youll be any different than me?

Lu Zhou stared at Zhou Chengfu for a while and furrowed his eyebrows.

Your idea is strange in and of itself. Since youre talking about the truth, then is the truth not the thing that determines whether one should go east or west?

Zhou Chengfu was stunned.

After a while, he suddenly laughed.

His dry laughter was becoming louder and louder, and in the end, his voice was full of self-destruction.

That wave of laughter attracted the attention of the construction workers. It also attracted the attention of the security team who were patrolling nearby.

When they were about to come over and figure out what the situation was, they saw Wang Peng was following Lu Zhou. Therefore, they decided to let it go and continue their patrol route.

Lu Zhou looked at him quietly, but he didnt stop him.

Finally, Zhou Chengfu finished laughing. He coughed and said, I used to ponder about what is different about you. Now I think I figured it out. Youre a freak, no wonder Old Pan likes you so much.

Lu Zhou looked at him with a blank expression as he waited for Zhou Chengfu to finish speaking.

Zhou Chengfu used his sleeves to wipe his mouth. He then took a deep breath and stood up straight.

He stared at Lu Zhou for a while before saying, I hope you remember what you said today.

After that, Zhou Chengfu turned around and left.

After he left the demonstration reactor construction site, he took a plane and returned to Rongcheng.

Lu Zhou didnt really care about his visit.

He was always a very easygoing person. Hed be happy if other research institutes would cooperate with him, but he wouldnt care if they didnt want to cooperate.

After all, scientific research wasnt farming crops, nor was it building a skyscraper or repairing roads. Investing in scientific research didnt necessarily mean returns.

If Mr. Zhou really didnt want to cooperate with him, there wasnt much he could do.

Instead of dwelling on trivial matters, it would be better for him to use the resources that he already had to produce more value.

Lu Zhou nearly forgot about the whole Zhou Chengfu situation. Two weeks after Zhou Chengfus visit to the demonstration reactor, the people from the Southwestern Institute of Physics visited again.

This time it wasnt Zhou Chengfu. It was an old man in a gray jacket, who looked like he was in his fifties.

Academician Yuan Yuan made a simple self-introduction and continued to speak, Academician Zhou retired from the institute yesterday. I am the dean of the institute now.

Lu Zhou was stunned. He raised his eyebrows and said, Retired?

Yuan Yuan replied cautiously, Yeah This happened recently. Before he retired, he told me to come here and visit you

Academician Yuan sighed and began to beg.

I hope Professor Lu can give us a chance

Lu Zhou felt a little surprised, but he just smiled.

I dont know the so-called chance youre talking about, but if you guys want to join the demonstration reactor construction project, Id welcome you with both arms open.

Academician Yuan was stunned. He obviously didnt expect Lu Zhou to answer so casually.

However, he quickly replied, Thank you!

Youre welcome. Lu Zhou reached out his right hand and said, So, Academician Yuan, Ill thank you in advance.

Academician Yuan shook Lu Zhous hand as he said gratefully, No way, Im the one that should be thanking you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity so that we can continue to contribute to Chinas controllable nuclear fusion field.

Lu Zhou let go of his hand as he smiled.

No need to thank me, you made that choice yourself.

There wasnt any kind of irreversible dispute between Lu Zhou and the Southwestern Institute of Physics.

This all happened because Mr. Zhou was trying to cause trouble.

As for the normal researchers in the Southwestern Institute of Physics, they didnt have a say in the matter at all. Lu Zhou obviously didnt hold a grudge against them.

One could never have too many talents. If they wanted to contribute to the controllable fusion field, he obviously wouldnt reject them.

However, the only unfortunate thing was that Zhou Chengfu decided to retire.

In fact, with his ability and experience, it was a bit too early for him to retire.

Lu Zhou thought about it carefully and discovered that this was actually the best decision for Mr. Zhou, the Southwestern Institute of Physics, and Chinas future in the controllable fusion field

Demonstration reactor site, chief designers office.

Academician Pan sat in the office and sighed in relief. He said, I really didnt expect Old Zhou to be so persistent. He didnt want to back down. With his ability, he couldve continued to dominate this industry. Why did he have to retire? Ah, how unfortunate.

He looked sympathetic.

They had been struggling together in the controllable nuclear fusion field since the 70s, and they walked a long way to get here.

Now that the demonstration reactor project began, controllable fusion was just around the corner.

What was the difference between choosing to retire at this time and deciding to stop the war one day before it could be won?

Lu Zhou looked at the sorrowful Academician Pan and thought about something. He then said, A while ago, he came here to talk to me.

Academician Pan looked surprised.

What did you guys talk about?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, We talked about something that had nothing to do with controllable fusion.

Academician Pan didnt ask about the specifics. He only sighed and said, Okay, it looks like he made his choice after careful consideration.

Academician Pan put his sympathy toward his old friend aside and smiled.

Oh yeah, other than the Southwestern Institute of Physics, he also retired from his director position at the China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program Execution Center. We havent decided on a new person yet, but the academicians at the Academy of Engineering all wrote letters recommending you to fill this role. What do you think?