Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 651

Chapter 651 651i Have Questions

651I Have Questions

University of Oxford, lecture hall.

The venue was fully seated.

The scholars sitting in the venue either chatted with each other or flipped through the thesis print-out and report summary

The noisy venue was like music for Brian Caros ears. In half an hour, he would become one of the greatest mathematical physicists of this century. He would place down the last piece of the Yang-Mills equations puzzle and win a million USD in prize money Or at least a third of the prize money.

For a scholar working in the theoretical field, this prize money was quite substantial.

Of course, his motivation for solving this problem wasnt the prize money. In his opinion, money and honor were bonuses.

So why did he try and solve this problem?

Because pushing civilization forward was a pleasant thing in and of itself.

There was still fifteen minutes until the report. Most of the participants had already arrived. The ones that still hadnt arrived, probably wouldnt end up coming. The security guard standing at the entrance of the lecture hall opened the doors and allowed some of the people, who didnt receive the invitation letters, into the venue.

Professor Brian was wearing a black suit. He stood at the venue hallway and looked at his watch. He looked at the venue entrance and seemed a little disappointed.

A waiter wearing a black suit and a bow-tie walked over.

Professor Brian looked at the waiter and immediately asked, Is Professor Lu here?

The waiter paused for a second and shook his head. No.

Professor Brian was even more disappointed now.

However, it was what it was.

Even though it was unfortunate that Professor Lu couldnt come, there were a lot of other big names who were attending this report. Regardless of whether or not Professor Lu was here, his report would continue.

Fifteen minutes passed by, the report officially began.

Brian walked on stage and began to show his PowerPoint presentation. He started to talk about his main thesis ideas, as well as some of the methods he used to prove the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap.

Luo Wenxuan was in the crowd. He took a deep breath and opened his laptop that was placed on his knees.

On his laptop screen were some of the problems he discovered while researching Professor Brians thesis. It would be great if his questions could be answered during Professor Brians report, but if not, he would ask them during the Q&A session.

On the other hand, Peter Goddard and Edward Witten were sitting together.

Both of them were big names in the mathematical physics world, and their main area of expertise was string theory. When they heard that Professor Brian from the University of Oxford claimed to have solved the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap, these people immediately left CERN and took a flight to the UK.

As Goddard listened to Professor Brians talk, he sighed.

If only Professor Lu was here.

He was the dean of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. When he received Lu Zhous resignation letter, he tried to convince Lu Zhou to stay. Unfortunately, he didnt succeed. Every time he thought about Lu Zhou, he would feel a little regretful.

He has his own matters to attend to. Witten smiled and closed his laptop. He said, Also, regardless of whether he is physically here or not, I believe that he wont miss this report.

Goddard: What do you think about Professor Brians thesis?Read more chapter on v

Witten thought for a bit and said, I need to take some time to think about it. After all, he has modified it at least a dozen times after he released the preprint. I saw the final version just a week ago. I think his proof idea is worthy of recognition, but I feel like something is wrong. If the Mathematical Physics journal wants to invite me as a reviewer, Ill express my opinions in the review process What do you think?

Before the report began, Professor Brian stated that his finalized thesis would be submitted to Mathematical Physics. If everything went according to plan, Mathematical Physics would organize at least five people to conduct a rigorous review of this thesis.

Witten was a top mathematical physicist who had won the Fields Medal before, so Mathematical Physics obviously wouldnt forget about him.

Of course, this was true for Peter Goddard as well.

Goddard went silent for a while. He then responded, I feel the same way. His proof might be flawed Also, I view this problem in a different way?

Witten raised his eyebrows. Oh really?

Goddard used a pen to draw four points on his notebook as he said, Set a four-dimensional gauge field with SU(N) or SO(N) and SP(N) as the norm group. This might be equivalent to the 1/n chord coupling constant in string theory If this is the case, both the mass gap and the quark confinement can be perfectly explained.

Witten raised his eyebrows as he said, From the perspective of string theory?

Goddard nodded at him and said, Yes.

Witten smiled and said, Your opinion is interesting. Maybe we can go for a cup of coffee after the report finishes.

Goddard smiled and said, Haha, only if youre paying.

In the midst of talking about a new proof idea, these two didnt realize that in the back of their minds, they had no hope for this report anymore.

Two hours passed by, the report came to an end.

After Professor Brian finished his PowerPoint presentation, the lecture hall erupted in applause. It was time for the Q&A session.

Professor Brian made adequate preparations beforehand and answered all of the questions that were raised by scholars.

Soon, there wasnt anyone asking questions.

Professor Brian was about to announce the end of the report when someone raised their hand.

Wait a second.

Professor Brian looked at the lonely hand in the crowd and frowned. However, he quickly smiled cheerfully.


Luo Wenxuan took a deep breath and closed his laptop. He then stood up.

Witten was sitting on the other side of the lecture hall, and he suddenly had a look of surprise on his face.

Goddard looked at him and said, You know him?

Witten looked at Luo Wenxuan, who was standing up, and said, Of course, he was my student.

Even though Luo Wenxuan had attended more than two dozen reports, being stared at by so many scholars still gave him a lot of pressure.

He calmed himself down and then looked at Professor Brian.

I have a question.

Brian: Go ahead.

Luo Wenxuan: On page 11, line 15, I noticed that you defined the constant amount of motion in the torus Euclidean spacetime Is that correct?

Brian lifted his chin and said, Of course, we use the Euclidean spacetime to formalize the lattice point, this is crucial to the entire theorem argument.

Like you said, this is important, but Luo Wenxuan took a deep breath before asking, But how do you plan on proving that the grid step size is zero?