Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Seen Him Before Hes From The Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Chapter 582: Seen Him Before, Hes from the Chinese Academy of Sciences
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After an inducement and some persuasion, Lu Zhou was able to appease Xiao Ai and persuaded it to pick a few favorites from the existing pieces of equipment.

Lu Zhou felt that the smarter Xiao Ai was, the more annoying it would become.

However, a program was still a program. Lu Zhous order couldnt be rejected.

He finally received a photo from Xiao Ai. He looked at the robotic arms in the factory and said, The YuMi intelligent robots from ABB, as well as the 5kg, 160kg, and 1.35t six-axis robots, Ill get two robots for each model.

Eight robots werent a lot. Even though it was imported, it cost less than two million.

Since Lu Zhou was recommended by a friend, Zhao Zhongshu didnt even take a deposit from him.

However, even though Zhao Zhongshu didnt ask for a deposit, Lu Zhou still gave one according to the terms of the contract.

When will it arrive?

It will definitely be here this month.

Okay then. Can you help install it?

Zhao Zhongshu patted his chest and said, Dont worry about it. Our technicians in the factory will definitely help you install them.

Lu Zhou nodded and put away the contract. He didnt spend any more time in the factory.

Since he still had some stuff to do back at the university, he refused Factory Director Zhaos invitation to lunch. He sat in Wang Pengs car and headed toward Jin Ling University.

This years Chinese New Year was early. Therefore, the exams for the graduate students also came earlier.

Lu Zhou was invited by Dean Qin to be an interviewer for the graduate student interviews in the afternoon.

Lu Zhou had a bowl of barbecued meat with rice in the cafeteria. He then quickly went to the interview site.

When he arrived at the interview site, there was ten minutes left before the interviews.

Other than him, everyone else had arrived.

Dean Qin greeted him and smiled.

Lu Zhou sat down and began to drink some tea. He chatted with some of the other academicians and professors. Soon, it was two oclock.

When the hour hand on the clock reached two oclock, a male student, who was wearing a black puffer jacket and glasses, walked in. He had a receding hairline.

Because he looked slightly order, if he didnt introduce himself, Lu Zhou would have thought he was an interviewer.

Obviously, Lu Zhou wasnt the only one who thought this.

Professor Yang Chunhua, who was in his forties, looked at the resume and couldnt believe his eyes.

Born in 94? Doesnt look like it.

This guy was shameless. He even smiled and said, Maybe because I have pale skin, I look more on the young side.

Lu Zhou nearly choked on his tea.

Yang Chunhua: No, I mean you look old.

Student: ???

Lu Zhou put down the teacup and gently coughed. He said, Old is good, it looks more academic.

Isnt that what they say?

The older you look, the more likely youre from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

When Lu Zhou saw that receding hairline, he had a feeling in his heart.

He didnt know why, but he felt like his words of comfort didnt seem to work. The student looked even more depressed

Soon, the first interview was over. The experts exchanged some opinions and gave him a fairly good score.

After that, the second student came in.

He did a customary self-introduction.

Professor Yang Chunhua was the first to speak.

Kid, do you have a girlfriend?

The guy smiled and said, Not yet. If I get into the masters program, I hope my professors can introduce one to me.

Lu Zhou: Who cares about that, dont think about dating all the time if youre in academia.


Dean Qin:


After the interview finished, the experts exchanged their opinions.

Lu Zhou was about to give his own opinion when he suddenly received a text from Yang Xu.

[The test results are out!!!]

Lu Zhou didnt know why he used three exclamation marks in one sentence, but he felt that the results had to be amazing. So he replied.

[Im heading over right now.]

He turned off his phone and looked at the other interviewers.

I have some urgent matters to attend to, I have to leave for a while.

Dean Qin smiled and said, No worries, go ahead.

Lu Zhou nodded and said thanks. He then got up and left the classroom.

Outside the classroom.

Two postdocs were leaning against the corridor window. They were responsible for keeping the interviewees in order.

When they saw Lu Zhou walk out of the office, they immediately began to talk about him.

Thats Lu Zhou, right?

Looks like it.

Why is he an interviewer?

Dont know, maybe because he takes on more students and that he doesnt trust others to interview his students, so he came along himself.

I heard that he recruited four students at Princeton?

I heard it was six. Apparently, there were two PhD students.

Amazing So many students, how does he manage it?

The postdoc had a look of jealousy on his face.

Noob researchers like them could never experience the feeling of others working for them

They only experienced the pain of working for others.

The postdoc standing next to him shook his head and said, God knows how hes able to do it.

Compared to teaching undergraduate students, taking on masters student was a little more beneficial. After all, even complex problems needed a certain amount of repetitive work.

Compared with normal employees, no matter how hard the students worked, they would never complain about wages and work hours There wasnt another place with such a high-quality workforce. Therefore, professors usually were very willing to take on students.

However, even though they were willing, normally one professor would only be able to take on one masters student every year. Some nutty professors would take on four, but that was uncommon.

Lu Zhou took on four from the mathematics department and two from the chemistry department; that was six in total. This was extremely rare.

While the two postdocs were being jealous, right after Lu Zhou had left, a girl with a ponytail and a red-and-black scarf walked over.

Han Mengqi waited outside for a bit. When she heard her name being called out, she took a deep breath and gently fixed her collar before stepping into the office.

Her resume was quite perfect. Not only did she have an internship at the Institute of Computational Materials, but because of her undergraduate research experience, she had even published in SCI and received a special scholarship.

For cases like this, as long as she completed the interview without any major problems, it was almost guaranteed that she would pass.

At the teachers request, she made a simple self-introduction.

After that, a female professor in her forties asked, What is your future life plan?

Han Mengqi smiled politely and said, I plan on going to MIT to do my PhD. After two years of postdoc, I want to stay in academia.

This was a standard answer, and almost every interviewee would answer this way.

However, the professors were bored with this standard answer.

Once the planned questions were asked, it was time for some informal questions.

Seeing that this girl was quite attractive, Professor Yang Chunhua asked, Do you have a boyfriend?

Han Mengqi didnt know why the interviewer would suddenly ask this. She was muddled, but she still replied, Not yet.

It wasnt that there werent any guys after her; it was just that she wasnt interested in those boring guys.

The female professor in her forties asked, Do you have a plan on getting a boyfriend?

Han Mengqi: Not at the moment.

Yang Chunhua: Who did you write down as your supervisor?

Han Mengqi said, Professor Lu

The two female professors immediately began to whisper to each other.

Even though they spoke quietly, Han Mengqi was still able to hear their conversation.

She wants to become Professor Lus student as well.

Yeah, this makes sense.

No plans on getting a boyfriend, that fits Professor Lus requirements.

Then should we pass her?

Lets pass her.

Han Mengqi:

Even though passing the interview was supposed to be a happy thing, she had a weird feeling in her stomach.