Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Character Outbreak

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Luo Wenxuan froze for two seconds after hearing Lu Zhous words.

However, by the third second, he replied with any hesitation, Yes!

When Luo Wenxuan accepted his offer without any hesitation, Lu Zhou was a little surprised.

Are you not going to think about it carefully?

Luo Wenxuan smiled and waved his hand.

Big Nobel Prize is inviting me, what do I have to think about.


I guess he makes sense.

Suddenly, Lu Zhou didnt know what to say.

Since youve agreed to work for me, lets talk about your work arrangement. Lu Zhou put on a serious expression and looked at Luo Wenxuan. He said, I plan on making you the director of the Institute of Physics.

Luo Wenxuan was stunned.

This time, he wasnt as decisive. He hesitated for a bit and was almost embarrassed.

Are you sure about this?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Ive thought about it for a long time, youre undoubtedly the best candidate for the job.

He had actually thought for a long time regarding the idea of making Luo Wenxuan the director of the Institute of Physics.

Looking at his qualifications, whether it was his academic ability or his connections, Luo Wenxuan was far ahead of any other researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study. Even Yang Xu, who studied at MIT, was no match for Luo Wenxuan.

His only shortcoming was management experience, but this wasnt a huge problem. Just like other research institutes, a deputy director could handle the management tasks.

Luo Wenxuan looked at Lu Zhous sincere expression and went silent. He finally sighed and smiled.

Since you have so much belief in me, I shouldnt doubt myself. Before you find someone better, I guess I can be the director of the Institute of Physics. Ill try to do my best.

Im sure you can handle it. Lu Zhou smiled and said, Then Ill talk about my requirements.

Luo Wenxuan nodded and said, Go ahead.

Lu Zhou: I want the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study to become Asias Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.

Luo Wenxuan contemplated for a while and calmly said, This might be a bit difficult. The domestic academic scene is different from the international scene. There are different software and hardware facilities. Even if you copy the Princeton model, it might not work, it might even become a burden.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Ive considered all of the things you talked about, but these things cannot become an obstacle for a reform. You spent more time in Princeton than I did, and you also studied at other research institutes in America and Europe. Im sure you know what Im talking about, and Im also sure that you can do a good job.

Luo Wenxuans expression was a bit heavy as he said, Ill try my best.

Lu Zhou continued to speak in a more relaxed manner.

Yeah, you got this Also, that was the first thing, theres one more thing.

Luo Wenxuan: What?

The expansion of the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study requires talents. Lu Zhou paused for a second and said, Youre well connected with the Chinese foreign exchange students in America. Were looking for people that have a teaching position in America or are still doing postdoc research. If they dont want to come back to China, theres no need to force them. But if there are scholars who are still contemplating on coming back, we can try to invite them.

Okay. Luo Wenxuan nodded and said, Ill take care of this.

Lu Zhou and Luo Wenxuan chatted for a long time while driving from the airport to Jin Ling University.

They talked about CERN, some trivial life stuff, and Luo Wenxuans girlfriends.

When Lu Zhou heard Luo Wenxuan gushing about his last girlfriend, he couldnt help but lecture him.

Youre already in your thirties, you should think about settling down. Havent you thought about finding someone to spend the rest of your life with?

Luo Wenxuan looked at the streetlights outside the window.

I havent.

Lu Zhou asked, Why?

You dont understand. Once youve been with all kinds of people and experienced all kinds of feelings, theres no way you can ever put all of your feelings into one person anymore. Luo Wenxuan sighed and said, Rather than two people ending up in pain, itd be better to just live a good life on your own. Sometimes, I feel like this type of carefree lifestyle is pretty good. At least, Ill only have to worry about one thing, like physics And I dont have to rely on someone else for happiness.

Lu Zhou:


It was true, Lu Zhou didnt really understand all this.

After all, he hadnt even been in a relationship, much less multiple relationships.

Luo Wenxuan smirked, like he was searching for agreement. He looked at Lu Zhou and said, You should know how I feel. Its like when youre studying mathematics or physics problems.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and shook his head.

I dont really know how you feel Even though there are problems that I cant solve for the time being, I can solve most of the problems I encounter.

Luo Wenxuan:


I cant talk about emotions with this guy at all.

Luo Wenxuan got out of the car at the main entrance of Jin Ling University. He said goodbye to Lu Zhou and walked into the campus while dragging his suitcase.

Jin Ling University had arranged a place at the faculty apartments for him, so Lu Zhou didnt have to worry about his accommodation.

Lu Zhou got back in the car and asked Wang Peng to send him home. He got home and hung his coat on the coat hanger near the door. He then went into the bathroom and washed his face.

After his good luck ritual, Lu Zhou went into his bedroom and lay in bed. After he whispered system, his consciousness was sucked into the pure white system space.

Lu Zhou didnt waste any time. He walked in front of the translucent characteristic panel and clicked on the lucky draw button, which was next to his general points.

The round roulette wheel appeared in front of his eyes, and it began to rapidly spin.

When Lu Zhou clicked on the lucky draw button again, the inertia of the wheel caused it to turn a couple more times, and it finally stopped.

[Congratulations, User, sample reward received.

[Future Mens Fragrance.

[Instructions: Using induces the release of special pheromones in the human body for a certain period of time. This increases the opposite sexs attraction toward the user. More successful dates with less effort.

[Warning: Do not mix with different genders. May produce unpredictable consequences.]

Lu Zhou: ?

What is this?

Is this really a sample and not a garbage?

He was a little excited when he saw the item pop up, but when he pulled out the bottle of perfume, he wasnt in a good mood.

Regardless of whether or not he knew how to use cologne, did he really need a bottle of cologne to increase his attractiveness?

He obviously didnt.

Lu Zhou silently cussed at the system and took a deep breath. He calmed himself down and looked at the lucky draw button again.

The reward mission gave him two chances at the lucky draw.

Even though the last draw wasnt ideal, he still had one more chance.

His hand was about to touch the screen when he suddenly stopped.

Im feeling unlucky today, maybe I should wait a few days?

Lu Zhou hesitated for a bit. In the end, he decided to press the button anyway.

I dont care, I believe in science, not faith!

The wheel began to spin.

Lu Zhou stared at it and pressed the button.

The wheel slowed down and came to a stop.

[Congratulations, User, sample received.]

Another sample?

Looks like its my lucky day.

Then, the words on the screen echoed in his mind.

[Received: Scanner gun (one time use)]

Lu Zhou: !!!

Scanner gun?!

The f*ck?