Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 579

Chapter 579 The Perks Of Being Handsome?

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After talking for around 80 minutes, Lu Zhou took two steps back and looked at the blackboard. He saw that there was no more space for him to write. Therefore, he looked back at the students in the classroom and put down the chalk in his hand.

Well end the class here.

When the students in the classroom saw Professor Lu put down the chalk, they finally sighed in relief.

Even though most professors lectured at the speed of rockets, they were nowhere as bad as Professor Lu, who went through seventy pages in just one lecture.

If this continued, this textbook would be finished in just a few lectures.

But they had to admit that

Professor Lus lecture ability was pretty good.

Actually, it wasnt pretty good, it was extremely good.

Most professors werent interested in teaching undergraduate students, and their teaching abilities were almost inversely proportional to their academic research abilities.

However, Professor Lu gave them a different kind of feeling.

Even though they couldnt fully understand the ideas he used when solving problems, when he was explaining some of the more esoteric topics, they were learning things that couldnt be taught from textbooks.

Like mathematical methods.

And experience.

Those genius students sitting in the classroom were well aware that these things were more important!

A tall skinny guy who was sitting in the middle of the classroom looked at his notes and sighed. If God Lu taught us real analysis last semester, it wouldnt have been so miserable.

For undergraduate students, number theory required a strong mathematical and logical background, and it was considered a difficult subject.

Especially for advanced algebraic number theory and analytic number theory fields, even PhD-level mathematicians wouldnt be able to understand some of the more profound problems.

The things they were learning were relatively basic, but there were many esoteric materials.

Surprisingly, after Professor Lu explained the difficult topics, they didnt seem so difficult anymore.

His roommate, who was wearing glasses, said, After all, he was a Princeton professor, earning hundreds of thousands of USD per year. Why do you think so many people are coming to this class?

The tall, skinny guy said, Oh? Isnt it because he won the Fields Medal and Nobel Prize?

Fine, that too.

While the two were chatting, Lu Zhou began to speak.

Theres still a little time left. If there are any questions regarding the material I just went through, feel free to ask me.

Of course, I will also answer questions outside of the teaching material. But I will not answer any personal questions.

There was a commotion in the classroom as the students began to whisper to each other.

This group of students, who didnt know mathematics at all, who only came because of God Lu, suddenly woke up and paid attention.

After a while, a genius student who was wearing black-rimmed glasses raised his hand and asked, Professor, can you tell us how you solved the Goldbachs conjecture?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Of course I can, but not now. With your foundation now, Im afraid you wont be able to get through the first page of the thesis. I suggest you guys set your foundation first before trying to understand the problem Of course, if you guys are really interested, I can put this problem at the end of the course material.

The student sat down. Soon, a chubby guy in a puffer jacket raised his hand and asked curiously, Professor, how did you move from mathematics research into controllable fusion?

Controllable nuclear fusion?

This is a difficult question to answer.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, My research isnt limited to pure mathematics. In my opinion, mathematics is a powerful theoretical tool, whether its physics or chemistry or any other fields, it can help us find answers through effective calculations.

The research on the NavierStokes equations gave me a chance to research plasma turbulence. Of course, I started this problem three years ago. I was in Berlin at that time, and the German Chemical Society invited me to accept the Hoffman Prize. I met Professor Klitzing there, and he invited me to the Wendelstein 7-X laboratory

As for the specifics, Im sure you guys arent interested. Lu Zhou smirked and jokingly said, Also, its not good for you guys to know too much, I like to stay mysterious.

The classroom chuckled.

Coincidentally, the class was over.

While the bell was ringing, Lu Zhou picked up the book in his hand and quickly left the classroom before the students were able to surround him.

He was walking in the hallway and happened to bump into Principal Xu.

Principal Xu noticed Lu Zhou holding the textbook and smiled.

How is it? How does teaching feel?

It feels alright. Lu Zhou smiled and said, My biggest takeaway is that our students are much more enthusiastic than Princeton students.

When he was teaching in Princeton, even though those students also preferred young and knowledgeable professors, they were nowhere near as enthusiastic.

After all, there were too many geniuses and big names in Princeton. Anyone standing on the podium was a potential Nobel Prize or Fields Medal winner.

Also, compared to those experienced professors, there were many lecturing techniques Lu Zhou had to learn.

Of course, that was compared to Princetons standards.

If it was Jin Ling Universitys standards, there wasnt a better mathematics lecturer than Lu Zhou

Principal Xu smiled and said, It seems like our students quite like you. My classrooms have never been so full.

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly.


This is the perks of being handsome?

Principal Xu paused for a second and said, If you have any problems or suggestions regarding your lectures, tell me. The school will try our best to find a solution.

Lu Zhou: Im pretty happy, I dont have any problems its just that

Principal Xu: Just what?

No, nothing.

Lu Zhou originally wanted to talk about how all of his assistants were females, but he suddenly changed his mind and felt like this wasnt appropriate.

Should I ask the school to give me male assistants?


I feel like that will cause a misunderstanding.