Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Meeting On The Moon Project

Chapter 586: Meeting on the Moon Project
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Lu Zhou basically spent all of his time at Jin Ling University, the Institute for Advanced Study, and in his Zhongshan International mansion.

He taught two classes per week to Jin Ling University undergraduate mathematics students. The rest of his time was spent helping his graduate students in his office, keeping up with the latest physics r, mathematics, and materials research, as well as researching the debris in his underground laboratory.

He finally had some schedule in his life. It more or less gave him the feeling of when he was still working at Princeton.

Honestly, the more Lu Zhou came in contact with undergraduate work, the more he realized that Jin Ling University, and other universities in China for that matter, were still a step behind from internationally renowned universities.

Objectively speaking, the scientific research strength of domestic universities had risen quite a lot over the past decade. However, there was still a certain gap when compared to other universities around the world.

Lu Zhou couldnt figure out the exact reason why.

Other than the well-known factors, such as academic commodification, the industrialization of papers, the conversion rate of scientific research results, and the lack of attention for undergraduate teaching, there were still a lot of problems that he could vaguely sense but he couldnt say exactly what it was.

The Jinling Institute for Advanced Study and the Eastern Research Centers Association were the countrys attempts in creating suitable models for the development of domestic universities.

At the very least, it could make certain changes within a limited scope.

Jin Ling University hospital.

Yan Yan was wearing a white coat. She then handed a medical report to Lu Zhou.

Your body is recovering well, but you should pay more attention in the future. You should avoid greasy and spicy food, and eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement your nutrition. As of now, 301 Hospital hasnt made a clear conclusion regarding your illness. No one can guarantee that a similar situation wont happen in the future.

Lu Zhou briefly looked through the medial report. He then folded it and stuffed it in his pocket.

Since the beginning of February, Doctor Yan had given him two physical examinations, and no obvious signs of abnormalities were found.

Honestly, even though Lu Zhou knew that their effort of trying to find a cause of his coma was useless, he still cooperated with their work.

After all, it was just a blood test and some urine tests, it wasnt a big deal.

Okay okay, I understand. Lu Zhou tried to divert the conversation away from his health and said, Speaking of which, when did you transfer to the university hospital?

Yan Yan replied briefly, The higher-ups arranged this. It will be more convenient if I work here. After all, Im guessing youre not too happy with me following you all day.

She paused for a second before adding, Of course, if you plan on traveling, I hope you can inform me beforehand, or at the very least, inform Wang Peng.

Okay then, but I probably wont be traveling any time soon.

Suddenly, the hospital room door was pushed open. An old man, who was wearing a wool vest and looked like he was in his seventies, walked in.

Lu Zhou looked at the old man and felt that he looked familiar, but he wasnt able to recognize who the old man was.

He stared at him for a while and a name suddenly popped up in his mind.

Academician Ren? As Lu Zhou looked at this old man, he was surprised. How come youre here?

Academician Ren Changming!

Former Chinese designer of the lunar exploration project!

Lu Zhou hadnt seen this man in years. Compared to when he first saw him at the mathematical modeling competition, Lu Zhou could clearly tell that this academician had aged a lot.

Five years ago, he was still standing on the lecture hall podium talking with students, but he probably couldnt do that anymore.

Seeing how Lu Zhou still recognized him, Ren Changming smiled and said, Chief Designer Lu Zhou, you still remember me?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, I met you just a few years ago, of course I remember you.

At that time, this old man wanted to recruit him to Beijing for aerospace engineering.

Its been six years, quite a long time. Ren Changming sighed and spoke emotionally, Time really flies. Its only been six years and my old body cant even lecture anymore.

Lu Zhou smiled gracefully. Ren Changming paused for a second before he said, But Im very pleased to see you. The student that was ecstatic about winning the Higher Education Society Cup was able to win a Nobel Prize.

Those medals are kind of meaningless. Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly and changed the subject. He asked, Speaking of which, what brings you to the university hospital?

Ren Changming smiled and said, I was strolling around the mathematics building and Old Tang said you were here, so I came over. I heard you were seriously ill a while ago, how is your recovery process?

Lu Zhou said, I wasnt exactly seriously ill, just in a coma for a few days. Im feeling great now.

Yan Yan, who was sitting next to him, rolled her eyes.

Being in a coma isnt seriously ill?

Not only was the entire country worried about his health, but even the World Health Organization sent a team of experts to help him.

Being in a coma for more than 20 days isnt seriously ill? Ren Changming shook his head and said, Youre still young, but if you dont pay attention to your body, youll regret it when you reach my age.

Some time ago, he was also sick and had to stay in a nursing home until now. If he werent sick, he would have visited Lu Zhou when Lu Zhou was still in Beijing, as opposed to waiting until now.

Lu Zhou made a helpless expression.

You didnt come to Jinling just to scold me, right?

I did come because of you, but not just to scold you. Ren Changming smiled and said, I heard that we restarted the moon landing project, and your opinions are highly valued by the leadership team. As an ex-chief designed by the lunar project, I have to say thank you.

Even though the moon landing project had been constantly mentioned by the media, the actual launch mission wasnt on the timetable of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The associated plans also hadnt been approved by the government.

However, this time was different. Academician Ren could clearly sense that the relevant plans for the moon landing project were quickly being launched and its national strategic importance was rising

Even though he wasnt clear about the specific situation, a lot of people in the industry were spreading rumors, that this all had to do with Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou said, Theres no need to thank me, Im just a scholar, putting forward my own opinion.

Its fine if you dont think I should thank you, but I still have to give my thanks. Ren Changming smiled and said, However, you were the one who brought up the idea of the moon landing. The project, astronaut training, and everything else are all being arranged. Are you not going to manage the project?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Im not in the aerospace industry, why would I manage the project? Whenever you need to build a nuclear fusion generator for the spacecraft, come find me.

Ren Changming: But you cant just leave it alone, right? Theres going to be a moon landing meeting in a few days. Its going to be held at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Not only will the academic community come, but so will the industry experts. Are you going to come?

Lu Zhou: Whats the specific date?

Ren Changming: 6th of March, if you want to come, Ill let the conference organizers send you an invitation letter.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit. He realized he probably wouldnt have any other plans, so he replied, Okay then, Ill take some time out and attend the conference.