Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 561

Chapter 561 I Am Very Disappointed

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Actually, Lu Zhous worries were superfluous.

He was still asleep on the hospital bed, so there was no way anyone would hold a celebration party without him.

As for his wish about not giving other people trouble

That was obviously not possible.

There were a lot of people that were concerned with his well-being.

The second he collapsed, Yan Yan, who noticed him acting weird, immediately rushed over and held him.

After that, the health squad from the army immediately rushed into the control room and put him on a stretcher. They then immediately sent him to Beijing.

While he was being placed on a stretcher, the news of him collapsing immediately traveled to Beijing, shocking the government higher-ups.

In addition to restricting this news from traveling to the outside world and notifying the relevant personnel, after Lu Zhous short stay at the army provincial hospital, he was immediately transferred to the 301 Hospital. A team of medical experts led by an academician began to inspect his condition.

However, his medical results were quite surprising.

This team of medical experts were composed of neuroscience and virus professionals. However, they werent able to make a diagnosis.

The only thing that was confirmed was that Lu Zhou had been extremely fatigued over the past few days.

However, they werent sure if his blackout was related to this fatigue.

As for the other aspects

Even with the equipment from 301 Hospital, they werent able to detect any abnormalities.

Almost everyone was shocked at this result.

Even Academician Zhao Zhongji, who was leading the medical expert team, began to suspect that the instrument was broken.

In short, if they couldnt make a medical diagnosis, they obviously couldnt start any kind of medical treatment.

No one dared to make a conclusion, and no one dared to try a solution.

Even though it would be great if they could solve the problem, but if they made the situation even worse, they would be personally responsible for it.

In the end, all they could do was to watch him lay there and carefully observe.

After all, even though his heart rate and breathing were a little weak, it wasnt anything life-threatening.

If he really was just overworked, maybe he would feel better after he woke up?

On the other hand, the news broadcast announced the success of the controllable fusion experiment.

However, in the midst of the nation celebrating, most people at the demonstration reactor site didnt even know that Chief Designer Lu collapsed at the job site.

Most people were confused.

They finally won this hard-fought battle, but they didnt even hold a celebration party. They all just ate some dinner and were put on holiday. They all felt a little unsatisfied.

Academician Wang stood outside the west building of the 301 Hospital. He sighed and looked at the hospital building.

We said we were going to hold a celebration party on the night of New Years Eve and that everyone could go home and celebrate the new year. We finally won the fight, but our leader passed out.

Yeah. Academician Li Jiangang sighed and said, The young is dying before the old F*ck, why are you kicking me?

Wang Zengguang was furious.

You old f*ck! Say it again and see what happens!

The nurses looked at these old men arguing and walked out of the way.

Anyone that could stay in the west building of the 301 Hospital had to be an important figure.

Not only were the patients in this hospital of high status, but so were the visitors.

Especially those old men who looked like they had been around a lot, no one wanted to offend them.

However, they heard a light cough from the side.

What are you guys doing?

The two old men were stunned.

Academician Wang looked at the person and coughed. He then replied awkwardly, Were just screwing around.

Inside the hospital.

Yan Yan looked at Lu Zhou, who was lying on the bed, with a guilty look on her face.

Wang Peng looked at a notification on his phone and scratched his head. He then sighed.

Im so screwed, the higher-ups are going to kill me.

Captain Yang looked at him and didnt say anything. He only patted his shoulder in silence.

Wang Pengs work over this period was worthy of recognition.

However, he was a security guard, and he was personally responsible for Professor Lus safety. Now that Professor Lu was on the hospital bed, there wasnt anything Wang Peng could do.

All he could do now was to take the blame.

Im fine, you dont have to comfort me. Wang Peng made a helpless expression and smile. He said, Dont worry about me, you guys are probably in trouble as well.

As for why the higher-ups hadnt called them yet

It was probably because they hadnt finished criticizing other people.

Once the higher-ups were finished, it would be their turn.

Wang Peng sighed and walked out of the room.

Yan Yan was stabbing herself with her nails. She had her head down and her eyes were filled with self-blame.

As a medical personnel, she clearly knew that Lu Zhous lifestyle wasnt healthy. However, she didnt insist and stand her position. She should have forced him to eat more and sleep more

If only

She was more persistent.

She bit her lip and muttered in a raspy voice, This is my responsibility This is all my fault. I didnt do my job.

Yang Guangbiao said, We are a team, theres no point discussing whose fault it is.

Right now, he didnt even care what the army would do to him.

As long as Professor Lu woke up, he would be happy to die. He would even be happy to shoot himself.

However, this couldnt solve anything.

Suddenly, the hospital room door was pushed open.

The president walked in while accompanied by someone in military uniform.

The two people in the hospital room saluted.

Yan Yan bit her lip and said, There are no signs of consciousness yet.

The old man went silent for a bit before saying, Professor Lu is a hero of our country. Hes been fighting on the front line of scientific research. No matter what the cost is, we have to do our best to cure him!

The head of 301 Hospital, who was standing next to him, nodded.


The old man nodded.

Also, inform me as soon as he wakes up.

The old man looked at the young man lying on the hospital bed and sighed. He turned around and left the room.

The head of the 301 Hospital also left, but the person in the military uniform stayed behind.

Yang Guangbiao knew he was about to be criticized. He took the initiative and began to admit his mistake.

This is my fault, I am willing

Yan Yan: No, this is my fault.

Enough! Ye Canmou stared at these two people and said, Whats the point of arguing about this? Is this going to wake Professor Lu up?

The hospital room went quiet.

After staring at the two people for a while, Ye Canmou said, I am very disappointed in you two.

Yang Guangbiao lowered his head and didnt say anything.

Yan Yan was the same; her heart was in pain.

Especially you, youre a medical personnel. Look what you did? Where is your medical protection? Ye Canmou stared at Yan Yan, who was the daughter of his veteran friend. Ye Canmou looked deeply disappointed.

I am disappointed.

It was like he didnt want to say anything else. He merely shook his head. He then turned around and left.