Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 551

Chapter 551 I Wont Ghost You

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You couldnt do it either?

Wang Peng was sitting in the drivers seat smoking. When he saw Yan Yan walk out of the mansion, he blew a cloud of smoke and jokingly said, I thought Professor Lu would be more welcoming to a pretty girl, so I didnt warn you. I didnt expect him to reject you.

He had a pretty good relationship with Professor Lu, but when it came to spending the night at Professor Lus house

Lu Zhou had never agreed.

To be honest, this did bring a certain degree of difficulty to his job.

However, according to Lu Zhou, he felt uncomfortable when non-family members were at his house.

Especially when he was researching problems, he liked to be alone.

In fact, this was true. According to Wang Pengs observations, the only people that lived here were Lu Zhous parents and his sister, who was studying at Jin Ling University.

Yan Yan ignored Wang Pengs joke as she opened the back car door, sat down, and sighed.

Youre just his driver?

Yeah, why? Wang Peng put out the cigarette and lit another one as he asked, Do you think I wash his clothes and buy him grocery?

Letting you guys handle security is the wrong decision. Yan Yan shook her head and looked at Wang Peng as she said in a serious way, Is privacy important or is safety important? Professor Lu doesnt know this, but you should know.

Wang Peng smiled and tapped the cigarette. He was about to speak when suddenly, Yang Guangbiao, who was sitting shotgun, spoke first.

Fine, Wang Peng doesnt have it easy either.

Finally, someone was agreeing with Wang Peng, so he spoke emotionally, Yeah Im just a bodyguard. Everyone I take care of is a god. No matter how hard I beg, they wont cooperate with me.

Professor Lu is even worse. Forget about the domestic situation, what if foreigners are more concerned about him, what can I do then?

Wang Peng opened the glove box and pointed inside. He said, The security camera is inside. Are you willing to install it in his mansion without him agreeing? If you are, then lets cut the crap and let you do it. If anything happens, its your fault!

Yan Yan looked at the security camera inside the glove box, but she didnt reach for it.

After all, this wasnt her profession.

It wasnt like she could operate this professional equipment.

I still feel like something is wrong. If this place is infiltrated by foreign intelligence

Wang Peng was a little annoyed.

Then go talk with Professor Lu, dont bring it to me.

Yan Yans eyebrows furrowed. She was about to say something but was stopped by Yang Guangbiao.

Dont worry about this too much. Its safe here If Im guessing correctly, you guys are in the same squadron, right?

Wang Peng flicked his cigarette and smiled as he said, Finally! Someone that knows whats going on.

Yan Yan: ???

Yang Guangbiao raised his chin and pointed on the sidewalk. That person patrolling over there. Hes in the army.

People had already thought this through.

Since Professor Lu wasnt happy about having security in his own home, they had to install security outside his home.

After all, it was only one small-gated community in the suburbs. It wasnt too difficult to install outdoor security measures.

Even though the property management security here was reasonable, it was nothing compared to the army.

They were happy to cooperate with the army.

Yang Guangbiao said, Doctor Yan, just do your job, Mr. Wang will handle the security.

Yan Yan hesitated for a second and finally sighed.

I understand.

At the same time, inside the mansion.

Lu Zhou accidentally spilled the coffee, so he was wiping the keyboard with some tissues.

Thankfully, he didnt spill too much. He quite liked this keyboard.

Xiao Ais text bubble kept flashing on the screen.

[Please, Master, dont kick me out of my home. :(( ]

The tissues were dyed brown. Lu Zhou threw them into the trash can and focused his attention on the screen. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

Dont worry, Im not going to kick you out.

Xiao Ai: [Really? ._.)]

Lu Zhou: When have I ever lied to you?

Xiao Ai: [341 days 5 hours 21 minutes and 4 seconds ago. You said I was going to move into a new home, but you lied. ._. ]

Lu Zhou: ???

The f*ck?

Did this really happen?

Lu Zhou was muddled. After thinking about it for a while, he finally remembered. It happened last year when he was still moving homes.

But thats just a joke, why are you still resentful?

Youve been remembering this the whole time?

Lu Zhou coughed and tried to hide the awkwardness. You were still level 1 back then, not intelligent enough. I meant a physical home back then, not a server home. You misunderstood! You cant blame me for this. Also, look, your demands are satisfied now, right?

Xiao Ai: [(sad.jpg) (sad.jpg) (sad.jpg)]

Lu Zhou continued, Think about it. Even though that supercomputer is yours, its mainly used for stellarator experiments. At most, youre just borrowing it. If you separate the plasma control scheme algorithm from the main program, then youll be set free from the plasma control scheme work! Ill even give you a new supercomputer or let you have this one. How does that sound?

Xiao Ai: [Even though Xiao Ai thinks master is being very reasonable, it feels like something is wrong. ._.]

Lu Zhou said, Tell me, can you do it or not?

Xiao Ai: [I I can :'(]

When Lu Zhou saw the :'(, he empathetically lowered his tone and said, Dont worry, I wont ghost you this time.

Xiao Ai: [Ok :'(]

Finally, Lu Zhou was able to convince Xiao Ai.

Actually, this wasnt as difficult as he had imagined.

Even though it was called artificial intelligence, it was far more primitive than humans.

At the very least, from an algorithm level, Xiao Ai couldnt betray him.

No matter how much Xiao Ai resisted, Lu Zhou only had to answer some [yes/no] questions. He didnt even have to explain why. If he ordered Xiao Ai to do something, Xiao Ai had no other choice but to follow the commands.

However, maybe because it was getting too human-like, Lu Zhou didnt like to treat it harshly.

He wasnt sure if it could think like humans, or if its emotion was only a simulation. He wasnt even sure if its intelligent behavior were top-down or bottom-up.

If it was the former, then he didnt have to worry about much. In the Elephants dont play chess thesis by Rodney Brooks, he pointed out that this kind of artificial intelligence would never surpass the framework designed by humans.

But if it was the latter

He hoped that while teaching this naive artificial intelligence the ability to think, he could also teach it the concept of humanity.

As for whether or not there was any meaning in doing this, Lu Zhou wasnt sure. After all, he wasnt an expert in artificial intelligence. For the time being, he didnt have the energy to dive deep into the topic of artificial intelligence.

However, his intuition told him that he was correct.