Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 632

Chapter 632 New Tailored Mission.

Other than cursing in his heart, Lu Zhou didnt know how else to express his surprise. It was almost like he bought a soda bottle for two dollars fifty and won a Ferrari from the bottle cap.

So far, the best sample he had ever gotten was the scanner gun.

He had analyzed less than 20% of the Debris No.3. He could figure out what materials the components were made of. However, because the debris was highly damaged, it wasnt clear what the components were even used for.

This scanner gun could undoubtedly save him a lot of time and effort. It could also allow him to maximize the reverse engineering of the debris technology.

Lu Zhou looked at the scanner gun in his inventory and resisted the urge to take it out. He looked over at his mission card.

Now that the lucky draw and experience points assignment were complete, he had to accept a new mission.

Lu Zhou looked at this gold shiny card and contemplated it for a bit. He didnt immediately open it. Instead, he opened his mission panel to look at the random three missions he was given.

Soon, the mission panel refreshed and appeared in front of him.


Mission One: Research and Production Combination

Description: An inventor can also be a producer. In fact, production guided by the inventor often leads to a more efficient allocation of resources.

Requirements: Produce 10,000 tons of lithium-sulfur batteries and put them on the market. The reward is positively correlated with the performance of the battery.

Rewards: 0-200,000 experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket.



Mission Two: Please Get Married Soon

Description: User is 26 years old, verging on the thirties. Has the user not thought about passing on their genes? Just complete this lifelong event, a test tube baby is fine!

Requirements: Create a human.

Rewards: 100,000 experience points. 500 general points. One ton of Future branded milk powder.


Lu Zhou had a serious face when he was reading the first mission, but when he read the second mission, he nearly choked on his own saliva.

Jesus, how many times am I going to be tortured for my relationship status?

Also, what is this mission requirement?

What the hell is creating a human?

Even if I found a partner, its not like I can immediately create a human, right?

But this Future branded milk powder

Lu Zhou looked at this mission reward and thought for a while.

He didnt know why. Even though he knew this milk powder would be considered garbage if he won it through a lucky draw, but after drinking Future branded Coke, Sprite, and coffee, he suddenly wanted to try it


Mission 3: Yang-Mills equations and Yang-Mills existence and mass gap

Description: The Grand Unified Theory is the holy grail of theoretical physics. The Yang-Mills equations is the first step to the Grand Unified Theory. How are particles made out of massless bricks? This is a question worth pondering.

Requirements: Complete the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap Millennium Prize challenge.

Rewards: 300,000 mathematics experience points. 300,000 physics experience points. 500 General points. One lucky draw ticket.


Even though the previous mission was kind of retarded, thankfully, the third mission was quite legit.

Especially after Lu Zhou read the mission requirements, he had a smirk on his face.

Thank God he didnt use his mission card.

600,000 experience points in total. It would be a shame if he had lost this opportunity.

It was almost like this mission was tailored for him.

The next morning.

As usual, Lu Zhou woke up early and put on his sportswear. After going out for a morning run, he came back and took a hot shower.

After singing in the shower, Lu Zhou opened the shower glass door and yelled for Xiao Ai.

Without him saying anything, Xiao Ai flew two drones into the bathroom. One drone handed him his clothes that were taken out of the dryer, and the other handed him his phone.

Lu Zhou put on his clothes and heard a synthetic voice from the drone.

Master, you havent been at the underground laboratory with Xiao Ai for a long time. Colon, Parentheses

When Lu Zhou heard the weird symbols, he paused for a second. He then reached out his hand and drew on the misty mirror.


Lu Zhou:

Jesus, these emojis are everywhere.

Lu Zhou looked at the drone hovering next to him and sighed.

Ill go there later.

The drone happily swayed in the air.

Master, youre the best! Circles, bracket, asterisk

Lu Zhou:

Maybe I should install a display on the drone.

This type of communication is too annoying

While Lu Zhou was changing his clothes, a black sedan was waiting outside his mansion. Wang Peng opened the car door and pressed the gate bell while holding some breakfast takeout. The gate automatically opened, and he walked through the front yard and went straight into the living room.

The soup bun shop isnt open yet. Wang Peng placed the breakfast takeout on the table and looked at Lu Zhou, who just came out of the shower. He said, I brought you a bowl of beef noodles, dont know if youll like it.

Its fine, Im not a picky eater. Lu Zhous stomach had been grumbling since he woke up. He sat down at the dinner table and reached out for the disposable chopsticks. He smiled and said, Thank you so much for coming here so early every day.

Theres no need to thank me. Wang Peng waved his hand and said, Compared to what youre doing for the country, this is nothing.

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, You cant use it like that, I think that every job or profession has its importance.

I cant argue with you, youre too smart. Wang Peng smiled and changed the subject. Regardless, just tell me whenever you need something. Dont feel embarrassed. After all, this is my job.

Lu Zhou nodded and didnt say anything. He concentrated on his breakfast.

Even though he wasnt able to get soup buns, it was nice to switch things up occasionally.

Lu Zhou finished eating the noodles in five minutes. He put down the chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a paper towel.

Wang Peng looked at his watch and asked, Are you going to Jin Ling University?

Lu Zhou stood up and contemplated for a moment.

Lets go to the research institute, I have some stuff to do there.

Even though his main task right now was to solve the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap, it would take a while to solve a major problem like this.

He thought about the Debris No.3 lying in his underground laboratory and the scanner gun he just won

He only wanted to do one thing right now