Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 634

Chapter 634 634get Me A Piece Of Land

634Get Me A Piece Of Land

Back to the ground level.

Lu Zhou was standing next to the elevator.

He took out his phone from his pocket and called Chen Yushan.

When the call connected, he immediately said, Get me a piece of land.

The other end of the phone went silent.

Give you a hand? What do you need help with?

You misheard me.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, I plan on building a space shuttle production base in the Jinling high-tech zone, near the Institute for Advanced Study. Help me find a suitable place nearby that has good transportation.

Wait a second, I dont follow Chen Yushan, who was sitting in her office, was muddled. She pinched her eyebrows and took a deep breath. She then asked, Why are you building a space shuttle?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said in an uncertain tone, Because I want to do some experiments?

Honestly, Lu Zhou didnt really have a good reason.

It was just that with Debris No.3 sitting there, it would be a waste not to use it. Also, considering how well controllable fusion was going, exploration of outer space would be the focus for the next century.

Not to mention, he had to find something for Xiao Ai to spend its computing power on.

The other end of the phone went silent for a while, and then, Lu Zhou heard a sigh.

Okay, if you dont care about profits, I wont try to talk you out of it Its your money anyway, you can waste it however you want.

China rocket companies did exist, and they even manufactured the largest in Asia rocket, which they spent a lot of money on. However, there werent any obvious future prospects for profit.

Especially since aerospace-related technologies were monopolized by the two major state-owned enterprises, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, it would be difficult to compete with these companies in the already small aerospace industry.

The reason why several domestic companies were willing to spend money on aerospace projects was purely because of the tax reduction policy announced at the last aerospace conference.

Chen Yushan was looking at this from a CEOs perspective. She certainly didnt want to abandon the juicy battery market and join the space race. However, since Chairman Lu Zhou gave her orders, she had to follow them.

Not to mention, with Star Sky Technologys current earnings, they had plenty of money to burn on aerospace projects.

Its not totally a waste. Lu Zhou smiled and said, I will try to make the budget under US$100 million.

Chen Yushan couldnt help but say, Youre way too naive, even a private jet would cost US$100 million!

Lu Zhou said, I will try to get some scientific research projects from the China National Space Administration and some policy support The fund is definitely enough.

Even though 100 million wasnt a lot, it would relieve some of the financial pressure.

Of course, Lu Zhous biggest bet was on Xiao Ai.

As long as he had enough computing power and hardware support, he could create an automated production line.

As for things that he didnt have the capability to produce, he could outsource them to other manufacturing companies.

When Chen Yushan heard how optimistic Lu Zhou was, she asked in a sarcastic tone, Then may I ask, Mr. Chairman, how much land do you want?

Lu Zhou noticed the sarcasm and smiled awkwardly. He thought for a bit before replying, A hundred and fifty acres should be good.

After Lu Zhou told Chen Yushan about the space shuttle manufacturing site, he turned around and went into the elevator, going back into the underground laboratory.

The second he stepped through the metal alloy door, Xiao Ais drone flew over.

It was almost like the drone was looking forward to something. Lu Zhou immediately knew what Xiao Ai was thinking about.

He smiled and said, Dont worry, in two months time, Ill give you a big mission.

The drone began to excitedly fly around Lu Zhou.

Okay, Master, Xiao Ai can do anything!


Lu Zhou ignored the terminal screen and the displayed emoji. He went into the system space and took out his scanner gun from his inventory. He walked next to the Debris No.3 and began to work.

However, when he pointed the scanner gun at the debris, he hesitated for a bit.

Speaking of which, other than the Debris No.3, he also had a black cube that he hadnt done any research on. To this day, he still didnt know what it was for.

He had to make a choice.

After Lu Zhou hesitated for a bit, he turned on the guns aiming laser and pointed it at the Debris No.3. He then pulled the trigger.

A line of text popped up on the scanner guns display screen.

[Not enough energy to complete the scan, a forced restart may cause data loss, continue?]

Lu Zhou:

F*ck sake!

It has an energy limit?

The battery that he scanned before was tiny, so he didnt even notice this restriction.

However, when he thought about it, it did make sense. If the scanner gun didnt have a limit, he could just put Debris No.3 and Debris No.2 together and scan them at once.

Lu Zhou made a bold guess that the energy consumption of this scanner gun was directly correlated to the amount of information. The larger and more complex the item was, the more energy the scan would require.

He opened his mouth and said, Xiao Ai, help me with something.


Help me remove the outer shell of this object.


The three robotic arms reached out to Debris No.3. Two of them clamped the outer shell while the other used a cutter to slice along a straight line, making a teeth-clenching sawing sound.

The ceramic-based composite material of the fusion battery cell was already broken from the initial impact. Unfortunately, the components nearby either exploded or were pushed out of the thruster. Lu Zhou had no hope of relying on the scanner gun to reverse engineer the fusion battery, so he threw it aside.

However, he could still find some intact components for the Hall-effect thruster.

Lu Zhou told Xiao Ai to extract the two main components, the ionization chamber and the Hall-effect thruster, and put them side by side on the ground. He then took out the scanner gun and gradually adjusted the scanning area.

When both of the components fit inside the scanning area, the scanning gun was at its upper energy limit.

Lu Zhou didnt hesitate and immediately pulled the trigger.

He heard a whoosh sound and saw a bright blue light flashing from the gun barrel, showing a grid pattern.

No matter how many times Lu Zhou witnessed the light beam, he couldnt help but feel astonished.

This technology was way beyond anything that was currently available. It had surpassed the scope of science and was in the realm of fantasy.

He had no idea how the physics of this scanning gun worked.

He couldnt even imagine how he would go about building one.

The blue grid light seemed to have magical penetration powers. It passed through the hard metal shells and turned the metal shell into a transparent color. It then scanned every inch of the components.

While Lu Zhou looked at this, a light bulb suddenly went off in his mind.

If I can build a big enough scanning gun and put it on a spacecraft, does that mean I can scan the entire planet?

Of course, he was well aware that the only entity that could answer his question was the high-tech civilization that built this gun