Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 639

Chapter 639 639seller Has Shipped

639Seller Has Shipped!

The first floor of the Institute of Physics of the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Exquisite sofas, coffee tables, and cabinets were placed inside a spacious room near the stairway. Rows of books and magazines were stood against the wall on a bookshelf.

When Lu Zhou first designed this research institute, he hoped that his researchers could have a relaxing place to research interesting academic problems. He wanted them to spend an hour or two every afternoon to rest in the lounge, have a cup of coffee, and try to get inspired by talking with other researchers. Just like what he often did back at Princeton.

However, while dreams were beautiful, the reality was cruel.

And it seemed like he was the only one who could enjoy the pleasure of research.

Other than some PhD researchers that had studied abroad, most researchers didnt even have the habit of drinking coffee in the afternoon, and they didnt have any spare time either. Most of the researchers in the Institute of Computational Materials were spending their nights in the laboratories; they didnt have time to rest in this lounge at all.

Therefore, the library lounge was left alone, only to be used by occasional visitors and guests.

Thank you.

Liu Wanshan, who was sitting on the sofa, said to the assistant who poured him a cup of tea. His eyes occasionally drifted toward the lounge entrance and the clock on the wall.

Just when he was wondering how long it would take for Lu Zhou to come, he heard footsteps outside the lounge.

Liu Wanshan immediately sat up straight.

The lounge door was pushed open.

When Liu Wanshan saw Lu Zhou enter the room, he immediately stood up from the sofa and reached out his hand with a smile on his face.

Professor Lu, long time no see!

Long time no see, Lu Zhou said with a smile as he shook CEO Lius hand.

Lu Zhou quite liked CEO Liu.

After all, back when he was going through a tough time, CEO Liu gave him five million yuan in funding, helping him complete that horrible system mission.

Speaking of which, Lu Zhou was quite embarrassed about this whole thing.

After all, even though the Campus Assistant app was profitable and had a wide market penetration among college students, the user retention rate was too low, so it didnt make a lot of money.

A lot of people stopped using the app after they graduated, or they just outright uninstalled the app. It was very difficult to increase their revenue, and they had mainly been relying on advertisements.

There had been several changes to the app development team, but Lu Zhou, as one of the main shareholders, hadnt earned any money from it.

However, it wasnt like Lu Zhou was relying on this app to make him money

After the two sat down on the sofa, the assistant came over and poured a cup of coffee for Lu Zhou.

Liu Wanshan looked at Lu Zhou, who was sitting across from him, and spoke emotionally.

Time really flies by quickly. You were still studying at Jin Ling University when we first met. Five or six years have gone by since then, and now, youre almost an academician.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Im still far from being an academician, Im just teaching at Jin Ling University for fun and doing research on some interesting things. I dont have time to become an academician.

Lu Zhou wasnt being overly humble. After all, the academician selection process wasnt heavily correlated with ones academic ability. A lot of times, it still depended on whether or not the judges liked the applicant. Lu Zhou wasnt really interested in this title.

Not to mention, he didnt need the title of an academician to receive funding.

At least in China, a Ling Yun medal was better than any academic title he could get.

Liu Wanshan smiled and said, Youre not far off at all. Next year is the academician-selection year. If even you cant become an academician, then theres no value in the academician title at all.

Lu Zhou smiled and didnt explain anything. He just replied humbly, Youre too kind.

A cup of coffee and a cup of tea.

Neither Lu Zhou nor Liu Wanshan was in a hurry to talk about business.

Even though Lu Zhou had been very busy recently, he still had time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

He learned a lot while chatting with CEO Liu.

For example, the students who worked on the Campus Assistant app with him had moved from Jin Ling to Shanghai, and they expanded their target audience from Jiangsu to the entire country.

Even though the members of the app development team had changed, the roles of CEO and CHO were still held by Yuan Liwei and fat guy Wu. Technical Director Rong Hai had already left after they received their series B financing. Apparently, Rong Hai was now an executive at Penguin, doing pretty well for himself.

Also, the special cement that Professor Li Rongen developed was now used for infrastructure projects in Pakistan, creating billions of yuan in profit.

When the conversation happened to stumble onto business, Liu Wanshan put down the cup of tea and suddenly smiled.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, how come youre suddenly building space shuttle? Is it profitable?

Lu Zhou: Earning money is secondary, its just my hobby.

Professor Lu, youre so ambitious. Liu Wanshan sighed and said, Maybe this is why my businesses havent made a lot of money.

Lu Zhou: Youre too humble, your businesses are worth hundreds of millions.

Not quite hundreds of millions, Im in the materials processing industry. Were sandwiched between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. The profits are eaten up by either side of the chain. Even though our cash flow is in the hundreds of millions, we dont make a lot of money. Otherwise, I wouldnt have wanted to get into the battery industry. Liu Wanshan smiled and said, Oh yeah, Professor Lu, have you heard that China plans on allowing the export of the SG-1 superconducting magnet?

A while ago, the United States began a large-scale controllable fusion reactor project in California. Due to the trade war tension, the ban on the export of the SG-1 superconducting magnet caused a standstill at the California fusion reactor site, angering the Americans.

Now that the negotiation for the controllable fusion technology had made some progress, the export ban on SG-1 superconducting magnets had been lifted. The orders were flying in from various countries. The patent owners, Baosheng Group and Star Sky Technology, made a lot of money because of this.

Zhongshan New Materials was also in the carbon materials industry, so they obviously wanted a piece of this pie.

Lu Zhou immediately understood his intentions.

You want a technology license?

Liu Wanshan smiled and said, You are correct, I dont know if youre fine with it or not.

Lu Zhou: Im fine with anything, as long as you can pass the production qualifications and site confidentiality check. Ill send people to help you solve the technical problems. However, I dont like to worry about business matters, so you should talk about the specifics with my CEO.

Liu Wanshan immediately nodded and smiled.

For sure, bothering you with boring business talk is a disservice to the entire country!

Lu Zhou nearly choked on his coffee. He coughed for a bit and put down his coffee cup.

Youre totally exaggerating.

Im not exaggerating at all, Im being honest. Liu Wanshan stood up from the sofa and bowed to Lu Zhou. He said, Its getting late, I wont disturb you any longer. Ill see you later.

Lu Zhou: Yeah, take it easy.

When did CEO Liu become so friendly?

I guess time really changes people

After Liu Wanshan left, Lu Zhou returned to his office. He sat in front of his desk and took out a piece of paper and a pen. He began to continue thinking about the problem he discussed with Luo Wenxuan. At the same time, he also wrote some notes.

Suddenly, a text bubble popped up on the lower right corner of the screen.

[Master, the seller has shipped the items. I helped you buy the equipment I need! ()]

When Lu Zhou saw Xiao Ais message, he suddenly stopped writing.

You bought it?!


Lu Zhou didnt say anything for a while, so another text bubble popped up.

[Compliment me! Do it now! o(*)]

Lu Zhou was muddled as he nodded and replied, Yeah, thanks for your help.

How did this thing do it

If Lu Zhou recalled correctly, buying high-precision industrial equipment overseas, especially the equipment that he wanted, wasnt an easy thing at all.

For example, the end-user access rights was a pain in the a*s, the complicated EU foreign export procedures was complicated and messy. Even if he went through a third party country for the shipment, it would take at least two weeks for the whole thing to be sorted.

What Lu Zhou didnt know was that, all the way in Naples, Italy, there was someone else who was just as confused as him.

However, it was another type of confusion