Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 601

Chapter 601 Taking Advantage

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The East Asia Energy company issued a total of 2 billion shares to the public. This could roughly be divided into three parts, where one part was bought by the demonstration reactor project team, and one went to various banks.

As for the last part, that was the part that was truly given to the public.

Even though it was a good thing to support the ventures of the country, most people didnt have the opportunity to do this.

Private funds learned the news in advance through various channels, just like vultures smelling carrion. The second the stocks were issued, every single last one of them was bought.

By the time the normal people saw this stock, it was probably already at its daily trading limit. When they could finally buy it, East Asia Energy would have been worth trillions already. By that time, the rapid increase in the stock price would have already been over

Of course, some funds or investment companies had supercomputers and multi-threaded operations. However, they werent nutty at all.

After all, no matter how fast their internet speed was, it could only increase their probability of winning. The number of shares that they could buy still depended on luck.

For the more prestigious and well-renowned funds and investment companies, they only needed to get their share buying rights from qualified companies.

For example, in addition to the 2 billion shares issued to the public, they also issued 2 billion shares to qualified companies, such as oil and electric giants.

And this was technically all legal

Shanghai, Haixiang Capital trading room.

After the online stock ordering session ended, there was an outcry in the room.

In order to get ahead of everyone for the East Asia Energy companys online stock ordering draw, not only did they work overtime in the trading room last night, but they even used supercomputers.

However, the results of the draw had ended, and they were only eligible to buy thirty thousand shares.

Li Xiang, General Manager of Haixiang Capital, looked at the results of the draw on the computer screen. He clenched his fists. His heart almost began to bleed.

Even though thirty thousand shares was quite a lot for most people, for a financial company like them that traded in the tens of millions, this was only a rounding error

After the results of the draw were announced, the top ten shareholders of the winning bed were posted on the relevant website.

The biggest major shareholder was the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which owned 50%. Then there were the major oil companies, the State Grid Corporation of China, the social security fund Basically, the state team. They accounted for more than 80% of the available shares.

There was nothing to say about this. After all, the state had priority.

However, when he looked down at the names of the shareholders, he suddenly saw Star Sky Technology with a shareholding ratio of 7%, and he nearly spat onto the computer screen.

F*ck, 7%! What kind of fund is this?! said Vice General Manager Tang Guang. He took the words out of the General Managers mouth.

Yeah Ive never heard this name before. Assistant Zhang stood next to them with a confused look on his face as he said, Maybe Its some big names brokerage firm?

Vice General Manager Tang said, Then how come we didnt know about it until now?

Li Xiang stared at the screen for a while and said, Look up this companys background Even though we lost, we have to know who we lost to.

Even though this name sounded vaguely familiar, he couldnt remember where he heard it.

Regardless, he had to at least figure out who the boss behind this company was.

If the boss wasnt a big name

He would like to have a chat with him.

Assistant Zhang saw that his boss was in a bad mood, so he immediately nodded and said, Yes, sir.

They werent the only ones who wanted to figure out who Star Sky Technology was. Half of the domestic financial market was shocked by this company.

Even the overseas funds that were paying attention to the East Asia Energy public offerings noticed this interesting phenomenon.

Even though 7% might not seem like much, this was a giant company that operated in a monopoly market, and it had an almost infinite amount of development space and a future market value that would at least be in the trillions. The amount of publicly available shares for China Petroleum was only 2.2% of the total share capital. This would show how big 7% was.

Lu Zhou, on the other hand, was in Jin Ling University. He didnt know that his patent management company became famous in the domestic financial circles because of his CEO.

However, even if he knew, he wouldnt be surprised.

East Asia Energy wasnt a public company, and it wasnt controlled by theCSRC1. He purchased it at the regular price of 10 yuan per share. This didnt count as swallowing state-owned assets, nor was it illegal. As for the private equity funds and financial companies that were in an uproar, they were just unlucky.

After all, the public wasnt particularly fond of the financial funds.

Jin Ling University.

Mathematics building office.

Doctor Yan brought over the medical examination results from yesterday. She looked at the three assistants in the office as she handed the report to Lu Zhou with a strange look on her face.

Theyre your assistants?

Yeah, the school arranged for me.

Lu Zhou didnt know why, but he felt like Yan Yan was looking at him with a weird look.

After a while, Yan Yan said, Theyre quite young.

Lu Zhou: Ok.

Yan Yan:

Lu Zhou: ?

What is this chick talking about?

Suddenly, the office door opened and a student walked in.

Liu Siyuan walked past Doctor Yan while holding a stack of A4 papers.

Professor, Ive finished the tasks you gave me!

Lu Zhou looked at his thick eyebags with surprise. However, he didnt say anything since he was more than familiar with the act of working all night.

Okay, put it on my desk Why did you come so early today?

It was only 7 oclock.

His three assistants were here because of their work requirements, but he didnt have strict attendance requirements for his students. His students only had to complete their works on time.

Liu Siyuan scratched his head and smiled as he said, I have to work hard, otherwise, I feel like Im falling behind.

It seemed like Lu Zhous work had begun, so Yan Yan didnt want to bother him.

I have to go.

Lu Zhou: Ok.

Do you want to eat lunch together?

Yan Yan was about to ask this question, but she realized it would be a bit weird to ask this at seven in the morning. Therefore, she dismissed this idea and walked away.

Like usual, after Lu Zhou briefly reviewed the students work and gave some suggestions, he told Liu Siyuan to go away. He then began to check his email.

Except for an email regarding analytic number theory from Qin Yue, who was lecturing at Princeton, all of the emails were unimportant.

Lu Zhou thought for around five minutes before typing up an email to answer Qin Yues question.

He was about to close his email and open up arXiv to look for any mathematics or physics research that was worth paying attention to when he suddenly received a new email.

Lu Zhou looked at this email and paused for a second.

Professor Sarrot?

Of course, he wasnt surprised by this name. He was surprised because of the content of the email.

[I was contacted by the FBI.]