Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Can We Chat Properly

Lu Zhou didnt really care about where the report was held.

For the stuff that was unrelated to academia, he would be happy for someone else to do it for him.

Normally speaking, an academic report was a very troublesome thing to host. Not only would one have to worry about the guests eating and sleeping, but they would also have to consider all of the possible unexpected situations that could happen. However, for Jin Ling University, this was the opposite.

Because of Lu Zhous international academic reputation and the reputation of the existence of a solution to the Yang-Mills equations in the mathematics and physics community, it was foreseeable that there were going to be many big names that would be attending this report session.

Being able to host an academic conference of this caliber was obviously beneficial for the schools academic status.

Especially for a school that was interested in showing themselves on the international academic stage, they were more than happy to help Lu Zhou host this report.

The organization of the report became a top priority for the university. The administrative departments held several days of meetings, and they talked about everything from the safety of the meeting to the placement of the water cups, to the dishes at the banquet.

Inside the principals office.

Principal Xu found several teachers who were involved in administrative work to further discuss some of the report arrangements.

However, he suddenly heard a knock at the door.

When Principal Xu saw Academician Wang Shicheng at his office door, he paused for a second.

Wang Shicheng was the chairman of the China Mathematics Society, and he was one of the leaders of the mathematics community at Yan University. Even though Principal Xu wasnt a mathematician himself, he was still well aware of Academician Wangs reputation in academia.

Principal Xu immediately knew his intentions.

However, he pretended like he didnt know anything.

Oh, Old Wang, what brings you from Beijing? You didnt even tell me you were coming.

Academician Wang Shicheng walked to the sofa and sat down. I had a meeting in Jiangsu. After the meeting, I came here to look at my old friend. What? Am I not welcome?


You never talk to me normally, now you think of me as a friend?

Only a dumb*ss would believe you!

What do you mean? Principal Xu smiled and looked at his assistant next to him. Xiao Yang, go and get Academician Wang a cup of tea.


Xiao Yang immediately stood up and walked to the cabinet. He then took out the tea set.

After the tea was ready, the two of them began to chat casually while drinking tea. The teachers that had administrative responsibilities were left aside. They looked at each other and didnt know what was going on.

Half an hour had passed by, and Wang Shicheng finally couldnt handle it anymore.

Even though he tried to divert the conversation to Lu Zhou and the Yang-Mills equations multiple times, Principle Xu would always quickly avoid the conversation.

He put down the teacup and looked at Principal Xu.

Old Xu, to be honest, I came here to ask for help.

Principal Xu said, Oh yeah?

Wang Shicheng cleared his throat. He then said, A while ago, Professor Lu published a thesis in Annual Mathematics, right? Its about the existence of a solution to the Yang-Mills equations. A lot of the professors in my department looked at it and felt that the thesis was very well written.

No sh*t.

Who doesnt know its good?

Did you win a Fields Medal or a Crafoord Prize?

Principal Xu still smiled on the outside, but he didnt say anything.

Wang Shicheng continued to speak slowly, But Im sure you also know the rules of academia. For this type of major mathematics proposition, a thesis is not enough. Surely one would have to host a few report sessions and express their views to other scholars? This proposition can only be considered solved after answering all of the questions.

Xu Jian said, Oh, what do you mean?

Professor Wang Shicheng stopped hiding his intentions, and he said, I dont mean anything Its just that, Yan University wants to invite Professor Lu to do a report.

Oh sure, this is easy, Ill ask Professor Lu for you. Xu Jian smiled and said, If he agrees, then Ill allow it. The second report session will be at Yan University.

Academician Wang, who had a smile on his face, nearly vomited.

This isnt appropriate, right?

Xu Jian asked confidently, Whats wrong?

Wang Shicheng said, This kind of important international event shouldnt be done in Jinling, it should be done in Beijing.

Xu Jian: Oh, are you looking down on Jinling?

Wang Shicheng slapped his thigh and said, No, thats not what I meant. I meant that Yan University has a higher status in the international mathematics community, and we have experience in organizing international mathematics reports. Let us do it, we can show the international community the sophistication of the Chinese mathematics world!

Xu Jian said, We also have experience hosting international academic conferences, and its also our duty to show the world the strength of Chinese mathematicians. Dont worry about this.

Wang Shicheng said, Old Xu, you know the level of mathematics at Jin Ling University, so why are you fighting this?

Plus, Xu Jian, youre a computer scientist, why are you stepping into the mathematics world?

However, Xu Jian wasnt happy. He didnt slap the table, but he spoke impolitely. Does Yan University have a Fields Medal?

Wang Shicheng paused for a second and shook his head.

Xu Jian: What about a Crafoord Prize?

Wang Shicheng was muddled, and he shook his head.

Xu Jian said, Oh yeah, we have both of them.

Wang Shicheng:

F*ck sake!

Can you just have a normal conversation with me?

Seeing how this conversation was going sideways, Wang Shicheng shook his head and stood up.

Old man, youre being unreasonable. Im not going to talk to you. Where is Professor Lu? Im going to talk to him.

Professor Lu is not here.

Where is he?

Xu Jian rolled his eyes and said, Dont ask me, find him yourself.

Wang Shicheng:

After Wang Shicheng left Principal Xus office, Principal Xu looked at the muddled teachers inside the room.

Principal Xu then asked in a stern manner, Did you hear what that old piece of crap said?

He thinks we cant do it!

I repeat again, this report will affect the glory of Jin Ling University! It will affect our future!

If anything goes wrong, Im blaming it on you guys!