Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 635

Chapter 635 635the Key To Solving The Yang Mills Existence And Mass Gap

635The Key to Solving the Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap

The scanning results were quite satisfying.

With the current technology of the Institute for Advanced Study, there was no way Lu Zhou could study the Hall-effect thruster in detail. However, with the help of the scanner gun, all of the secrets were revealed.

After the data-collection part was finished, the blue light began to dim and the two components illuminated by the beam returned to their normal metallic state. As for the scanner gun in Lu Zhous hands, it became lighter and lighter and finally turned into dust, leaving him with only a thumb-sized USB.

Lu Zhou plugged in the USB into his laptop and waited for a while.

He saw that the moment the data transfer was finished, the USB also turned into dust, disappearing into thin air.

The materials used by the system are really environmentally friendly.

Lu Zhou shook his head and pressed a few keystrokes on his laptop.

Soon, a three-dimensional composition image was presented on the screen.

Every detail of the Hall-effect thruster components was presented in this infinitely magnifiable three-dimensional image.

Lu Zhou looked at this image for a while and touched his chin. He suddenly opened his mouth and asked, Xiao Ai, do you think you can build one?

A pop-up window appeared on the lower right corner of the laptop screen.

[The dimensions of this thing are too small, Im afraid I cant do it with normal industrial robots. (_)]

Then what kind of tools do you need?

Two minutes went by and another pop-up appeared on the lower right corner.

Lu Zhou clicked on the pop-up and saw a list.

The list included various production equipment from metal-cutting machines to coordinate boring machines to high-precision laser beam marking machines. Lu Zhou had a headache when he read the list.

Ill try my best to buy you everything, but I might not be able to buy some of the equipment.

After all, some things couldnt be bought with money.

[Okay! Master, just do your best. If Master cant buy some of the equipment, Xiao Ai can think of alternative ways! (><>

Even though this sounded reliable, Lu Zhou felt like he couldnt trust this at all.

However, he didnt have a better idea, so he would have to go with it.

Lu Zhou copied the data collected by the scanner gun onto Xiao Ais supercomputer. He then closed his laptop.

He looked at the debris in the corner and pondered for a while.

Ive already analyzed everything I need, what should I do with this garbage?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and shook his head.

Forget about it, Ill leave it here, just in case

The Hall-effect thruster problem had basically been solved. There was only one problem left with building the space shuttle.

Which was, the miniaturization of controllable fusion.

However, before solving this problem, there was another more important problem that had to be addressed.

Which was, solving the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap!

If he wanted to integrate the electromagnetic force and strong interaction, he had to explain the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap. This would lay a theoretical foundation for solving the miniaturization of controllable fusion.

Of course, this wasnt easy to do.

One could say that the most difficult Millennium Prize Problems was the Yang-Mills equations!

Lu Zhou spent the day at the Institute for Advanced Study and went to Jin Ling University the next morning.

Lin Yuxiang, who was sitting at her desk by the office entrance, saw Lu Zhou walk into the office. Her eyes lit up, and she immediately grabbed a magazine and greeted him with a smile.Read more chapter on

Professor, Nature Weekly sent their sample publication.

Lu Zhou took the magazine and briefly looked at the cover. He was slightly surprised.


Are British reporters always this fast?

Yeah, it was sent to the mailroom last night. I received a text from the mailroom and picked it up. Lin Yuxiangs hands were behind her back as she grinned and said, You look handsome on the cover.

Lu Zhou chuckled awkwardly.

Even though he agreed, hearing it from someone else still made him a little embarrassed.

Lu Zhou walked to his desk and sat down. He put the magazine aside and pulled out a draft paper from his drawer. He picked up a pen and began to work on the Yang-Mills theory Millennium Prize Problem.

Actually, when he found the general solution to the Yang-Mills equations, he already had a rough idea of how he could go about solving this problem.

Referencing the method Weinberg used to research unified weak interaction and electromagnetic force theory, Lu Zhou could try to introduce a scalar field on a space-time manifold for this problem and model the two forces as canonical groups U(2)*U(1). The two components of the group represented the force changes, thereby solving the massless problem of the strong interaction in the Yang-Mills field and unifying the strong interaction and electromagnetic force.

However, just as he began to think about this problem, his phone on his desk suddenly rang.

Lu Zhou sighed and stopped writing. He answered the call and placed his phone against his ear.


A pleasant voice traveled through the phone without any small talk.

Your land purchase is approved.

Lu Zhou was surprised.


If he recalled correctly, he told Chen Yushan about this thing yesterday morning. It had been less than 24 hours.

Chen Yushan smiled and said, When the city council heard that Star Sky Technology is trying to build a space shuttle, they immediately took out a map and asked us where we want to build the space shuttle factory and if we need any financial support. You know how the economic situation is, the local government would love for us to employ people here.

Of course, there was one more thing Chen Yushan didnt mention.

Ever since the 2015 conference, combining military technology with private technology had become one of the main national strategies. The city council would love to have more private military technology companies in their area.

Lu Zhou: About employment Im afraid theyll be disappointed, we dont need a lot of people.

Chen Yushan smiled and said, That doesnt matter. In short, the city council likes our company strategy and theyre willing to cooperate.

Since she put it like this, Lu Zhou didnt have anything else to say.

However, he suddenly remembered something.

Oh yeah, I need you to help me buy some equipment.

Chen Yushan: What equipment?

Lu Zhou thought for a second before he said, Some industrial production equipment The list is pretty long, so Ill send it to your email.