Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Fusion Light Completion

Chapter 558: Fusion Light Completion!
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The noise around Lu Zhou slowly disappeared.

He whispered, System.

Soon, his consciousness was sucked into the system.

He stood in the pure white space and walked toward the translucent information screen.

There were prizes waiting for him there.

However, he wasnt so excited anymore.

In the beginning, he thought this mission would be impossible to complete. Now that he successfully achieved fusion ignition, he had gone through a lot, and he had also learned a lot.

Maybe he had already received the true rewards for this mission.


Congratulations, User, Fusion Light mission chain is completed!

Evaluation: The spark of controllable fusion has finally been ignited. The ignorant human civilization has finally learned how to warm up the solar system

Experience rewards: 1.5 million free experience points. 500,000 physics experience points. 20,000 materials science experience points. 200,000 engineering experience points.

General points rewards: 2,000 points.

Other rewards:

Special mission card: Able to activate before accepting a normal mission. Activation begins a special mission chain, which replaces the normal mission. Special mission chains cannot be stopped unless the user fails the mission.
Reward mission card. (Can be used before accepting a normal mission. Replaces normal mission after activated.
One prize draw ticket.

The moment Lu Zhou saw the experience reward, he gasped.

1.5 million free experience points!

Before this, he thought that no matter what kind of rewards he received, it wouldnt be as shocking as achievable controllable fusion energy. But when he saw the 1.5 million figure, he couldnt help but look astonished.

The level 8 experience point requirement was only 1.2 million!

He already decided where to allocate these experience points.

Without hesitating, Lu Zhou took a deep breath and spoke.

System, open my characteristic panel!

A blue light swept across the screen, his characteristic panel quickly appeared in front of his eyes.

Lu Zhou reached out his hands and selected the 1.5 million free experience points. He then allocated all of them into mathematics.

Soon, his characteristic panel was updated.


A. Mathematics: Level 8 (444,000/3 million)

B. Physics: Level 6 (282,000/600,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 4 (74,000/200,000)

D. Engineering: Level 5 (0/300,000)

E. Materials science: level 6 (13,000/600,000)

F. Energy science: Level 3 (0/100,000)

G. Information science: Level 2 (3,000/50,000)

General points: 3,475


Lu Zhou had been stuck on level 7 for so long. Now that he reached mathematics level 8, he felt his entire body relax. He couldnt even describe the joy he was feeling.

However, the next level experience points requirement made him sweat.

3 million

This is ridiculous.

Lu Zhous eyebrows couldnt help but twitch. He took a deep breath and looked away from his mathematics discipline.

Rather than worrying about this horrible experience points requirement, there were many other things to be happy about.

For example, physics and materials science were upgraded to level 6, while engineering was upgraded to level 5. His general points also recovered a bit from his last expenditure.

Lu Zhou felt a lot better as he closed the characteristic panel and looked at his reward inventory.

He looked at the special mission card and had a confused expression in his face.

Its not another mission chain, right?

However, he decided not to think about what was behind this special mission card.

Because just a few minutes ago, he completed one of his most amazing achievements to date.

Even though research was interesting, he needed a break

This time, Lu Zhou learned his lesson. He didnt touch the mission card. Instead, he closed his inventory.

Since he wasnt in a hurry to accept another mission, he didnt even touch the lucky draw button. After he closed the system panel, he exited this pure white system space

He gradually began to hear the cheers around him.

The parameters on the computer screen were as stable as ever.

His consciousness didnt stay in the system space for long.

As Lu Zhou looked at the researchers celebrating, he smiled and was about to say something. However, he suddenly felt a warm sensation crawling from his spine to the back of his head.

As always, whenever his discipline levels had an increase, the system would strengthen his brain.

However, this time, the warm sensation was getting hotter and hotter.

Lu Zhou was having an unusual feeling. He paused for a second and quickly realized what was happening.

From his previous experience, leveling up too fast would cause stress on his brain. If he leveled up multiple times, that stress would increase accordingly.

This time, he stepped into the world of level 8 mathematics.

Not just that, but he also leveled up in physics, materials science, and engineering

Lu Zhou gradually felt dizzy, and he shook his head as he grabbed a chair next to him in order to support himself.

Yan Yan was the first to notice something was wrong.

Her doctors intuition told her that Lu Zhou was acting weird.

After that, Wang Peng also noticed Lu Zhous weird situation, and he quickly walked over to him.

Lu Zhou noticed Wang Peng was walking over.

Hold me for a second.

He wanted to say that, but he didnt actually hear himself say anything.

Lu Zhou reached out his hands and tried to grab Wang Pengs arm, but his hands went straight through Wang Pengs arm.

Is this an illusion?

Lu Zhou had a bitter smile on his face.

Is this the downfall that comes after intense joy?

Whatever, its still worth it.

At most, Ill just rest for two days.

Even though Lu Zhou felt disappointed that he couldnt attend the celebrations later in the evening, he knew that he hadnt had a break for a long time, and it was about time for him to take a rest

He felt that his center of gravity was moving backward.

The noise around him began to increase.

Finally, more and more people began to take notice of him.

Lu Zhou vaguely heard footsteps and some people were shouting anxiously.

After that, he felt like he was put onto a stretcher or something, and he felt something soft at the back of his head.

Everything in his view turned into a blurry white image, and he suddenly felt fatigued and lethargic.

Lu Zhou used the tiny amount of lucidity left in him to sigh in his heart.

Looks like Im going to be a burden to a lot of people.

I hope they dont worry too much about me.

His consciousness then fell into a pool of darkness