Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 652

Chapter 652 652solved It?

652Solved It?

How did you prove that the grid step size limit tends toward zero?

The moment Professor Brian heard this question, his eyebrows furrowed.

Do you really need to ask?

The answer is obviously

The words were at the tip of Brians tongue. However, he froze.

His mouth was wide open, but nothing came out.

How to prove that the grid step size limit tends toward zero?

F*ck How do I prove this!

When he was writing the twenty-page thesis, he used this as a theorem without providing any proof. However, this wasnt entirely his fault; this was such a small detail that it was almost insignificant to put the proof in the thesis.

A drop of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

This an interesting question Hmm, interesting, of course I can prove it Brian said some meaningless words, in hopes of providing him with more time. His brain was operating at 120% as he desperately tried to find a solution.

However, the more anxious he was, the slower his thinking became.

The venue was dead silent.

This silence was terrifying to Brian.

As it turned out, delaying didnt help Brian at solving the problem.

When the crowd saw that Professor Brian couldnt answer this question, whispers were heard around the venue.

Witten was sitting on one side of the lecture hall. He closed his notebook and smiled as he said, Looks like I wont have to worry about a reviewer invitation by Mathematical Physics.

Constant action in a torus Euclidean spacetime.

Detecting errors in a complex spacetime like this was difficult.

If Witten had to review the thesis, he wouldnt miss this detail. However, it was very difficult to find a mistake like this during the live report. After all, there were too many areas that were worthy of paying attention.

However, when Witten remembered that Luo Wenxuan was working at the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study, he instantly knew what was going on.

He knew that Luo Wenxuan must have talked about this stuff with Lu Zhou beforehand

Goddard looked at Professor Brian with sympathy and nodded.


As a British, he obviously wanted Professor Brian to be right.

However, it looked like Professor Brian couldnt repair this fatal loophole in his thesis. This report would have to end with a disappointing ending.

Unfortunately, their trip to the UK was a waste.

No wonder Professor Lu didnt come

The venue went into chaos, a lot of people had even begun to leave the venue.

It wasnt like the scholars had somewhere else to be, but they knew it wouldnt be worth waiting for Brian to answer.

The reporters who were standing on both sides of the venue also noticed the chaos, and they frantically pressed their camera shutters. A lot of reporters were even prepared to run toward Professor Brian after the report and stick their microphones in his face.

Even though the University of Oxford staff members tried to maintain order, it seemed like the chaos was uncontainable.

Luo Wenxuan was still standing there, and he felt a bit nervous.

Especially since Professor Brian was staring at him with a dirty look, it even gave him the chills.

Originally, he wanted to take a vacation here for a few days.

But now, it seemed like

He should go back home instead.

Jinling Institute for Advanced Study.

Inside the corner office.

Lu Zhou was sitting at his office desk. He was writing some stuff on a piece of draft paper.

Because Luo Wenxuan was gone, there wasnt anyone worth talking to at the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study. Since Lu Zhou had been absent from Jin Ling University for quite some time now, he decided to use this opportunity to work in his office at Jin Ling University.

The change of environment gave him more thinking room, and he could also help his own students with some of the problems they had encountered.

He Changwen was sitting at his desk while watching the full report. He pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and asked Lu Zhou, Professor, did you tell Professor Luo about the loopholes in Professor Brians thesis?

Lu Zhou stopped writing and pondered for a second.

I actually did mention the torus Euclid spacetime effect with him, but even if I didnt mention it, he would have spotted the mistake himself.

He Changwen adjusted his glasses. He had a poker face on the outside, but his heart was surprised.

He knew that Professor Luo was Wittens student and was in the Thousand People Initiative, but he never saw any of Professor Luos theoretical physics achievements. He didnt expect Professor Luo to be this strong.

Not to mention, that Professor Brian wasnt just a nobody. Even though he wasnt a top-ranking scholar, he was still high up in the academic world. Not to mention, he had been researching the Yang-Mills equations for more than 20 years. Being able to find mistakes in Brians thesis wasnt something normal people could do.

Lu Zhou looked at He Changwens look of disbelief and said, You think its incredible?

He Changwen nodded and said, Yeah, I do.

Lu Zhou smiled and said in a relaxing manner, Its nothing incredible, fame is just a byproduct of strength. Once someone reaches a certain level, fame and honor will naturally come.

He Changwen: What level do you think Professor Luo is?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, Fields Medal is too difficult, and Nobel Prize is too dependent on luck. However, if he puts his mind into the path of mathematical physics, he can definitely win the Dannie Heineman Prize.

Dannie Heineman Prize!

He Changwen was shocked.

Even though this award wasnt well known outside of physics, anyone in the mathematical physics world knew of this award.

This award wasnt significant among CERN researchers, but when it came to Chinese researchers, having this award alone could make someone a leader in the academic society

He Changwen paused for a second and said, Do you think Professor Brian can fix his mistake?

I think its not

Lu Zhou suddenly stopped.

His pen also stopped moving.

He Changwen paused for a second before asking, Professor?

Professor Lu sat there as motionless as a statue.

He Changwen was about to speak again, but Lu Zhous pen suddenly moved. He muttered to himself in a quiet voice. It was so soft only he could hear it.

I see

The particle of mass m was the key to solving the problem. According to Jaffes proof idea, this was crucial for the strong interaction Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem.

However, it was almost impossible to calculate this specific value.

The mass of the particle wasnt defined in the quantum chromodynamics world. It might not even be a particle.

Even now, he didnt have a value for m.

However, he had the proof of its existence.

As long as it existed, the theorem could be proved.

He didnt have to find the mass value at all!

Lu Zhou looked a the lines of calculations on the paper, and his eyes gradually lit with excitement.

He stood up abruptly as if he had just received an electrical shock.

I solved it!

He Changwen: ?

Everyone else in the office: ???

A long time went by.

The office was dead silent.