Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Is He Even A Human?

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While Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center published the results on their official website and contacted media outlets for a press conference on this issue, Lu Zhou was riding in Yan Yans white SUV that was parked outside his house.

After a half an hour drive, the car stopped at the hotels underground parking lot.

After Yan Yan put the handbrake down, she looked at Lu Zhou through the rearview mirror, as if she was trying to show off her driving skills. However, Lu Zhou didnt notice her at all. After all, he was still focused on the thesis he had just written.

After he got off the car, he went into the elevator and went straight to the hotel lobby.

It was already seven oclock in the morning, and a lot of scholars who had healthy sleeping schedules were already out of bed.

Especially for people who were planning on flying today, they were already carrying their suitcases and walking out of the main entrance. However, the scholars were stunned the moment they saw Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou?

Isnt this guy on another retreat?

Why is he out so early?


Suddenly, the scholars who had already bought tickets and were walking through the main entrance with their suitcases began to hesitate.

When Fefferman walked out of the elevator, he made eye contact with Lu Zhou and paused for a second. He immediately walked over with a cheerful smile.

I cant believe it, youre out of the house?

Lu Zhou coughed and said, What do you mean out of the house, Im not an introvert.

No, I mean about you retreat You know what Im talking about, your unique way of researching problems. We all thought that itd be at least a month before youd come out. I didnt expect you to be out so soon. Fefferman smiled and patted Lu Zhous shoulder. He said, Regardless Since youre here, Im guessing your result is correct? I have a lot of questions I want to ask you, how about we eat breakfast together?

Lu Zhou: I already ate breakfast.

Fefferman shrugged and said, Thats unlucky, can I have you for afternoon tea?

Of course you can, I also have some problems about the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap that I want to discuss with you. Lu Zhou looked at his watch and said, There will be a simple report in about two hours, in the same venue as yesterday. Itll be a continuation of yesterdays report. Ill explain the general solution and answer some questions.

Fefferman spoke in a serious manner, Do you not have a thesis? Or at least a thesis draft? Im guessing you didnt prepare a PowerPoint. Im afraid there arent many people that can keep up with your tempo.

Lu Zhou shook his head and said apologetically, The time frame is too short, and I didnt have time. However, the thesis is already on arXiv, Ill tell Jin Ling University to print a few hundred copies before the report and make sure that everyone has a copy.

Already on arXiv? You should have told me. Professor Fefferman thought for a bit and said, I suggest moving the time of the report to 2 oclock. That way, well have more time to read the thesis.

Normally speaking, for a major mathematical proposition like this, it would take at least three days to fully comprehend the thesis. If Lu Zhou wanted to do the report in two hours, even scholars who were researching the Yang-Mills equations would have trouble listening to the report.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and felt that it made sense, so he nodded and replied, Okay then, well go with your plan.

While the people from Jin Ling University were relentlessly informing every participant of the report, the announcement from the Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center spread to various major media networks.

Because the Yang-Mills equations was on trending yesterday, Lu Zhou was still on the trending page. Today, because of the Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center, he was on the trending page again.

A Chinese news network that re-posted the supercomputer centers announcement had already reached 5,000 comments.

[Supercomputer used 16 hours to verify the results, while Professor Lu calculated it in ten minutes Amazing, how many supercomputers is Professor Lus brain worth?]

[Jesus Christ, is he even a human???]

[Surely he used more than 10 minutes, he definitely thought about it beforehand.]

[I think God Lu can fight against AlphaGo.]

[You cant compare it like this. Traditional supercomputers are more dominant in the numerical calculation, whereas the human brain is more dominant in abstract thinking. For problems that need to be solved in an abstract way, it is difficult for supercomputers to exhaustively find a solution. If quantum computer develops and matures in the future, they might have a slight advantage for solving these kinds of problems. But for now, supercomputers arent the end-all solution for mathematics problems!]

[If only I had a strand of this gods DNA (sad) (sad)]

[Forget about it, its a state secret, why else do you think God Lu is still single?]

[Hahaha, makes sense.]

[Dont know if hes going to win the Fields Medal again, but hes probably going to win the Nobel Prize in Physics.]

While the entire Internet was shocked at the announcement made by Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center, the social media influencer that previously insulted Lu Zhou had suddenly deleted their post and pretended as if nothing happened.

After all, everyone made mistakes.

Now that the Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center made the announcement, all of the previous fake information was now exposed.

Lu Zhou was too lazy and didnt have the time to argue with those laymen, but Jin Ling University was different.

Whether it was to protect the reputation of the school or to protect the rights of teachers and students, Jin Ling University wouldnt tolerate any slander.

After all, no one would want to go against a top-five domestic university.

Plus, the social media influencer only wanted to stir some drama and gain more followers; they didnt want to lose their millions of existing followers

If they did lose their account, the damage would be unthinkable.

At the same time, the Daily Mail was informed of this news. They immediately sent a reporter to the University of St. Andrew because they wanted to interview the mathematics professor that they just interviewed yesterday. The reporter wanted to ask him about the results of Jin Ling Universitys supercomputer center.

Unfortunately, the other party refused to conduct any interviews. The professor said he was too busy with research and kicked the reporter out of his office.

Lu Zhou wasnt very concerned about his reputation outside of academia. However, he was famous again