Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Thank You

Chapter 564: Thank You!
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Why are you crying?

Lu Zhou saw Yan Yans red and swollen eyes. After some struggle, he managed to take off his respirator.

He then paused for a second.

He had just woken up and still felt a little discombobulated. He didnt remember offending her.

Lu Zhou didnt know if Yan Yan was excited or emotional, because her eyes became even redder.

Yan Yan used her arms to wipe away her tears. Her serious personality could no longer hold back her tears. Pea-sized teardrops soon came falling down the corner of her eyes.

I thought I thought youd never wake up.

Over the past couple of weeks, she had been berated numerous times. It was torturous for her.


Even her own father didnt want to see her.

Lu Zhou:

Even though Lu Zhou was touched by how much she cared about him, he felt that if someone were to suddenly come into the room, there would be a weird misunderstanding.

Lu Zhou wasnt sure if he should comfort her. He hesitated for a bit before deciding not to.

After all, she was an adult. She probably didnt need his comfort.

Therefore, he coughed and repeated his request, Can you bring me my phone?

Phone, phone?

My phone, dont tell me its out of battery. Lu Zhou tried to lift his arm, but he realized he was completely powerless.

It seemed like he actually had been sleeping for a long time; all of his muscles were exhausted.

Even though there were people that massaged him to prevent muscle atrophy, there was still a certain amount of tiredness left in his body.

However, with his bodys metabolic capabilities, it would only take two to three days for a complete recovery.

It might not even take a day; a couple of hours would be enough.

Of course, he wanted to keep his bodys capabilities low-key.

Lu Zhou was optimistic about his situation.

After all, the experiment was successfully completed, and the burden on his body was released. Staying at a high-end hospital like this wasnt a big deal since he could finally get some rest.

Ill go get it right now.

After Yan Yan heard Lu Zhous request, she immediately got up and walked toward the cabinet.

Lu Zhous personal belongings were placed inside the cabinet, including his phone and his notebook, which were used to write down thoughts of inspiration. No one dared to touch his belongings.

While getting Lu Zhous phone, Yan Yan used her phone to report to the higher-ups regarding Lu Zhous condition. She then handed Lu Zhou his phone.



Without hesitating, Lu Zhou immediately unlocked his phone. When he saw he still had 21% battery left, he sighed in relief.

But when he looked at the date, his eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

The f*ck?

I slept for nearly a month?!

Lu Zhou remembered that when he upgraded his phone, lithium-sulfur battery technology reached a new breakthrough. Half a month of standby time was no problem at all.

Because of his OCD, he would usually charge his phone every day. Therefore, he didnt feel the effects of the battery upgrade at all.

Lu Zhou looked at the date on his phone screen and felt a little relieved.

If I leveled up in one more discipline, I would have slept for a couple more days. If I slept past Chinese New Year, everyone wouldve thought I died. An obituary would have been written

Actually, considering all of the various factors, the obituary of Lu Zhou staying in a persistent vegetative state was already written. However, whether he would wake up or not, he wouldnt be able to read it.

Suddenly, a bunch of Weibo notifications popped up on his phone.

Lu Zhou saw these messages and paused for a second. He then subconsciously tapped the notifications.

He froze.

[Everyone, lets give our thoughts and prayers.]

[God Lu! Dont leave us! (cry) (cry)]

[(candle) (candle) (candle)]

[God, please help us.]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Even though he was touched by so many people caring about him, he was confused by the candle emojis.

Yan Yan was scared that Lu Zhou would pass out from this surprise, so she quickly explained the situation.

Everyone is worried about you.

It was as if she realized her statement wasnt comforting enough, so she added another sentence.

This is a type of way to pray for you.

Lu Zhou: Do you think this is my first time on the Internet?

Yan Yan smiled and didnt say anything else.

In addition to his loving fans, there were a bunch of missed calls, texts, and unread emails.

Just like that little girl who was far away in Princeton.

[Professor, where are you?]

[Youre sick?!]

[Im in Beijing right now.]

[I cant find you, where are you?]

[My visa has expired, I have to return to Princeton If you wake up, can you please tell me?]

When Lu Zhou saw this string of messages, he felt a mix of emotions.

He went silent for a while and wrote a reply.

[Im fine. Im better now. Dont worry about me.]

Lu Zhou hit Send and sighed. He threw his phone on the bedside table.

No one had ever confessed their love to him before.

Honestly, even though a lot of time had passed since then, he still didnt know how to deal with it.

If only

Emotions are as simple as mathematics.

Yan Yan noticed Lu Zhous mix of emotions, and she immediately thought that he wasnt feeling well.

Whats wrong? Are you feeling unwell?

Lu Zhou: Doctor Yan, can I ask you a personal question?

Yan Yan nodded and said, Go ahead.

Lu Zhou said, Do you have a boyfriend?

The moment Yan Yan heard this question, her cheeks turned bright red.

Boy boyfriend?

Why are you asking me this?

I dont have one

Maybe hes suggesting something

Yan Yan was at a loss, and she sneakily looked at Lu Zhou.

She had never thought about being with a researcher.

But now that she took a closer look at his face

He actually looks decent

No, actually, hes quite handsome.

Especially when he is concentrated on his research, its strangely attractive

Wait a second, how do I remember what he looks like when hes doing research?

Yan Yan looked at the snow dancing outside the window. Her cheeks felt burning hot, as if she were about to have a heat stroke.

She answered calmly and slowly, as if she were a robot.

I. Do. Not.

Oh yeah?

Lu Zhou sighed and felt a little disappointed.

Never mind then.

Itd be useless to ask her about my situation.

I should consult someone with more experience when it comes to relationships.

Who should I ask?

Brother Fei? Luo Wenxuan? I feel like they have some experiences, but theyre in different situations than me.

This is so complicated

Yan Yan: ? ? ?

Wait a second, what do you mean by never mind?

What happens next?

Finish your question!

Just as she was about to ask Lu Zhou, the door was pushed open.

A kind-looking old man, who was accompanied by a man in military uniform, appeared at the door.

When Yan Yan saw these two, she immediately stood up and saluted.

The old man smiled and nodded toward her, indicating that she didnt have to be so serious. He even eased the atmosphere.

Am I bothering you two?

Yan Yan was still blushing, and she quickly said, No I mean, no.

Lu Zhou:

Why did she just repeat no two times?

The old man smiled and shook his head.

Miss, please excuse us, I have something to say to Professor Lu.


Yan Yan nodded and stiffly walked away.

The old man looked at Lu Zhou and paused for a second. He composed himself and looked solemn.

Professor Lu, I am very happy to see you wake up.

Right now, on behalf of the entire country, on behalf of 1.4 billion people, I would like to say Thank you!

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