Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 574

Chapter 574 You Decide

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The commendation conference finally came to an end. This celebration finally fulfilled the wish of all the scientific researchers who had shed their youth and blood for this project.

Compared to other people, in addition to the Ling Yun medal, Lu Zhou also received an hour of private meeting time.

The state needed to listen to his opinion on the future of the STAR-2 demonstration reactor project.

After Lu Zhou heard the presidents question, he thought for a bit before saying, The STAR-2 demonstration reactor base has completed its mission. Theres no point to continue running research at the base. My suggestion is to select some of the technical and core management staff and form a new institution. This new institution can be incorporated into an existing institution, to be responsible for the operation of the fusion reactor.

The STAR-2 demonstration reactor project was a huge scientific research project. In order to coordinate the research resources among various research institutions, it was necessary to have a large management organization.

However, now that the entire demonstration reactor project had been completed, there wasnt a need for scientific research resources, nor was there a need to coordinate various departments. Most of the management organization staff were redundant.

The president nodded.

The people from the China National Nuclear Corporation also suggested this. Our conclusion from our meeting was that the demonstration reactor project team should be reorganized, and the important technical personnel and some management staff will form a new nuclear power company. This company will be called East Asia Energy. It will be responsible for the domestic fusion reactor project and the construction of supporting facilities for cross-regional electricity transmission projects in Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

East Asia Energy.

Seems like the state is quite ambitious.

Lu Zhou was surprised.

After all, only one fusion reactor had been built, and the southern and western China fusion reactors hadnt been established. However, the higher-ups were already talking about transmission projects to third-world countries.

However, doing this made sense.

Instead of being selfish and playing with the technology alone, it would be better to play with a group of neighboring countries. Increasing the market competitiveness of the East Asia region would increase Chinas influence on the market and the yuan value would rise

However, these things had nothing to do with research, so Lu Zhou wasnt very interested.

The president said, There is a demand for management staff at the domestic fusion reactor project. The newly established East Asia Energy isnt capable of handling it. The National Nuclear Cooperation said that some of the demonstration reactor management staff should return to their original jobs, and they can provide jobs if needed. But I feel like its a pity to disband the demonstration reactor team. Do you think theres a more suitable arrangement?

It is quite a pity to disband like this Lu Zhou nodded in agreement as he spoke emotionally.

Not only did a huge scientific research project like that produce research talents, but it also cultivated countless management talents.

If these talents were broken up and sent back to their original research institutes, it would be a waste.

After all, the least sought after talents were management people. The management people were often only responsible to delegate work. This was why state-owned enterprises were so inefficient.

Also, these management staff had left their original work positions for so long, their vacant spots would have been filled a long time ago. They might not be able to get their old jobs back.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit. Suddenly, he had an idea.

An idea he thought of a long time ago suddenly emerged in his mind.

Instead of letting these people return to their old positions, it would be better to let them stay, just in a different way.

The president asked, A different way?

Yes. Lu Zhou nodded and said, Can I explain what I mean?

The president smiled and said, Of course, I want to know your opinion.

Lu Zhou: I did an exchange visit to Germany for a while. I think we have a lot to learn from their way of managing scientific research projects, especially their operation tactics for medium and long-term projects. Projects that affect society and industry.

The president asked, Like what?

Lu Zhou: Like, the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres POF funding model, like the Max Planck Institutes open network of R&D institutions. In my opinion, these seem to help improve the conversion rate of research results from research resources. This conversion rate is exactly what we lack.

Chinas investment in scientific research definitely wasnt small. Even using OECDs purchasing power parity calculations, it was ranked second in the world, only behind the United States.

However, even with the huge capital investment, the scientific research results conversion rate of the Chinese research institutions was still unsatisfactory.

Logically speaking, this shouldnt happen.

After all, China was more inclined to throw money toward engineering projects rather than pure scientific projects.

The conversion rate of scientific research results was only one of the problems; there were many other problems.

If they wanted to maintain their advantage in fusion energy, they had to keep developing and researching.

The technological advantage was a dynamic process.

In addition to the controllable fusion energy, Lu Zhou hoped that the demonstration reactor project could leave behind something more than just the research results itself.

Just like how the Manhattan Project produced the atomic bomb, but it also produced the valuable Argonne, Brookhaven, and other national laboratories that were well versed in medium and long-term research projects.

Implementing this kind of research model would make Lu Zhous life much easier.

We dont have to totally implement the Germans system, but we can learn from the good parts.

For example, we can use the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres system as a reference and transform the STAR-2 demonstration reactor project organization into a window that connects enterprises and research institutions.

Using the model of this research center, we can begin long-term research projects on fields like energy, aerospace, and information technology. We can also make sure the research funds land in the hands of useful projects. At the same time, we can allow qualified foreign research units to participate.

After hearing Lu Zhous suggestion, the old man thought for a long time.

So, what youre saying is, use the rest of the management talents to build a Chinese Max Planck Society?

The presidents interpretation was right.

Lu Zhou already had this vision in his mind when he visited Germany.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Yes.

The president looked at Lu Zhou and smiled. I guess you really learned a lot from your foreign experiences.

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly and didnt say anything.

Academic knowledge isnt the only thing worth learning.

The presidents finger tapped on the armrest. He thought for a bit before saying, I think it makes sense. We can give it a shot.

After all, letting those talents return to their old work positions would be a waste.

Instead of just letting these talents be wasted, it would be better for them to play their part in this pilot project.

If this project succeeded, then it obviously would be great.

If it did not, then whatever.

Not to mention, due to the success of the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study, he trusted Lu Zhous ability to handle this project.

After that, the old man stood up.

Just like you said, establish the Eastern Research Centers Association! With focuses on longer-term projects in the fields of aerospace, energy, and information technology.

As for the specifics

You decide.