Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 57

Chapter 57 The Artificial Intelligence Eye

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Over the next few days, Lu Zhou was nervous as he prepared for the mathematical modeling competition. He had even temporarily paused the tutoring work.

Even though it was a pity, Mrs. Yang expressed her understanding on the phone. She agreed for him to continue the tutoring sessions after the 12th. As for Han Mengqi, that little girl was somewhat sad but she still told Lu Zhou to do his best in the competition.

Like this, Lu Zhou temporarily removed all interference and fully devoted himself to the preparation of the mathematical modeling competition.

The online training was now offline training. Professor Liu was quite responsible. Not only did he paused his own project and book classrooms for them, he even gave them guidance on how to answers the questions.

The training cycle that used to be once a week was increased to three days a week. Two days of group training and one day of self-training. Not only did they had to answer the questions within competition time frames, but the difficulty of the questions was also gradually increased until it approached the difficulty of the official competition. Even though Lu Zhou planned on not staying up too late, he was unable to do that.

Fortunately, there were no classes for the first week of school and so, he had a lot of free time.

Three days after the online order, the parcel was delivered to the delivery point below the dorms.

Lu Zhou went to the library all day and studied modeling. When he came back to the dorm, he signed the courier form before taking the package upstairs.

When he got back to the dorm, his three roommates were playing league of legends. A member of the student union, Li Tao, who lived next door, stood behind Huang Guangming.

This kid was short and he wore glasses and was a video game enthusiast. Other than League of Legends, he played a variety of foreign Triple-A games. He even had a desktop in his dorm. He played games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Dead Island, etc. However, the games were all graphics card killers and there was no way a laptop could run them.

When he saw Lu Zhous parcel, his eyes lit up and out of curiosity, he walked over.

Oh, Lu Zhou, you bought a laptop? What is the graphics card?

Lu Zhou was unboxing when he said, N card.

Li Tao stood behind Lu Zhou and watched him unbox as he said, N card? Is this a gaming laptop? GTX 970 is about to be released. Why didnt you wait a few days?

As Lu Zhou installed the USB, he smiled and said, I cant, the data modeling competition is in a few days. I cant wait till the new card is released as I dont even know where they would be sold.

Is that a GTX 960?

Lu Zhou thought and said, K2100M.

When Li Tao heard this, he was shocked.

What is that thing?

Arent there only two types of Nvidia graphics cards? A low-end GT series, and a high-end GTX series. Everyone is talking about these two models. This is my first time hearing a graphics card that starts with a K.

Li Tao suddenly felt out of his element and he was speechless. As he stood behind Lu Zhou, he pulled out his phone and began to search for the card.

Graphics card, mainly used for mobile work stations

Li Tao skipped the description as he was unable to understand it. When he looked at the price, he was shocked.

F*ck me! A thousand yuan more than a GTX 970?

What a rich f*cker!

Li Tao looked at Lu Zhou and was suddenly inspired.

No wonder hes a genius. He even wants to play league with such a high end graphics card.

Lu Zhou did not care what the kid was thinking. He installed the operating system, tested the hardware, and carried his new laptop to bed.

Lu Zhou secretly looked at his roommates. When he saw that Li Taos attention was back to Huang Guangming, Lu Zhou took in a deep breath and secretly whispered USB, USB while imaging the USB icon above the semi-transparent information screen.

Without any warning, his right hand was holding a cold and hard object.

Just like the last few times, the USB appeared out of thin air into his hand.

Lu Zhou did not waste his time and inserted the USB.

Immediately after, the scene that appeared shocked him.

The second he inserted the USB, the screen of the laptop went black like it contracted a virus. After that, the fans started to spin quickly, as if all of the hardware was being pushed to the limit.

Its not dead, right?

Lu Zhou quickly pulled out the manual. He looked at it and saw that the laptop had 2TB of disk space, 16GB of ram, and a top of the line CPU.

The laptop was getting louder and louder. Lu Zhous heart was both anxious and thankful.

He was thankful that he did not use his old laptop to install the thing or it would have blown his old laptop into pieces!

Finally, the computer screen flashed. A soft blue light was on and the spinning fans also stopped.

Immediately after, something happened that made Lu Zhous eyeballs popped out.

The USB in his laptop disappeared.

That was right, he saw it with his own eyes that it disappeared!

It was like it turned into ashes and flew away.

F*ck Whats this? Some kind of auto-degradable material? After it downloads, it breaks into gas molecules?

Lu Zhou tried to analyze it but he could not figure it out no matter how hard he tried.

When the data transfer was completed, the USB hardware automatically decomposed. This was outside of his knowledge level.

At this moment, the computer restarted. The original Windows 7 operating system was changed and it turned into a semi-graphic, semi-command line operating system that was similar to Linux.

Lu Zhou looked at the screen. He thought, Why didnt the system tell me that this would delete the laptop operating system. Then I wouldnt have to spend all that effort

He placed his hands on the keyboard and was about to play with this artificial intelligence mission reward. What exactly was happening?

A line of text appeared on the screen.

[Welcome to unnamed artificial intelligence, do you wish to set a custom name? Y/N]

Lu Zhou hesitated before he pressed Y and hit enter.

[Please enter your new name.]

What should I put?

Lu Zhous fingers rubbed against the keyboard as he frowned and began to think.

He was very indecisive. Whenever he had to set a username in a video game, he would have to think about it for ages.



Lu Zhous brain flashed and his fingers started to move. He typed three letters on the keyboard.


The Chinese name ai!

It means that that the digital world is unable to be seen by the eye!

The love and peace of mankind will depend on you, Eye!

Even though the name was pretty short, Lu Zhou still could not help but praise his own creativity.

As for your nickname, Ill call you Xiao Ai!

The light blue screen flashed, a dialog popped up in the center of the screen.

[Custom name is completed. Artificial intelligence Xiao Ai serves you.]