Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 650

Chapter 650 650professor Brians Invitation

650Professor Brians Invitation

Professor Brian Caros thesis caused a sensation in the academic community.

Since most people speculated that the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap was going to be solved by Professor Lu, no one expected this sudden change of events.

The last problem of the Yang-Mills equations was actually solved by a professor at Oxford University.

Of course, people werent overly surprised by Professor Brian Caros proof. After all, this big name had been in the field of theoretical physics studying gauge theory for more than two decades. It was understandable for him to make such a major breakthrough like this.

After Professor Lu gave a general solution to the Yang-Mills equations, it inspired the entire mathematics and physics community.

Professor Brian Caros reputation instantly blew up in the theoretical physics community, and the number of theses that were being posted on arXiv regarding the Yang-Mills equations also reduced by a huge amount.

Everyone was waiting.

They wanted to see what the physics community thought about this thesis.

They were waiting for opinions posted by top scholars.

Oxford University.

Inside a study room with red wooden bookshelves, Professor Brian Caro was sitting on a sofa. He was being interviewed by Nature Weekly. He looked energetic and high-spirited.

When he was asked about the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap, the question that troubled the theoretical physics community for decades, he leaned back against the sofa cushions and easily gave an answer.

The Yang-Mills existence and mass gap is a very complicated problem. Even though we can observe the phenomenon in physics experiments and computer simulations, we werent able to give a mathematical explanation. This was the reason why we couldnt understand its existence from a quantitative perspective. This problem troubled the physics community for more than half a century. Its like a marathon, but now the marathon is finally finished.

The journalist Belinda from Nature Weekly was holding a microphone, and she asked seriously, Then how did you solve it?

Brian Caro said, How do you want me to answer this question?

Belinda smirked and said, I hope you can talk about the source of your inspiration and the solution to the problem in a way that can be understood by the average person.

Ill try. Brian took a sip of black tea and gracefully put down the teacup. He said, I have researched this problem for more than two decades. The report from Jin Ling University inspired me to a great degree. By introducing the L Manifold method, Professor Lu taught us how to apply a differential geometry method to the solution of nonlinear partial differential equations. I think this is extremely significant to the mathematics and physics world.

Belinda said, So did you use the same, or a similar method?

Brian shook his head and said, Not necessarily, but Professor Lus idea did give me some inspiration. We all know that the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap cannot be observed in a four-dimensional gauge field. In order to prove it, we must introduce classical variable transformations. Therefore, my approach is to introduce a scalar space-time manifold on the whole problem, then use a simple method to solve the problem.

Brian unconsciously grinned.

He couldnt help but feel satisfied whenever he thought about how smart he was.

Belinda smiled and said, Will you display the content of your thesis in the form of a report presentation?

Professor Brian smiled politely and said, Of course, this is the common practice of academia. Every great discovery is bound to be met with questions, even Einstein was no exception to this rule. My proof report will be held in the lecture hall at the University of Oxford. I will explain all of the methods I have used and answer any questions from my peers.

Belinda then asked, What do you think would be the opinions of the other physicists?

Professor Brian: If they are confused or have any questions, I welcome them to ask me any questions. However, I think the possibility of this happening is low.

Belinda: However, according to the comments on arXiv, Professor Lu has some interesting opinions about your thesis. He thinks that there are at least three sections in your thesis that werent explained clearly, and that these sections couldnt be easily fixed.

Professor Brian initially frowned, but he quickly relaxed and spoke in a gentle tone.

Professor Lu is a respectable scholar, but he isnt the highest authority in academia. Everyone makes mistakes, including me, including him.

Belinda was interested, and she asked, So, what youre saying is, Professor Lu could be wrong this time?

I didnt say that, but that is possible. I am confident in my own thesis, after all. I have been researching this problem for more than 20 years. He has researched this problem for less than a year, a little negligence from him is normal

Professor Brian stopped for a second and cleared his throat.

Of course, in order to clarify his misunderstandings, I will send him an invitation to my University of Oxford report. He will get to witness this glorious moment. If he wants to come, I will answer all of his questions during the report.

Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Knocking sounds were heard from outside the institute directors office.

Lu Zhou was writing something on his desk. He stopped writing and looked up at the door.

Come in.

The door was pushed open.

Luo Wenxuan walked in while carrying a Nature Weekly magazine.

I heard that Professor Brian wants to invite you to his report, Luo Wenxuan said as he placed the magazine on Lu Zhous desk. He looked at Lu Zhou and asked, Did you receive his invitation?

Yeah, I received it yesterday, Lu Zhou said as he nodded.

Luo Wenxuan: Do you plan on going?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and shook his head as he said, Its not a good idea for me to leave the country within the next five years, I might not be able to go.

Luo Wenxuan: Thats unfortunate.

Luo Wenxuan knew about Lu Zhous situation.

Before the controllable fusion negotiations were finished, a top scholar like him should be more careful when traveling overseas, both from the standpoints of technology confidentiality and personal safety.

It was just too risky.

Lu Zhou didnt really care. Its not unfortunate at all. After all, its not an important conference.

He had been following the thesis. Even though Professor Brian made some modifications to the thesis preprint, Lu Zhou wasnt satisfied. Honestly speaking, even if Lu Zhou had the time, he wouldnt want to attend the report.

After all, he could just email Brian the thesis mistakes.

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, Then Ill go instead, make sure to reimburse me for the flight.

Lu Zhou joked, You still care about that?

Luo Wenxuan waved his hand and said, Yeah, I have to. I plan on starting a family, so I have to be more frugal.

Well, good for you then Lu Zhou smiled and shook his head. He pulled out a check from his drawer and signed his name on the check. Forget about the reimbursement. Just take 5,000.

Luo Wenxuan took the check and smiled as he said, Why are you being so generous? Looks like Im going to spend an extra day or two in England.

Go ahead, have a great vacation.