Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 641

Chapter 641 641 Quantum Yang Mills Field

641 Quantum Yang-Mills Field

After Lu Zhou asked Xiao Ai how it was able to buy all of the equipment, he went silent for a while.

Seeing how Lu Zhou didnt speak for a while, a text bubble popped up on the lower right corner of the screen.

[Master? 0.0]

Nothing, Im just a bit shocked Oh yeah, you didnt leave any trails behind, right?

[Dont worry, I already killed the company! ()]

Oh, good

Since there wasnt going to be any evidence left, Lu Zhou stopped asking questions.

After Lu Zhou praised Xiao Ai, he began to search the database for the thesis that Luo Wenxuan mentioned. After he found the thesis and looked at the author, he had a surprised look on his face

The thesis author is Arthur Jaffe

Arthur Jaffe was the former head of the American Mathematical Society and served as the director of the Clay Mathematics Institute.

He and Edward Witten were the people who proposed the Yang-Mills equations to be one of the Millennium Prize Problems and made the announcement at the Institut de France.

Before this problem was declared as a Millennium Prize Problem, Professor Jaffe had researched this problem for more than a decade, and he was considered a big name in this field.

Janies Glimm was the other thesis author. He was a well-known mathematical physics professor at Harvard University, but still a level below Jaffe.

In any case, this thesis was the life work of these two big names.

Knowing this, Lu Zhou had much more respect for this thesis. He printed the thesis on A4 paper and began to carefully read the content.

Roughly speaking, Luo Wenxuans interpretation was correct. Even though there were some minor problems, the overall idea matched the thesis content.

I see

Lu Zhou had a hint of excitement in his tone, and he began to write a few lines of equations on a piece of paper.

By constructing a progressive projection linear operator E2 on H and project the state in H onto a state less than two particle masses, one can prove that the operator E2 has a range of values between and e^(- sH), forming a vector space

Then, I can obtain the asymptotic expansion of !

As for the specific value of the mass m What exactly is the particle mass m anyway?

Lu Zhou gently tapped his pen on the paper and scribbled a solid dot on the piece of paper.

Using theoretical physics to find a particle was no easy feat, especially when the particle was made up of massless bricks.

Fortunately, Lu Zhou was a mathematician. He just had to be logically consistent. The problem could be hugely simplified. However, if he had to physically look for the particle himself, that would be nearly impossible.

The renormalization group equation has to have a fixed subtraction point. Then set all the parameters of the renormalization at this subtraction point If only I can attach a scalar field on a space-time manifold like the electroweak interaction and solve a problem that way

Wait a minute, fields

The pen in Lu Zhous hand suddenly jerked, and his eyes lit up.

Quantum Yang-Mills Field!

Lu Zhou spun the pen in his hand as his eyes flashed with excitement.

Goddamn it!

Why didnt I think of this before?

No matter how interesting mathematics was, everyone still had to eat.

After all, Lu Zhou couldnt stay up all night on an empty stomach.

Lu Zhou went to the cafeteria at night.

Unfortunately, the cafeteria at the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study didnt serve authentic BBQ meat and rice. Lu Zhou happened to bump into Wang Peng, so he ordered three dishes and a bowl of soup before sitting down with Wang Peng.

Wang Peng walked over holding two bowls of yellow bean soup and handed one of the bowls to Lu Zhou. He opened the disposable chopsticks and asked, You seem busy recently?

Lu Zhou: Kind of How do you know?

From experience.


Wang Peng smiled and said, You go to university more often when youre not busy. But when youre busy, you would stay longer at the Institute for Advanced Study. If you get even busier, you wont even leave your house.

Lu Zhou paused for a second and smiled. You really are from the special military force.

Wang Peng smiled and said, This doesnt have a lot to do with special forces, just like experience.

I dont think most people have your type of life experience.

While the two were chatting, Lu Zhous phone in his pocket suddenly began to ring.

He took out his phone and saw the call was from Chen Yushan, so he put down his chopsticks and stood up.

I have to take this call.

Lu Zhou picked up the call and walked to the side.

The second the call connected, Chen Yushans voice traveled through the phone.

The chairman of Zhongshan New Materials went to find you?

Yeah, why?

Chen Yushan was suspicious, and she said, Baosheng Group is exporting SG-1 superconducting materials, which is owned by China Airlines. Why the hell is a private company like him trying to get in on this?

Lu Zhou: Is there a problem?

Chen Yushan: Not exactly a problem. As long as the company can pass the confidentiality check and production qualification check, there arent any problems. However, this type of business is heavily affected by government policies, and it might seem profitable now, but what about later? The worst thing a small company can do is try to diversify. Theyre already producing battery materials, now theyre investing in SG-1. This isnt a good thing.

Star Sky Technology had a 15% stake in Zhongshan New Materials. In some sense, the interests of Zhongshan New Materials aligned with the interests of Star Sky Technology. Therefore, even though Star Sky Technology had normal voting shares, Chen Yushan still had to watch what Zhongshan New Materials was doing.

You know more about business than me, just do what you want. Lu Zhou paused for a second before adding, However, Liu Wanshan helped me a lot in the past, so itd be best if we can help him.

Lu Zhou didnt really care about how much money he could earn. Whether Baosheng Group had exclusive market shares or that there were other companies, Star Sky Technologys patent licensing fees were charged by production amount, so it wouldnt make a huge difference.

Since CEO Liu really wanted to enter this market, Lu Zhou obviously wouldnt stop him.

However, any type of new business venture was risky.

Since CEO Liu had done business for so long, he was definitely well aware of this.

Chen Yushan jokingly said, I didnt expect you to be a sentimental person.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Isnt everyone like this?

Not necessarily.

Lu Zhou: Then what type of person did you think I was?

Chen Yushan couldnt help but smile and said flirtatiously, An apathetic person.

Apathetic person?

Lu Zhou went silent for two seconds, and Chen Yushan continued to speak, Yeah, I still have a meeting to attend. Youre probably busy, so Ill stop bothering you Oh yeah, in the second half of this year, I plan on moving the headquarters of Star Sky Technology to Jinling. Its easier to communicate with you then. What do you think?

Lu Zhou: Im fine with anything What about employees?

Some will stay in Shanghai, some will come here. Its not like were disbanding the Shanghai office.

Lu Zhou nodded and replied, Okay then.