Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 643

Chapter 643 643what If I Dont Sell It To You?

643What If I Dont Sell It to You?

While the negotiations with Western Europe were still going on, no one thought that the treasures would be buried on a ship full of corn. When the machines were dug out from the pile of corn, the customs staff were surprised, to say the least. They immediately reported this news to the superiors.

Because this was an important matter, the news was reported all the way to the State Administration for National Defense.

Because the defense agency had to contact two engineers from Shenyang Machine Tool to inspect the machines, the rumors began to spread to the public.

There were several major machine tool manufacturers in China, mainly Shenyang Machine Tool, Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Corporation, and BYJC Machine Tools. They occupied a significant amount of Chinas machine tool market, and everyone was aiming to manufacture high-end machine tools.

The problem was that every company wanted to improve its product, and they were all confident that they could reverse engineer this high-end exported machine tool. However, there were only two machine tools, which was not enough for everyone to get a piece.

Therefore, when Shenyang Machine Tool chief engineer Academician Yang Zhongquan heard about the news, he skipped his lunch break and went on a flight with his colleague Secretary Wu.

The two sat on the couch in the lounge of Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Secretary Wu looked at the door and lowered his voice.

Mr. Yang, the machines are very important for our factory. We have to try and get one in our hands, preferably both.

Yang Zhongquan took a sip of the tea. His expression didnt change at all.

Of course.

Suddenly, the door opened, and the two immediately stopped talking.

Lu Zhou greeted the two and sat across them on a sofa. He looked at them and asked, You two came all the way to see me. Im curious, what do you guys want?

Yang Zhongquan was about to speak, but Secretary Wu coughed and took the initiative. Secretary Wu looked at Lu Zhou and said, We know youre a busy person, so Ill get straight to the point. Did you buy the machines?

Lu Zhou: Yes.

Honestly, Lu Zhou was surprised.

The person that arranged a meeting was one of the State Administration for National Defense executives. However, these two corporate businessmen came instead.

Secretary Wu asked, How much money did you spend?

The price wasnt anything worthy of keeping a secret, so Lu Zhou replied casually, Around 20 million.

Only 20 million? Yang Zhongquan was in disbelief. He looked at Lu Zhou with a curious expression and immediately asked, Where did you get it?

According to his experience, if someone in China wanted to buy a high-end machine like that, they would have to transfer it using a third-party country, and the price would often double or more. 20 million was a good deal for this type of machine.

Not to mention, this wasnt even the main point.

It would be difficult to buy the latest industrial machine tools for three times the normal price, especially the machine tools used for aircraft engine production. First of all, the middleman in the third-party country wanted to make a profit, but they didnt want to take on too much risk. Secondly, companies in Europe had a strict qualification review process and end-user license agreements. After all, this could impact their market competitiveness, and everyone knew that Chinese companies often ignored rules and regulations.

It would be much more valuable to know where these two pieces of machinery came from, than to buy them off Lu Zhous hands.

Yang Zhongquan and Secretary Wu were thrilled. They couldnt wait to find out how Lu Zhou was able to get these two pieces of machinery in the country.

However, Lu Zhou, who was sitting across from the two, felt a little uncomfortable.

The tone of the pair made Lu Zhou feel a little unpleasant. Not to mention, this wasnt something that Lu Zhou should disclose so easily.

Lu Zhou leaned on the sofa and wasnt as polite as before.

I met some friends during my study abroad. I just asked for a favor. What? Do I have to report my friends favors?

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense.

Secretary Wu looked at Lu Zhous expression and realized something was wrong.

Lu Zhou looked very young, so Secretary Wu subconsciously spoke in an authoritative manner. He was about to speak in a more polite manner to salvage the conversation, but Yang Zhongquan spoke first.

Yang Zhongquan looked at Lu Zhou for a while and waved his hand.

Forget about it, I dont care where the machines came from. Ill pay you 20 million, and youll give us the machines.

When Lu Zhou heard the old mans demands, he frowned.

I dont plan on selling.

Yang Zhongquan stared at him and said, Do you even know what you bought?

Lu Zhou said, Two high precision five-axis linkage machine tools from Siemens?

These two were the most expensive pieces of machinery in the equipment batch. Due to its high precision, it was even more expensive than six or seven-axis linkage machine tools.

Yang Zhongquan snorted and leaned on the sofa.

Good, so you know.

Lu Zhou couldnt help but smile at Yang Zhongquans face.

What happens if I dont sell it to you?

Yang Zhongquan said, This concerns national security. I hope Professor Lu can think of the bigger picture. Otherwise, there will be consequences.

Seeing how these two were about to get into an argument, Secretary Wu felt anxious. However, he didnt have an opportunity to speak. He could only stare at Yang Zhongquan with a desperate look in his eyes.

However, Yang Zhongquan was still furious. He didnt care about Secretary Wu.

Lu Zhou looked at the old mans face and smiled. He took out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

Oh, Regiment Commander Dai? Do me a favor.

Regiment Commander Dai had immediately picked up the call when he saw Lu Zhous name on the screen. Sure, anything you want.

Theres a batch of equipment at the Haizhou port. It contains state secrets, so can you please send it to the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.


A total of four sentences were exchanged over the phone.

Yang Zhongquans eyes widened. His face turned bright red as he pointed his finger at Lu Zhou.

You! Do you know what the hell youre doing?!

I do. Lu Zhou stuffed his phone back into his pocket and smiled. He said, But its a state secret, so I cant tell you anything.

Do you think Im scared of you?