Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Where To Broadcast?

Chapter 566: Where To Broadcast?
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Ten minutes after the old man left, the hospital room door was pushed open again. A group of people walked in.


Xiao Tong burst into tears, and she wanted to rush over but was stopped by Yan Yan.

His body is very weak right now.

Lu Zhou: Actually, Im fine

Yan Yan: No, youre not.

Lu Zhou:

Chen Yushan sat down on the side of the bed and looked at Lu Zhou with a worried expression on her face.

You finally woke up.

Lu Zhou forced a smile on his face. Yeah I kind of overslept.

Chen Yushans eyes were watering, but she finally smiled in relief.

Dont say that. Its not funny.

Yan Yan was holding Xiao Tong. She kept staring at Lu Zhou and Chen Yushan. Suddenly, she had a surprised expression on her face.

Lu Zhou made a helpless expression and looked toward his parents.

Fang Mei looked at her son and said with teary eyes, You finally woke up You have no idea how worried your dad and I were.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Sorry for making you guys worried.

His family was worried about him the most.

Therefore, he felt the most apologetic toward them.

Old Lu looked at his son on the hospital bed, and he seemed to have a lot to say. However, in the end, he merely sighed and said, Take care of your body, dont overwork yourself Who cares about that fusion nuclear stuff, I want to see you healthy. Not sleeping for a week, what is wrong with you?

Lu Zhou coughed and said, This is just an accident.

Who said I didnt sleep for a week?

Thats a ridiculous exaggeration.

Sleeping for 20-something days is an accident? Old Lu said, Go do a body examination! Dont tell me you have radiation damage or something! Ive seen that stuff in my friends news feed, it affects your offspring as well!

Rest assured! Controllable fusion is safe, so dont be nervous. Lu Zhou guessed that his father probably saw some fake news in his friends news feed, so he coughed and said, I already did the body examination stuff.

There were countless medical machines and instruments that were used on or attached to his body when he was asleep.

Actually, he was quite curious since even the equipment from 301 Hospital couldnt find any abnormalities in his body. If it was possible, he wanted to take the medical data and examine it himself.

However, he also knew that nothing would come of it.

Oh, you already did the examination. Old Lu looked at his son for a bit and said, Then rest well and try to recover. Dont overwork yourself next time

Lu Zhou looked at his father as he muttered apologetically, Yeah Sorry about this.

Patient visiting time was limited to ten minutes.

Family members werent exempted from this rule.

After the group of people left, Yan Yan pushed Lu Zhou, who was in a wheelchair, to the examination office next door for a check-up. She then made him do some less intense recovery exercises. After that, she sent him back into the hospital room to lie down again.

Lu Zhou was in a coma for a long time.

Even Superman wouldnt be able to recover immediately.

Even though his body was in good condition, it still took a while for his body to metabolize the toxins that were accumulated in his muscles.

Even though Lu Zhou felt like he had mostly recovered, other people obviously didnt think so.

Whether it was the doctors of 301 Hospital or the medical expert group responsible for his diagnosis, they all suggested him to stay in the hospital for at least another month. This was so that they could confirm there werent any residual symptoms.

As a result, he wouldnt be able to go home to celebrate Chinese New Year.

However, Lu Zhou wasnt too sad.

His parents and Xiao Tong were nearby.

For him, home was wherever his family was.

The sky outside the window was getting darker.

Lu Zhou picked up his phone from the bedside table and was about to reply to those that cared about him.

However, when he opened his Weibo, he found out that his fans were being facetious.

[Id be happy to trade God Lu being single for another ten years, for him to wake up right now.]

[If God Lu wakes up right now, Ill run naked in the streets.]

[Who cares about streaking, if God Lu wakes up, Ill eat a kilogram of sh*t!]

[Ill swim in the sewage!]

These people were getting more and more ridiculous. Lu Zhou couldnt stand it anymore.

Do these a*sholes even care about me?

He tapped his fingers on the screen and sent out a post.

[Where are you broadcasting your sewage swim?]

Within five minutes

His entire Weibo page blew up

Because of that Weibo post, the news of Lu Zhou waking up spread like wildfire. Some people were excited, some were disappointed. In any case, it didnt have much to do with him.

Also, since it was Chinese New Year soon, a lot of people had been visiting him.

In addition to the people he knew, there were also some strangers.

Among them were people he didnt know, and most were government officials.

Even though government officials wouldnt usually try to make connections with scholars, being a respected scholar was a completely different concept.

A scholar like him was on a completely different level.

In a way, Lu Zhous opinion influenced the decisions of the higher-ranked government officials.

This alone gave people a reason to visit him.

However, this gave Lu Zhou a headache

Academician Lu was sitting on a stool beside the bed. He happened to be attending a conference in Beijing and didnt leave yet. He came to visit Lu Zhou and even brought a bag of mandarin oranges.

Academician Lu was peeling the mandarins as he smiled and said, The day before yesterday, my old classmate from the Ministry of Education was telling me that their last department meeting was discussing whether or not they should put your story in elementary school textbooks.

Lu Zhou said, Please dont That sounds embarrassing.

Oh, you still feel embarrassed? Academician Lu placed a peeled mandarin in Lu Zhous hand and said, Eat it, the doctor said that you woke up recently, and youre still in the recovery stage. The fruit is good for your health. Im guessing you cant peel the mandarin yourself, so Im peeling it for you before someone else eats it.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, I can still peel mandarins.

Not to mention, even if he couldnt, there were many nurses that were willing to help him.Read the next chapter on our

You should stay in bed, and try to recover as soon as possible. After the holidays, theres still a commendation conference for you. I think you shouldnt go back home this year, just stay in Beijing.

Lu Zhou, who was eating the mandarin oranges, made a helpless expression.

I want to go back, but the hospital wont let me.

Academician Lu smiled and said, Thats true, youre a treasure now. Experts from more than a dozen countries formed a medical team to diagnose you. This is my first time seeing this kind of treatment happen to anyone.

At the very least, normal politicians wouldnt be able to receive this kind of treatment.

Right now, a news broadcast was playing on the TV in the hospital room.

There were news about Lu Zhous recovery and news about the movement in the international crude oil markets

In order to stabilize the oil prices and market sentiment, OPEC made a rare promise to increase production in the next three months to stabilize oil prices. On the other hand, Russia had also tacitly stated that it would not increase oil production in the short term as they had decided to wait and see what the market would be like.

The rise and fall of oil prices had nothing to do with Lu Zhou since he had never invested in the futures market before.

However, what surprised Lu Zhou was that at the end of the news broadcast, he saw a piece of news about Chinas resumption of the moon landing program.

The year was 2020, and global politics seemed to have reached an inflection point.

They were all more or less related to the successful completion of the fusion reactor.

Even though everything that was happening in the news was far away from Lu Zhou, he still couldnt help but feel a sense of participation when he looked at the news anchor through the TV screen.

It was almost like he personally turned a page in the history book.

And this was just the beginning.

In the evening, after Lu Zhou ate dinner

With the help from Yan Yan, Lu Zhou went for a walk in the courtyard of 301 Hospital.

Even though he felt like he could walk on his own, Yan Yan still insisted to accompany him.

It seemed like the unfortunate event gave her PTSD. Ever since he woke up, she didnt leave his side even for a second. She nearly followed him into the bathroom.

Since she kept insisting, Lu Zhou decided to let her be.

After all, his condition brought a lot of trouble to those that cared about him.

Coincidentally, while he was walking in the courtyard, he ran into the people from CTV.

Changan street was nearby from here.

An intense ministerial conference on the future of controllable nuclear fusion was happening