Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 649

Chapter 649 649serious Flaws

649Serious Flaws

It was proven?

When Lu Zhou looked at the screen, his face was full of surprise. He put down the coffee cup in his hand.

Are you sure it was proven? Is it not a possible proof idea?

Yeah, I am The author of the thesis claimed that he solved the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem. Also, this guys background is impressive, Luo Wenxuan said while looking at the authors information. He spoke in disbelief, Brian Caro, professor at Oxford University. A member of the Royal Society, academician of Academia Europaea. Participated in the Higgs particle discovery. Won five medals, including the Institute of Physics Isaac Newton Medal Unbelievable, hes sixty years old.

Sixty years old wasnt exactly the golden age for physics research, but it wasnt old enough for significant memory decline. However, even then, making such an achievement at this age was no piece of cake.

Lu Zhou had never even heard of Professor Brian Caro, but maybe that was because he didnt know a lot about the theoretical physics community.

After Lu Zhou heard Luo Wenxuan talk about Brians accomplishments, he began to ask questions.

Is the thesis already released as a preprint? Or just the abstract?

Luo Wenxuan clicked his mouse and said, The preprint is already released.

Even though this type of situation was rare in the mathematics world, it wasnt rare in the physics world, especially in the field of theoretical physics. For a major theoretical physics problem like this, a lot of experienced professors like to publish a preprint of their theses to prevent other scholars from stealing their glory.

After all, it was very difficult to produce results in theoretical physics. Being one step behind could lead to years of extra hard work.

Lu Zhou was intrigued. Print a copy for me.

Okay But I dont understand why you like to read printed papers, isnt it easier to read it on an e-reader?

Theres no special reason why, I just like being able to physically touch the thesis.

Even though Lu Zhou would read papers on his phone, that was only when he didnt have access to the printed version.

If he were sitting on a sofa or studying at a desk in the library now, he would much rather prefer reading a printed copy of the thesis. Not only was it easier to make notes, but it was also easier for him to write down inspirational thoughts that come to mind.

The printer started humming.

Luo Wenxuan was reading the thesis on his computer when he suddenly said, What if he is correct?

Lu Zhou paused for a second and looked at him strangely.

Good for him then, whats the problem?

Luo Wenxuan looked at him in disbelief.

You wont feel sad?

Lu Zhou: Whats so sad about it?

Luo Wenxuan looked helpless as he said, But, we researched this problem for so long, we are one step away from the finish line. You dont feel anything?

Lu Zhou said nonchalantly, I dont feel anything. I dont really care who solves the problem, its all the same for me.

Lu Zhou had already won the Fields Medal and the Nobel Prize. He didnt crave for more medals. He researched these problems purely because he wanted an answer. If someone else was inspired by his research and successfully solved the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem, he would actually feel more satisfied than if he had solved it himself.Read more chapter on

Luo Wenxuan looked at Lu Zhou. He opened his mouth and sighed.

Okay then I dont feel the same at all.

Lu Zhou said, Youll get there eventually.

After a minute or two, the twenty-page thesis was printed.

One could say that a lot of care had been put into this thesis, especially since it was a preprint version.

The formatting met all of the normal journal standards and the proof section of the thesis was clear and concise. It wasnt like those typical Internet preprints, which were full of mistakes.

After the thesis was printed, Lu Zhou sat down on a sofa and began to read the thesis abstract and content.

Overall, Brian Caro did a pretty good job, both from a mathematical and a physics perspective. Even though there was still a gap between him and top scholars, Caros ability matched his reputation.

What surprised Lu Zhou the most was that the method adopted by Brian Caro was similar to the idea that Lu Zhou and Luo Wenxuan had. Brian Caros thesis was also based on Professor Jaffes thesis in Annual Mathematics. It tried to explain the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap by finding the particle mass m.

However, Lu Zhou and Caro had different methods of finding the particle mass m.

Brian Caro didnt introduce a Quantum Yang-Mills Field. Instead, he used a method similar to Weinberg, he introduced a scalar space-time manifold to solve this problem.

However, even though there were many nuances in the thesis, in Lu Zhous opinion, this thesis wasnt rigorous at all.

After all, the massless strong interaction problem couldnt be solved by using a simple symmetry breaking method.

His proof is very close, but its still a bit off. Lu Zhou put down the thesis and grabbed his coffee mug. He noticed that his coffee was cold, so he walked up and made himself another cup of coffee.

Luo Wenxuan immediately looked up. So, is he correct?

Yeah, but dont gloat too much. We can still learn some stuff from his thesis, like how he used the existence of a four-dimensional gauge field to normalize the lattice point or how he set a constant effect on the torus Euclid space Of course, there are many problems.

Luo Wenxuan: Like what?

Like when he talked about the normalization of grid points, he didnt prove that the lattice step size limit tends to zero. Therefore, his method of defining the torus Euclid space-time isnt rigorous, its actually wrong.

Lu Zhou gently blew on his cup of coffee and took a sip. He paused for a few seconds before saying, But Im not sure if its because this is a preprint version. He might have already found a good proof method, but just didnt post it yet.

This type of scenario was pretty common.

After all, a lot of high-quality theses on arXiv were perfected through constant discussion and revision.

Luo Wenxuan: So he didnt prove it?

It seems so. I dont care what other people think, in my opinion, he didnt succeed. Lu Zhou sighed and looked a bit disappointed.

He originally thought Professor Brian could show him something novel. He didnt expect Professor Brian to make so many mistakes.

As expected, Lu Zhou had to rely on himself to solve the problem.