Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 636

Chapter 636 636 Going To The Sky?

636 Going to the Sky?

At the office of Jinling Daily

Zhang Yi was sitting in front of his desk at the editorial department office. He meticulously stared at the interview draft in his hand.

Around an hour ago, the editorial team had a brief meeting. Apparently, the city council asked them to write a press release about the Star Sky Technologys aerospace site in Jinling. The city council also asked them to put the report on the front page of the next issue of the newspaper and cooperate with the Jinling TV station in spreading the news.

Zhang Yi was one of the top writers at Jinling Daily, so he was tasked with writing the press release.

Zhang Yi repeatedly read the interview draft from the city council and stared at the name of the companyStar Sky Technology. He curiously rubbed his chin.

Star Sky Technology Why does this name sound familiar?

Old Wu was sitting next to him, and he looked at Zhang Yi with a surprised expression.

You dont know about Star Sky Technology? Theyre the top dogs in the lithium-sulfur battery material industry! I remember they went on the news a few years ago. Apparently, they specialize in research and development as well as intellectual property management.

Old Xu, who was sitting next to them, also joined in on the conversation.

Ive heard of this company, theyre pretty insane! There are rumors floating around. A week ago, Star Sky Technology invested in Zhongshan New Materials and entered into the lithium-sulfur battery industry. The Zhongshan New Materials share price rose by more than ten basis points! Also, this isnt the main point, guess whos the main shareholder of Star Sky Technology?


Old Xu lowered his voice and said in a mysterious manner, According to rumors, its Professor Lu from Jin Ling University.

Zhang Yi paused for a second.

Professor Lu? The Professor Lu?

Old Xu said, No sh*t! Other than that Nobel Prize laureate, how many Professor Lus are there in Jin Ling University!

Professor Lu from Jin Ling University?

Is Star Sky Technologys largest shareholder?

Zhang Yi was astonished.

A while ago, Jinling Daily reported on the Yang-Mills equations academic report that happened in the grand auditorium at Jin Ling Universitys old campus. He was the one who wrote the article piece.

Of course, what shocked him wasnt Lu Zhous academic achievements. After all, Lu Zhou was the chief designer of the controllable fusion project, a Nobel Prize laureate, and a Fields Medal winner. He wouldnt be surprised if Lu Zhou won another world-class prize.

What surprised him was that, not only was Lu Zhou crushing it in academia and the business world, but he was also going to build a space shuttle

Zhang Yi couldnt help but feel amazed.

Is this guy even human?

Old Xu saw that Zhang Yi was frozen, so he immediately added another sentence.

Dont care about it too much, you just have to follow the requirements and write the press release!

Zhang Yi stared at the document in his hand and thought for a long time. He suddenly muttered, I dont think this report is shocking enough.


Yeah. Zhang Yi nodded and said, No one knows what Star Sky Technology is. Even if we write a report, no one will hear about it

He paused for a while before saying in an uncertain tone, What if we just use Lu Zhous name instead of Star Sky Technology?

After Zhang Yi told the upper management about his idea, his idea was quickly approved by the executives.

The city council wanted to publicize this event, so the more the publicity, the better.

Therefore, while writing this press release, Zhang Yi subtly diverted the attention from Star Sky Technology to Lu Zhou.

It looked like his plan was successful; the reaction from the general public was extraordinary.

After Jinling Daily published its latest issue, the news was spread all over the Internet within the same day. It immediately set off a storm on various Chinese social media platforms.

Professor Lu plans on building a space shuttle?

The netizens that heard the news were stunned.

Just a while ago, the Internet exploded over the solution for the Yang-Mills equations. Less than two weeks had passed since then, and suddenly, another major news piece came out. This was out of everyones expectations. After several media outlets reported on this news, the topic was on the trending page within a few hours.

[F*ck me! Is God Lu going to space?]

[I think so, I just saw him on Nature Weekly, now hes on trending again.]

[Wow, you read academic journals like Nature Weekly?]

[Lu Zhou, can you be my supervisor]

[Yeah, God Lu, please take me in as a student]

On a Chinese online forum.

They were also enthusiastically discussing this matter.

[Isnt God Lu researching the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap? The Millennium Prize Problems one, about the Yang-Mills equations.]

[Theres no glory in academia, hes scamming people for funding.]

[Not really a scam, right? Hes the chief consultant of the moon landing initiative. Surely he has some understanding of the aerospace industry? Also, hes invested a lot of money himself, a couple hundred million apparently.]

[Bullsh*t, hes a mathematician and physicist. I can believe that he invented controllable nuclear fusion, but how is he going to space? This is a joke. Also, who cares if he invested money himself, hes just trying to bait people. Hell pretend to build a spacecraft and wait for stupid investors to throw money. Then, hell shut down the company.]

[Why are you so salty? I can taste the salt all the way from over here.]

Inside an office in the Jin Ling Universitys mathematics building.

Lu Zhou was sitting in front of his desk. As he looked at the messages exploding on Weibo, he didnt know what to feel.

He just wanted to go on his phone during lunch break, but when he opened Weibo, he was greeted with a swarm of notifications.

Actually, he had expected this to happen. Ever since Jinling Daily published the article, he had received more than a dozen calls to his office, all of them asking for different things. Some people asked if he needed help with financing, some people asked him for loans, and some people asked him to go on blind dates.

Fortunately, with the help of the hard-working Lin Yuxiang, these calls werent able to harass him.

After all, answering the phone all day was quite tiring.

Lu Zhou turned off his phone and was able to rest on his office chair and sleep for a while. However, he suddenly heard footsteps from outside his office.

Lu Zhou heard two door knocks. He then saw Academician Lu walk in.

The old man skipped the small talk and asked directly, Youre not researching the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap anymore?