Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Laboratory Three Stories Underground

Chapter 580: Laboratory Three Stories Underground
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Since Lu Zhous office was full of estrogen, he didnt really want to go there.

He called Zhao Huan and told her to arrange the interviews for the masters students. He then went to the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

The Debris No.3 had been in the system space for a while now.

Every night before bed, he would go into the system space and look at it for a while. Unfortunately, he could only see the projection inside the system space, he couldnt see the internal structure at all.

Lu Zhou was eager to find out what this thing was, and he couldnt wait any longer.

He came to the main Institute for Advanced Study building and took the elevator to the sample warehouse, which was the second floor underground.

He walked to the end of the sample warehouse corridor and stood in front of a thick metal alloy door. He entered the password on the electronic lock and looked at the camera, passing retinal recognition.

The metal door slowly opened and gave him a passage to the second floor underground.

Ever since Lu Zhou received Debris No.1 from the system, he had taken into consideration what would happen if he received a larger piece of debris that was more difficult to handle.

Therefore, when he was constructing the Institute for Advanced Study, he specifically told the contractor to design a hidden private laboratory.

Of course, on paper, this was part of the sample warehouse. It was just located in a more secure place.

The Jinling Institute for Advanced Study conducted research in many sensitive areas, like the SG-1 superconducting magnets.

It wasnt abnormal to have secure sample warehouses like this.

Even if an intruder broke in, all of the cameras and security systems were linked up to Xiao Ai.

In the case of an intruder, Xiao Ai could cut off the elevator system and closed the metal doors. This would completely trap the intruder on the second floor.

If it was necessary, Lu Zhou could even turn off the air ventilation system on the second floor.

Of course, Lu Zhou felt like it probably wouldnt be necessary to do that.

After all, with Xiao Ai guarding the place, it would be impossible to enter the second floor underground without permission.

Lu Zhou walked through the third floor underground door.

When he was walking through the corridor outside the secret laboratory, two drones that were quietly laying at the door lit up with a green light and flew behind Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou stood in the middle of the spacious laboratory and took a deep breath. He entered into the system space and selected the Debris No.3.

Within a few seconds, Lu Zhou exited the system space and opened his eyes.

He saw that there was a black outline of the debris in front of him. It was filled with unknown material and the debris shell began to glow under the light

No matter how many times he experienced the system project items turning into reality, he couldnt help but feel astonished.

This was breaking the laws of physics. Lu Zhou had no idea how the system was able to do it.

Teleportation? Or some kind of two-dimensional material expanding on the three-dimensional plane? Or some other special physical forces

Due to safety reasons, Lu Zhou used an instrument to detect its gamma value before approaching the device.

He made sure that there were no radioactive or abnormal electromagnetic signals. He then put on some white plastic gloves and took out a flashlight and some electric wire clippers from his toolbox. He then carefully walked toward the debris.

When he found the location of the fracture, he used a flashlight to look inside the debris.

This time, he was finally able to see the internal structure.

This was different than he had imagined. He originally thought that this high-tech device was almost sci-fi like. However, he didnt expect that it was just a bunch of fragmented components and a million torn wires.

He used a high-resolution camera to take a few internal structure photos. After that, he began to start researching. Well, dissecting the equipment.

He chose a piece of broken wire and used the clippers to gently squeeze it. The wire casing quickly turned into powder, revealing a silver thin wire.

Electric wire? Or fiber?

Lu Zhou used the clippers to cut a section of the wire and placed it into a sample box labeled Sample A. He wrote down the location of the wire and was going to do an analysis on the wire later.

After that, Lu Zhou put the flashlight in his mouth and walked inside the engine through the fracture point.

Lu Zhou followed the strings of wires and soon found what he wanted.

Those intricate wires were connected to a black board.

He gently reached out and pulled on the silver wires. They were easy to pull off.

He reached out and picked up the board that was broken into two pieces and slowly climbed out of the engine.

He used the light from the laboratory to carefully inspect the board.

With a frown, he muttered, Is it a circuit board?

There was a layer of black paint on this board.

Lu Zhou didnt know if it was because of the damage or other reasons, but the layer of black paint faded away because of a gentle touch.

Lu Zhou looked at the black stains on his plastic gloves and frowned. He pinched his fingers together and rubbed.

He felt the smooth and delicate texture and paused for a second.


Lu Zhou suddenly had a moment of realization, and he looked excited.


Its carbon!

There is no reason why an engineer from a higher civilization would connect wires to a graphite board.

The graphite must be made from other carbon-based materials when the device was subjected to severe impact or high temperatures!

Following this line of logic, the unknown board in his hand had to be an integrated circuit board for carbon-based chips or at least something similar!

If this was all correct, then it was likely that some higher-civilizations had achieved carbon-based electric components!

The only downside was that the carbon-based electric components had all been turned into graphite

I guess carbon-based materials are good at keeping secrets

Lu Zhou placed this board into a larger sample box and sighed.

However, this wasnt a total dead-end.

He now knew that this technical pathway was feasible, and this was an important piece of information.

After that, the Eastern Research Centers Association and the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study would begin to research and develop this technology.

When Lu Zhou looked at the debris, a flame of curiosity was ignited in his heart.

As expected, he was correct.

This thing is a treasure box!

If only he had an assistant to help him

Lu Zhou suddenly spoke.

Xiao Ai.


The drone hovering behind him said.

Lu Zhou: Do you want to have a body?

Body? I do! Master, Master, can I really? Youre not lying to me? Xiao Ai said excitedly while hovering in the air.


Lu Zhou took off the white plastic gloves and thought about it seriously for a while. He then said, Its a bit difficult to do that right now But I will try my best.