Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 553

Chapter 553 The Faster The Better

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The conference ended in a hurry.

After the conference ended, the group of researchers left the conference room. Only Professor Lu stayed behind.

Li Changxia walked next to Sheng Xianfu and hesitated for a bit before he asked in a confused manner, What is Professor Lu thinking about?

Sheng Xianfu: What do you mean by that?

Li Changxia sighed and said, We dont know when the results will come out. We are still researching whether or not the demonstration reactor can progress to the next stage. Its not a good time to go on a break.

Also, he claimed to be able to produce results in three days

Even though he knew Professor Lu was skilled, this wasnt a theoretical mathematics or physics problem.

In any case, this sounded ridiculous.

Sheng Xianfu thought for a bit and said, Maybe he already has a solution?

He has a solution? Li Changxia paused for a second and frowned. He then asked, But why didnt he mention it during the meeting? Is he really going to leave us hanging?

I dont know, but I trust Professor Lus mathematics intuition. There arent many mathematicians in the world who are more talented than him. I dont think hes leaving us hanging Sheng Xianfu forced a smile and said, Maybe its just that, even if he were to explain it to us, we wouldnt understand.

Li Changxia:

Sheng Xianfus speculation was very accurate. Lu Zhou had a moment of inspiration and wanted to express his ideas. However, when he was about to manifest this inspiration into the language of mathematics, he decided against it.

His experience told him that even mathematics professionals wouldnt be able to easily understand his calculations. To make these non-mathematical researchers understand his calculations would be even more difficult.

They had been working hard.

Instead of giving them unnecessary burdens, it would be better for him to solve this himself and give them instructions on what to do next.

Lu Zhou left the research institute and went home. He didnt even eat lunch. He went straight to his study room.

He placed the printed experimental data on the table and took a pen and paper. He began to focus meticulously on the data and started to examine it.

Maybe other people wouldnt be able to extract any value from this data, but he was different.

Just like he had expected, their idea to solve the problem was correct. They were just lacking in the area of methodology. Therefore, they werent able to extract the full value of this data.

Maybe in the future, in months or even years, they would finally be able to make a breakthrough.

Just like other outstanding research results, it was the accumulation of countless experiments, which aid the final breakthrough.

And what Lu Zhou was going now, was just to make that breakthrough come sooner.

Time slowly passed by, and the draft papers began to form a pile.

With help from Xiao Ai, Lu Zhou calculated the rest of the engineering parameters. He sighed in relief and leaned back in his chair.

He looked at the dark night outside his window and smirked.

All he had to do now was to provide these calculations to the engineers at the STAR research institute and let them complete the final design.

I thought I would need three days, I didnt expect to complete it in one day.

Lu Zhou left his state of concentration and gradually felt hungry.

Speaking of which, all he ate today was some dumplings.

Lu Zhou realized this and was about to get himself something to eat in his kitchen. However, in his peripheral, he saw the liquid lithium neutron recovery system plan sitting on his table.

A light bulb went off in his mind, and Lu Zhou quietly whispered, System, how many general points does it take to exchange for the liquid lithium neutron recovery system?

He waited quietly for a bit, but no one responded.

Lu Zhou realized he wasnt using the right method, so he shook his head and focused his attention on the plan.

Soon, a translucent pop-up window appeared in his sight.

[Mathematics level 7, engineering level 4, engineering level 3 User met the minimum level requirements.

[Required general points: 50,000]

Lu Zhou saw the four zeros behind the five and looked hopeless.

He only had 5,000 or so general points.

This is just a sub-project of the nuclear fusion project, is it really worth 50,000 general points?

If it was for the entire fusion project, I wonder how many general points it would take

As expected, even though the system gave him a chance to look at the answer, this shortcut wasnt optimal.

He originally intended on using the general points to save him some time

Lu Zhou shook his head and was about to give up on this idea. Suddenly, an idea popped up in his mind, and he quickly flipped open the plan and put it together with the data he just calculated.

From his past experience, the optimal solution given by the system was based on his designs, plans, and subject level.

If Lu Zhous speculation was correct, then the price given by the system was correlated to how long it would take for him to solve the problem himself.

Lu Zhou had no idea how long it would take for him to earn 50,000 general points.

It could take five years, or it could even take ten years.

One thing for sure was that he didnt need the optimal solution since he didnt necessarily need the entire answer to the liquid lithium neutron recovery system.

The majority of the plan had been completed and the parameters that caused troubles to the STAR research institute had been solved by him. All he needed now was to implement these research results into the engineering drawings. This was originally going to be done by professional engineers, but it would just take longer.

Lu Zhou reorganized his thoughts and placed his attention on one of the pages. He called out the system again.

Soon, the system gave a reevaluation.

As expected, the general points requirements this time was much more reasonable.

Of course, even then, it was no small change

[Required general points: 4,000]

Lu Zhou looked at the price and sighed.

Its still so expensive

4,000 general points was the optimal design based on the parameters he had just calculated.

If this was handed over to the engineers at China National Nuclear Corporation, they wouldnt be able to design it as well as the system.

Whatever, this should work.

At least I wont have to worry about upgrading the liquid lithium neutron recovery system for a while.

Not to mention, if Lu Zhous speculation was correct, the sooner he finished this mission, the more valuable the final product was and the more mission rewards he would receive.

Even though this was painful, it could save him at least one year.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath as his finger swiped on the translucent window.

Confirm purchase!

[General points remaining: 1,475]

Outside the mansion.

Yan Yan looked at her phone and anxiously looked at the mansion.

He hasnt been out for three days.

Wang Peng tapped his cigarette and said nonchalantly, This happens often, get used to it.

In the beginning, if he couldnt contact Lu Zhou for a while, he would also worry about him.

But later he realized that his fears were all redundant.

Yan Yan couldnt help but say, Arent you worried about him getting into an accident inside?

Wang Peng smiled and said, Ive been driving him around for nearly a year. Over this past year, he hasnt been to the hospital one time. Hes in better shape than you think, what accident do you

Suddenly, the mansion door opened.

When Wang Peng saw Lu Zhou appear at the front door, he nearly dropped the cigarette in his hand.

The f*ck?

When was the last time Lu Zhou slept?

Yan Yan saw Lu Zhous heavy eyebags and immediately began to worry. She walked over there and said seriously, You need to rest right now, please

No thanks.

Even though Lu Zhou knew she had good intentions, he had more important things to do.

If he was really sleepy, he could just sleep in the car.

Not to mention, he only stayed up for 48 hours. His strengthened body was capable of handling this.

Lu Zhou looked past Yan Yan, straight at Wang Peng.

Send me to the STAR-2 demonstration reactor construction site, leave now.

I dont care what transportation we use, the faster the better!