Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 642

Chapter 642 642 Maybe This Is Fate

642 Maybe This Is Fate

Virginia, CIA headquarters.

Yelling sounds were heard inside the directors office, and the office windows nearly shattered from the yelling.

A bunch of useless idiots! How did the equipment just slip away? The CIA director slammed the report from Europe on his table and screamed, Three whole shipping containers! Three! Youre telling me you cant find it?

Jared, director of CIA European affairs, had an awkward expression on his face as he looked down and whispered quietly, Sir This matter is a bit complicated.

The director said angrily, Complicated? All of our cases are complicated!

James quickly said, According to the latest intel from Agent Horns in Italy, we still arent sure where these pieces of equipment are being shipped to, so it might not be China

Do you think Im stupid? What other countries could possibly want these pieces of equipment urgently?

Jared thought, Of course youre stupid.

However, Jared decided to keep his thoughts in his mind.

He lowered his head and tried to be honest.

But I

Dont give me buts! The director controlled his anger and sat down on his chair. He drank some water and said, Where is the investigation at now?

Jared looked at the director and carefully arranged his words before he said, We tried to find the Italian named Saatche Farbile, but we cant find him. We suspect that it was a forged identity.

The director said, The parcel What about the parcel address? The parcel is the key! We can backtrack the postal system and find these criminals! He thought back to ten minutes ago when he threw the scrunched up paper with weird characters written on it, into the trash can. This made his blood boil.

In his opinion, these criminals were trying to insult him!

Not just him, but it was insulting the entire CIA!


The director looked at Jared and frowned.

What now?

The method you suggested We have already thought about it, and we found the mailing address of the parcel through the DHL transshipment system. The final address points to French Guiana. We contacted the agents in South American and found the person who sent the package. It was a young man who was still in high school, and he said that he didnt know who Saatche Farbile was at all. Someone sent him an email and said that he would receive 100 if he shipped the parcel.

The director immediately asked, What about the email address?

Jared had a painful look on his face.

The email address doesnt exist anymore.

Everyone went silent.

The director sighed and pinched his eyebrows. He didnt say anything for a long time.

Jared looked at the director and whispered, Sir?


What do we do now?

I dont know, dont ask me. The director reached out and picked up a document from his desk before saying, This is a huge mistake. This will seriously impact the ongoing controllable fusion negotiations F*ck, what do I say to the president

While half of the western intelligence agencies were in a chaos because of the missing equipment, the containers that contained the equipment had already traveled through the Panama Canal, through the East China Sea, and docked at the port of Haizhou.

Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Lu Zhou came here in the morning and went to the Institute of Physics with a copy of the thesis.

When Lu Zhou arrived at the directors office, Luo Wenxuan was standing next to the coffee machine waiting for the water to boil while reading the documents in his hands.

Lu Zhou knocked on the door and placed the stack of documents on the table. He said, I have carefully read through the thesis, I think its a good idea.

I think so too The main part is the value of m. Luo Wenxuan poured himself a cup of coffee and looked at Lu Zhou. He asked, Do you want one?

Lu Zhou: No, thanks I prefer instant coffee.

Luo Wenxuan put two sugar cubes into his cup and shook his head. He said, Instant coffee is soulless.

Lu Zhou: Read more chapter on

Luo Wenxuan walked to his desk and looked at the thesis that Lu Zhou brought, which was full of Lu Zhous written comments. He took a sip of the coffee before asking, What do you think, do you have any ideas?

Lu Zhou: Some.


Luo Wenxuan spat a mouthful of coffee onto his computer. He started to cough while he quickly took a piece of tissue and wiped down the thesis.

Lu Zhou was stunned. He frowned and asked, Are you really that excited?

Not excited! No, actually I am. Luo Wenxuan took a deep breath and tried to calm down. His voice went up a notch as he said, Youre saying, you have an idea?

Yeah. Lu Zhou nodded and looked at the blackboard as he said, Do you want me to explain it?

Luo Wenxuan: Please tell me if you can!

Of course I can, its not like this problem can be solved by one person alone, I need your help. Lu Zhou picked up a piece of chalk from the desk next to him and wrote down a line of words on the blackboard.

Luo Wenxuan stared at the line of words for a long time with his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

Quantum Yang-Mills Field?

Yes. Lu Zhou nodded and said, The Higgs mechanism and the Yang-Mills Field have been successfully applied to explain the electroweak interaction part of the standard model for quantum field theory. However, the strong interaction part of the Yang-Mills theory cant be solved just by using symmetry breaking. Do you know what I mean?

Luo Wenxuans eyes gradually lit up. He could only manage to say one word.


Yes, Lu Zhou nodded and said, you probably already know what Im about to say. In order to solve this problem, we have to set a quantum field that corresponds to the aforementioned problem, namely the Quantum Yang-Mills Field.

If they could construct a Quantum Yang-Mills Field, they could easily find the particle mass m, and the massless problem of the strong interaction would undoubtedly be solved.

Lu Zhou was about to further explain his ideas when his phone that was in his pocket suddenly began to ring.

Lu Zhou put down the chalk and took out his phone.

He saw the caller ID and paused for a second.

State Administration for National Defense?

Lu Zhou was puzzled. He picked up the call and put his phone next to his ear.

Luo Wenxuan walked to the side and drank his coffee while sitting on the sofa. He quietly waited for Lu Zhou to finish his call.

Five minutes went by.

The call finally ended.

Lu Zhou put his phone into his pocket and looked at Luo Wenxuan.

How come Im in trouble every time I talk about problems with you?

Luo Wenxuan paused for a second and smiled.

I dont know Its probably fate.

Lu Zhou:

Lu Zhou wasnt happy at all.

However, he wasnt in huge trouble.