Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Yang Mills Equations General Solution

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Solved it?

General solution for the Yang-Mills equations???

Wheres the process?

Wait a minute, what about the Q&A session?

Why did he just leave?!

Even though youre a Fields Medal, you cant just be this reckless?!

The audience in the venue looked at each other. The commotion spread throughout the venue like a tidal wave.

Some people shook their heads and stood up, ready to leave. Other people were overwhelmed. There were also some people that took photos of the calculations on the blackboard, and others that looked at their peers in shock, not knowing what to say.

Klitzing was stunned as he stared at the calculations on the blackboard while tightly gripping his pen. He wrote some stuff on a piece of paper and looked at Faltings and said, Is this the general solution?

Faltings stared at the blackboard without any expression. He could barely speak.

Im good at algebraic geometry. Youll have to ask Fefferman aboutPDE1.

Klitzing: ?

There are actually things that youre not good at?

Even though Faltings kicked the ball to Fefferman, Fefferman was just as muddled.

Deligne stared at the calculations on the blackboard. He tried to make some calculations, but just like Faltings, he gave up. He looked at the PDE expert, Professor Fefferman, who was sitting next to him. He put down his pen and asked, Are his calculations correct?

I dont know Even if I wanted to, I couldnt verify the answer. Fefferman paused for a second and said, This is in the realm of computer science, not mathematics.

Partial differential equations were different from general equations. It had the highest computational calculation requirement out of all of the mathematical disciplines.

Not only were there very few nonlinear partial differential equations that could be solved, but there were even fewer that had a solution. One could make the case that not only was this one of the most difficult areas of mathematics, but it was also an essential area for establishing phenomenological models for other areas.

If Lu Zhou wrote down the calculation process, Fefferman could follow the steps and try to find any mistakes.

However, the general solution was just there, on its own.

He had no idea what to do.

Edward Witten closed the notebook in his hand and nodded with a serious expression.

The verification calculation is too large If he isnt going to provide a calculation process, well have to use supercomputers to verify this historic discovery.

His voice was full of excitement.

Not only did he see the possibility of a mathematical solution for the Yang-Mills equations, but he also saw the possibility of connecting the electromagnetic force with the strong interaction.

If Lu Zhou was correct, this day would go down in history.

Wiles was sitting next to him, and he looked interested.

Even though he didnt really care about what the physics world thought about this, he was still interested in the mathematical proposition itself. After he heard Wittens words, he immediately nodded.

I agree, every great discovery has to be taken seriously. If we cant verify the answer, this would be a huge loss for both Professor Lu and us Just like Fermats last theorem. Also, speaking of which, doesnt Princeton have a supercomputer? Why dont we just use yours?

Professor Deligne nodded.

Ill contact them.

Academician Wang Shicheng was sitting on the other side of the venue, and he took out his phone and took a photo of the blackboard. He then sent it to the Yan Universitys mathematics departments group chat. The people in this group were all top mathematics scholars from Yan University, leaders of Chinas mathematics community.

After Academician Wang Shicheng sent the photo, he called the dean of Yan Universitys mathematics department.

I sent the photo to the group chat, help me use a supercomputer to verify it.

Yeah, its for the Yang-Mills equations.

The guy that previously gloated was sitting next to Academician Wang Shicheng. He gulped and quietly whispered, Did he really solve it?

Wang Shicheng said, I dont know, but theres a high chance he did.

The people in the venue were all muddled. The professors who were responsible for the logistics and the school leaders were overwhelmed by Lu Zhous impulsive movements. Dean Qin tried to chase after Lu Zhou but was stopped by Principal Xu.

What are you doing?

What else could I be doing, Im trying to get him back here. Theres still a Q&A session. Dean Qin said with a look of worry, What the hell is this, were just going to stop the report halfway through?

Principal Xu went silent for a while before saying, Well talk about Lu Zhou later. Try to salvage the situation on stage.

Dean Qin was stunned.

What do you want me to do on stage?

Principal Xu said, Just say something, thank them for coming, tell them that the report is over. Ask them to eat at the InterContinental Hotel Do I really need to teach you everything?

Okay, okay! Ill try, Dean Qin said with a look of panic on his face.

On the other side of the venue.

Han Mengqi was absolutely dumbfounded. She snapped back to reality after Lu Zhou had already left the venue.

General solution?

What general solution?

Is this report over?

Lin Yuxiang, who was sitting next to her, was a lot calmer. Her eyes flashed like stars.

Wow, Professor Lu is so handsome

Han Mengqi: ???

Even though she didnt disagree, what did that have to do with the situation at hand?

The grand auditorium was left in chaos because of Lu Zhous lines of equations.

Lu Zhou walked out of the old campus and was already in Wang Pengs car. He headed toward Zhongshan International.

He opened the door and walked into his study room. He then sat in front of his computer and began to edit a new document by typing on his keyboard.

The differential geometry method is applicable to the partial differential equations solution, but the method requires some adjustments Damn, why didnt I think about this half a month ago

As Lu Zhou muttered to himself, he became more and more excited.

Inspiration always came at unexpected times.

He finally connected all of the dots that he had been collecting.

Just set U(3) to be a closed-line alignment in Banach Space X

That gives a general solution!

As he stared at the lines of equations on his screen, his fingers were slightly trembling.

If mathematics were the language of gods, then at this moment, he was standing on a gods shoulders.

He had never been so close to the objective truth before

Was there anything else that could be more exciting for a scholar?

Probably not.