Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Someone Is Investigating You

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Meng Qi?

When Chen Yushan saw that her cousin was here, her eyes lit up. She immediately walked over. What a coincidence, youre here as well?

Han Mengqi nodded. Yeah Im studying for a masters degree under Lu Zhou, of course Im here.

Chen Yushan held her cousins hand and looked at her as she said with emotion, Time really flies by quickly. It feels like youre still in high school yesterday, but now youre already a graduate student. Also, didnt you like putting your hair in a double ponytail? Why did you change to a single ponytail?

Han Mengqi touched her hair and said, It looks more mature this way

Lu Zhou looked at the two sisters and coughed. Why did you suddenly come here? You didnt even tell me you were coming.

Youre too busy. Chen Yushan rolled her eyes and said, Ive some business in Jiangsu for a few days, so I came here to visit you. Also, its so that I can report to you about the work Ive been doing.

Lu Zhou: Report?

Chen Yushan blinked and asked, Did you forget?

Lu Zhou said, Forget about what?

Its not appropriate to talk about it here. Since its such a rare occasion, let me buy you a drink? Chen Yushan looked at her cousin and said, Meng Qi, do you want to come?

Han Mengqi immediately nodded. A moment later, she asked quietly, You guys are going to talk about business, right? Wont I bother you?

Chen Yushan smiled and said, Its just not appropriate to talk about it in public, but there are no secrets Of course, it depends if Professor Lu minds.

Of course I dont mind. Lu Zhou smiled and said nonchalantly, You guys havent seen each other for a long time, right? Lets all go together.

At a commercial district near campus, inside a cafe.

It was still quite early in the day, plus it was a workday, so there werent a lot of people here.

Lu Zhou found a seat near a window to sit at. He then ordered a cup of hot mocha and leaned back against his chair. He looked at the decor inside the cafe.

He felt quite nostalgic since he accepted his first tutor job here. It had already been six years since then, and he went from being a student to a famous scholar. And yet, this place hadnt changed a bit.

An iced cappuccino and an iced americano.

Chen Yushan helped order for her cousin and politely returned the menu to the waiter.

Lu Zhou watched the waiter bring their drinks over. He then took a sip of his mocha before looking at Chen Yushan and asked, Can you tell me now?

Its regarding the shares from East Asia Energy.

When Lu Zhou heard the name East Asia Energy, he immediately remembered what the matter was.

Oh, you already bought it?

Yeah, Ive been busy with this over the past couple of days.

Lu Zhou nodded and asked.

How much did you buy?

Chen Yushan said, Just like you said, a billion USD.


When Lu Zhou heard USD, he nearly spat his coffee out.

Chen Yushan looked at him choking and smirked as she continued to speak, I have carefully studied the prospectus of East Asia Energy. The main purpose of this fundraising is for the construction of the cross-regional power grid in the southwest and the new fusion reactor project in Daya Bay. The expected capacity of the project will reach 100,000 MW. Within a year, the old fission reactors and other electric generators will gradually be replaced. East Asia Energy will supply power to Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, and other places.

According to my experience, this kind of investment is high profit, low risk. You can rest assured! If that guy named Feng wasnt so persistent, I would have found a bank to borrow hundreds of millions just to buy more shares.

No shit, they have a monopoly, of course this is high profit, low risk!

Lu Zhou wiped the coffee off his chin and said, A billion USD Thats almost 7 billion yuan, isnt it a bit too much?

7 billion

The total amount of public shares is only 20 billion yuan!

Lu Zhou ate a third of a pie just by himself. He was worried there might be a problem.

Chen Yushan blinked and asked, Is it a lot?

Lu Zhou:

Seeing how Lu Zhou was speechless, Chen Yushan smiled and said, Calm down, calm down. I know what youre worried about. Before contacting East Asia Energy, I discussed it with my dad. He said that as long as the money is clean, there is no problem investing normally just like everyone else. Think about it, if there is a problem, Feng Shuqing wouldnt approve of it.

Lu Zhou couldnt help but say, Who knows what Feng Shuqing will do

Chen Yushan said, Technically, hes your subordinate. Do you know anything about your subordinates?

Lu Zhou: Im not interested.

Even though Feng Shuqing was technically the second-in-command of the project team, he reported directly to the government officials. Therefore, he wasnt technically Lu Zhous subordinate.

Lu Zhou did not care for administrative work.

Rather than delegating work to other people, he preferred to do experiments in his laboratory.

Seeing how Lu Zhou was disinterested, Chen Yushan sighed and said, Being able to take on this role in his thirties and reorganize the demonstration reactor project team, this isnt something that normal genius students from Shuimu University can do. This person has a bright career in front of him. Hes not going to put himself in a risky situation just to be friends with you. His approval is definitely backed by the higher-ups.

You really know a lot.

I dont know that much. Its mainly because my dad always talks about this kind of stuff at home, so I inevitably learn some of it. Chen Yushan held the straw and stirred the ice cubes in her cup as she sighed and said, Thats why I dont want to work in the government, I cant fully showcase my financial ability.

Lu Zhou drank his coffee and pretended like he didnt hear the second part.

A billion USD case isnt enough to showcase your financial ability?

Lu Zhou didnt know what to do with this chick.

Suddenly, Chen Yushan remembered something.

Oh yeah, theres one more thing you should pay attention to.

Lu Zhou asked, What thing?

Chen Yushan: Star Sky Technology has a laboratory in California?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Yeah, but its mainly responsible for ordering me some more obscure reagents and to take on some projects from the Institute of Computational Materials Is there a problem?

Chen Yushan said, If you transfer anyone here, try to transfer them now. If you cant transfer them, itd be better to find a way to get rid of them. When I was investigating the companys business a few days ago, I noticed someone investigating your assets in North America I talked to your CEO from the North American branch, and we agreed that there might be someone whos trying to collect evidence.

Lu Zhou frowned and said, Investigating me? What is there to investigate?

He had always been very careful.

When he returned to China, he donated all of his mathematics notes, and he didnt bring a single piece of paper back.

If anyone was to investigate him, he didnt think they would find anything.

Please, youre Chief Designer Lu. Because you went to the Germans to buy the WEGA stellarator, our country was kicked out of ITER. Now that the Pangu fusion reactor is in everyones face, of course theyre going to investigate you.

Who do you think it is?

Chen Yushan rolled her eyes and said, Theyre obviously not going to announce their investigation, but surely you know who it is.

Lu Zhou looked at his cup of coffee and went silent for a while. He suddenly smiled and shook his head.

I didnt think that a mathematician would be on the CIAs list.

Actually, he wasnt completely surprised.

When he was doing the He-3 atom probe experiment at Princeton, he vaguely felt that someone might have noticed him. If he continued to conduct research, there was bound to be a problem.

However, at that time, controllable fusion was a futuristic field, and it did not receive a lot of attention. Countries never put their hopes of addressing climate warming and the energy crisis on fusion energy. It was not until the success of the STAR-1 device that everything was completely changed

Chen Yushans slender chin rested on her fist as her delicate lips bit the straw. She smiled and said, Dont worry, Ill protect you.

Lu Zhou looked at her slim shoulders and couldnt feel any sense of security from her.

Oh, thanks.

Chen Yushan snorted and said, What is that kind of reaction? Are you bored?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit.

Um Ill buy you dinner next time?

Chen Yushan smiled and felt nostalgic. You didnt change at all.

Lu Zhou paused for a second.

I havent?

He thought that compared to his twenty-year-old self, he had actually changed quite a bit.

As Han Mengqi watched these two talk, she kept her head down while using a spoon to mix the cream in her cappuccino.

She hadnt said anything yet.

This wasnt a big deal. After all, she didnt have anything special to say.

She just felt like

Sitting next to these two made her feel like a little kid.

She sighed and sat there feeling gloomy.

However, she didnt know why she was feeling this way