Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Passed Verification

The sky outside the window gradually lit up.

Lu Zhou was sitting in front of his desk. He took a deep breath and slowly breathed out.

A lot of things were like this, there was only a thin paper wall between understanding and not understanding.

If the wall wasnt broken, then one would stay confused.

But if it was broken, everything would become clear.

Inside Lu Zhous computer screen was the general solution process for the Yang-Mills equations.

When one compared this with the differential geometry L Manifold method for proving the existence of the solution for the nonlinear partial differential equation, the general solution process was surprisingly simple. The main proof part was only ten pages long.

Of course, part of the reason why it was so short was that it used several corollaries and lemmas that had been proven in his previous thesis. Directly referencing the previous thesis omitted some of the more cumbersome proof processes.

Lu Zhou couldnt wait to share this thesis with other scholars. Not only did he send it to the Annual Mathematics editorial office, but he also uploaded it on arXiv.

After this, Lu Zhou stretched his back and got up from his chair. He went downstairs and took a hot bath.

Since he stayed up for the entire night, his biological clock was disrupted, and he didnt feel sleepy just yet.

In order not to screw up his sleep schedule, he planned on taking a two-hour nap in the afternoon, then sleep at night normally.

After Lu Zhou got out of the bath and put on some clean clothes, he went into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. He took out a cold sandwich from the fridge and was about to put it in the microwave when he heard the doorbell ring.

Lu Zhou looked at the drone hovering near the fridge and asked, Xiao Ai, who is outside?

Soon, an artificial electronic voice was heard from the drone.

Its your personal doctor, Master.

Yan Yan?

What is she doing here?

Lu Zhou put the sandwich back into the fridge and told Xiao Ai to open the front gate. He then walked through the living room to the main entrance.

When the door opened, he saw Yan Yan standing there with a plastic bag in her hand. She was dressed differently from her usual medical attire. The white coat was replaced by a casual purple-black t-shirt, and she also had on a casual pair of jeans, making her seem more youthful.

However, compared to her clothes, Lu Zhou was more interested in the plastic bag she was holding.

Even though he couldnt see what was inside, just from the shape of the container and the smell alone, he could immediately tell that it contained his favorite soup dumplings and soy milk.

Why are you here?

Yan Yan shook the plastic bag in her hand and replied in a relaxed manner, Wang Peng was scared youre going to die at home alone, so he called me and told me to bring you some food.

What do you mean Im going to die?

Lu Zhou ignored this tiny detail and sighed. Why didnt he come?

Yan Yan: He said that if something did happen to you, I have more experience rescuing people.

Lu Zhou:

I only went into a coma because I leveled up too fast.

Why are you making it seem like Im going to die at any second?

Regardless, Im sure she has good intentions.

Lu Zhou took the breakfast from Yan Yan and began to eat the soup dumplings at the dinner table. He took out his phone and opened Weibo. He was about to look at some interesting trending news when he saw that Yang-Mills equations was actually on trending.

He was intrigued, so he clicked on it and found multiple related articles. Lu Zhou clicked on the comment section.

There were some fans who were congratulating him, and some who were being sarcastic. There were also some who were insulting him However, he only briefly glanced at the comments and smiled. He didnt take it to heart.

After all, he had matured a lot over the past few years.

Compared to his previous self, he didnt care about the praises and insults anymore.

After he gave a Like to the people that called him handsome, he was nearly done with his breakfast.

Lu Zhou wiped his mouth with a paper towel and stood up from his chair. He threw the plastic bag and container into the garbage and looked at Yan Yan, who was sitting on the sofa.

Im going to the InterContinental Hotel later.

Yan Yan nodded and stood up.

Ill send you there.

Lu Zhou looked at her with surprise.

You know how to drive?

Yan Yan raised her eyebrows.

You dont believe me?

Lu Zhou gently coughed.

Its not that.

Lu Zhou was just a bit worried about getting into AH a female drivers car[a][b][c].

Lu Zhou wasnt the only one who stayed up all night.

A dozen kilometers away, at the Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center, a group of computational science engineers also worked all night.

Xu Jian was sitting in the office next door waiting for the final result. He chain-smoked while glancing at the door from time to time.

After the report ended yesterday, Dean Qin and the vice-principal took care of the visiting scholars. He, on the other hand, found some professors that were knowledgeable about PDE and took them here. He used Lu Zhous general solution and the power of supercomputers to verify the general solution.

It had been more than ten hours since then.

With so many manpower and computing resources, it was about time for a result to come out.

However, there was no activity in the computer room yet

This time of restlessness reminded him of when his wife was giving birth.

Xu Jian took a deep breath and put the cigarette butt in the ashtray. He was about to go ask about the progress.

However, when he arrived at the lounge door, the door was pushed open. Two information technology engineers walked in with serious expressions.

Xu Jian looked at the serious expressions on their faces and paused for a second. He then immediately asked, Is the result out? What is it?

The engineer said, The result is out, I hope youre mentally prepared.

Xu Jian looked a little bitter as he took a deep breath and said, Tell me.

The two engineers looked at each other before the same engineer said, The result went beyond all of our expectations The general solution for the Yang-Mills equations is correct!

Xu Jian: ???

Xu Jian nearly spat in their faces.

F*ck sake, if its f*cking correct, why did you give me that look? My a*s thought it was going to be incorrect!

However, he didnt care about the two engineers. The excitement that rushed into his veins made him laugh out loud.

The two engineers looked at Principal Xu before looking at each other.

Is this guy


Xu Jian stopped and caught his breath. He immediately looked at his assistant, who was sitting in his office.

Immediately contact the public relations department, I want to tell everyone about the results!

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