Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Xiao Ais New Body

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Early March.

The industrial robots that Lu Zhou ordered from Zhao Zhongshu finally arrived.

Under the supervision of several security guards, two large trucks entered the campus of Jinling Institute for Advanced Study. The workers inside the trucks finished unloading the goods.

Zhao Zhongshu patted the meter high boxes and smiled.

YuMi intelligent robot, produced by Switzerland ABB, able to achieve an accuracy of 0.02mm. The other six-axis general-purpose robots can reach an accuracy of 0.1mm. They can handle normal assembly, cleaning, and welding work. Even though I dont know what kind of work you plan on doing, anything that can be done by industrial robots, can be done by these robots as well.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Ill see for myself. Please start installing them now.


Zhao Zhongshu immediately told the engineers and workers who accompanied him, to begin installing the equipment.

These pieces of large equipment were no air conditioner or TV; it was impossible for them to go through the elevator.

Especially the six-axis universal ABB robot, produced by ABB with a load capacity of 1.35t. The servo motor and reduction drive were integrated into one and couldnt be disassembled. The entire machine was completed on the assembly line.

Lu Zhou took into account the size of the debris. When he designed this laboratory, in addition to the normal elevator, there were also lifts specially designed for transporting cargo that weighed more than 1 ton. The elevator could be accessed from the garage of the Institute for Advanced Study.

However, this lift could only be accessed through the underground laboratory.

As Zhao Zhongshu stood next to the boxes and looked at the slowly descending lift, he curiously looked around.

This is like a military defense building, is it easy to use?

Lu Zhou simply said, Im more concerned about safety and confidentiality.

When Zhao Zhongshu heard the word confidentiality, he immediately stopped asking questions.

He didnt want to be involved with government secrets.

For a normal guy like him, it would be better to not know too much.

The third floor underground laboratory was probably one of the most secretive places in the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study, second only to the servers used for the research backup data.

However, Lu Zhou wasnt worried about these people coming in.

He had obviously made some preparations.

However, even if someone were to see something, it wouldnt matter.

Even Lu Zhou wasnt entirely sure what the Debris No.3 was; he could only study the secrets bit by bit. If these people could tell that this device was unusual, they could quit their engineering and security jobs and directly work for Lu Zhou instead.

Being Lu Zhous assistant was much better than working as an engineer at some unknown small factory.

As Zhao Zhongshu followed Lu Zhou into the laboratory, he didnt ask about the thing that was covered by a black cloth. He looked at the large open space in the middle of the room and said, Where do you want to install it?

Lu Zhou pointed toward the wall and said, Just install it over there.

Zhao Zhongshu: Wheres the assembly line?

Lu Zhou: We dont have that here.

Zhao Zhongshu: Okay then

If you dont have an assembly line, whats the point of having robot arms?

Building sandcastles?

Zhao Zhongshu decided not to think about it too much.

What his customers did was his customers business, it had nothing to do with him. He just needed to put things in order.

However, due to a force of habit, he couldnt help but ask, Do you want to buy a logistics robot?

Lu Zhou: Logistics robot?

Zhao Zhongshu: Yeah, like an automated guided vehicle. Its mainly used for carrying things. I dont see a conveyor belt here, so if a few industrial robots arent enough, youll still have to carry things by hand!

When Lu Zhou heard Zhao Zhongshus explanation, he suddenly had a moment of realization on his face.

He had totally neglected this part.

After all, he didnt plan on building anything here, he only needed Xiao Ai to give him a helping hand. But after listening to Factory Director Zhao, an automated guided vehicle seemed to be necessary.

Lu Zhou didnt speak yet. Suddenly, his phone that was in his pocket began to vibrate furiously.

Xiao Ai, who was connected to the drone in the corner of the laboratory, had heard their conversation.

Well, this is quite an innovative way of asking me for stuff

Lu Zhou shook his head and smiled as he said, Okay then Do you need to place an order?

No need, we have them in stock at our factory. Zhao Zhongshu smiled and said, If you are interested, I can send them over. Theyre not expensive, only 70,000 yuan per machine.

Lu Zhou: Then send them Ill buy four for now.

Zhao Zhongshu just received another 280,000 yuan in orders. Obviously, his face was full of joy as he said, Okay, Ill make a call and tell them to send the machines from the factory.

Since there was no signal in the laboratory, he had to go outside to make the call.

After Zhao Zhongshu told the engineers how to install the equipment, he followed a security guard to the elevator and went back to the ground level. He also took the unboxing material with him.

Lu Zhou still stayed in the laboratory. He was watching the engineers install the equipment.

Ever since his engineering reached level 5, he found out that these engineering problems were extremely simple to learn.

Just by standing here and observing, he could basically remember all of the installation steps. He even felt like he could do their jobs.

Of course, improper installation of the equipment might affect the accuracy of the robots, so Lu Zhou decided not to intervene with the installation.

After the automated guided vehicles were shipped from the factory, the installation of the eight industrial robots was finally completed.

After the on-site engineers copied the operating system onto the control terminal, the group of people left the laboratory, leaving Lu Zhou inside the laboratory alone.

He looked at the wall with eight robotic arms and couldnt help but smirk.

All he had to do now was to connect the control terminal to Xiao Ai.

With help from these tools, his research work on the debris could be cut in half.

At the very least, he wouldnt have trouble physically turning the piece of debris upside down.

What do you think, are you satisfied with this body?

Lu Zhou didnt care if Xiao Ai was satisfied was not, he was quite satisfied himself.

His phone vibrated.

Lu Zhou knew Xiao Ai was sending him pictures again.

[I dont want to talk.jpg]

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Okay, stop being upset. This is the most flexible body on the planet. If you want the Gundam Transformers type of robots you see in movies, theres nowhere to buy that.

Xiao Ai: [Master, can you buy something for me? ()]

Lu Zhou: What thing?

Xiao Ai didnt reply.

After a while, a bunch of links appeared.

Lu Zhou clicked on the link and saw that the shopping cart was full of hardware tools, aluminum alloy plates, screws, and some other parts.

Lu Zhou had a weird expression on his face.

Is this thing

Planning to build its own robot body?


Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, Okay then, Ill buy them for you.

Xiao Ai: [Ok! Master, youre the best! ( `)]

This thing is pretty easy to satisfy

Lu Zhou looked at the line of text and couldnt help but smile.

He didnt expect these simple words could melt his heart.