Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 654

Chapter 654 654the Path To The Milky Way.

654The Path to the Milky Way.

The preprint thesis posted on arXiv swept the entire physics community like a tsunami.

Even though everyone mentally prepared themselves before reading the thesis, after they read the thesis, a lot of people were shocked by the huge amount of information in the thesis.

Both the solution to the Yang-Mills theory and the proposal of the Quantum Yang-Mills Field allowed people to look at this problem from a different perspective.

Just like always, Lu Zhous thesis was as rigorous as possible. Unless there was a major mistake, he wouldnt make any changes to the thesis. Therefore, this was likely going to be the final version.

After he uploaded the thesis, he finally completed his mission.

Lu Zhou was sitting at his desk waiting for a cup of coffee. He leaned back in his chair and went into the system space.

He walked toward the translucent holographic panel in the pure white dimension. A line of words soon appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations, User, for completing the mission!]

[Mission completion details are as follows: Complete the Millennium Prize Problem Yang-Mills equations.]

[Final mission evaluation: S]

[Mission reward: 300,000 mathematics experience points, 300,000 physics experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket.]

[S evaluation special reward: 10% experience points bonus.]

I didnt get an S+?

Lu Zhou looked surprised.

Normally speaking, S+ was accompanied by a bonus reward mission.

The extra rewards for an S grade were usually experience points, general points, or equipment.

Obviously, the best would be a branch award, but he had only ever received one branch award before. Which was at the CERN seminar, where he discovered the 750 GeV signal. The system considered the discovery as a completion of a hidden branch mission, which gave him a considerable amount of experience points.

Lu Zhou stared at the information screen while wondering where he could have done better.

Is it because uploading it on arXiv isnt solemn enough?

But this didnt make sense. After all, when he first proved Goldbachs conjecture, he also uploaded the preprint to arXiv before submitting the official version to Annual Mathematics later.

If he recalled correctly, he received an S+ evaluation.

Lu Zhou couldnt think of a reason why he didnt receive a perfect evaluation, so he set this matter aside.

Even though Lu Zhou didnt receive an S+ evaluation, he wasnt overly distraught. After all, after he completed this mission, he planned on using his mission card, which would activate a mission chain. If he received another reward mission, he wouldnt know what to do.

System, open my characteristic panel!

A gentle blue light swept across the screen, showing his characteristic panel.


A. Mathematics: Level 8 (774,000/3 million)

B. Physics: Level 7 (13,215/1.2 million)

C. Biochemistry: Level 5 (110,000/300,000)

D. Engineering: Level 5 (0/300,000)

E. Materials science: level 6 (13,000/600,000)

F. Energy science: Level 3 (0/100,000)

G. Information science: Level 2 (3,000/50,000)

General points: 4,335 (one lucky draw ticket)


Lu Zhou looked at his physics experience points and felt relieved.

Jesus Christ, thank god my mission evaluation was S, which gave me the experience points.

If it wasnt for the extra 10% experience points, which gave him an additional 30,000 physics experience points, he would have had 583.215,000 physics experience points, just on the edge of the 600,000 level 7 requirement.

Missing the cutoff by a bit would have been so annoying.

As for mathematics

Since Lu Zhou was nowhere near leveling up, he wasnt in a hurry.

After he received his mission rewards, the next thing to do was the exciting lucky draw.

Lu Zhou navigated to the lucky draw page and clicked on the lucky draw button. He took a deep breath and watched the roulette wheel rapidly rotate. He then pressed stop.

The inertia of the wheel caused it to spin a couple dozen more times. It slowly came to a stop.

[Congratulations, User, sample received.]

Lu Zhous heart skipped a beat.

[Received: Energy Medicine (10x)

[Energy Medicine: Developed by Future Pharmaceuticals. It can completely remove any fatigue accumulated by the nervous system and the somatic cells. Completely restore the users cellular function and metabolic level to the optimal state.]

Lu Zhous heartbeat returned to normal.

He stared at the reward and went silent for a while.

What does this thing even do?

Does it mean I can stay up all night, take this stuff, and recover?

Regardless, its still better than the useless cologne.

Lu Zhou opened his inventory and saw his new prize sitting inside. He then looked at his mission card, which he had had for a long time.

[Special mission card: Able to activate before accepting a normal mission. Activation begins a special mission chain, which replaces the normal mission. Special mission chains cannot be stopped unless the user fails the mission.

[Activate? Yes/No]

Lu Zhou didnt hesitate. He reached out and clicked Yes.

A light blue wave swept across the screen, and the updated mission panel was soon presented in front of him.

[Special Mission Chain: Take Control Of The Earth and Moon

[Mission Description: Learning how to stay warm at a cold night like this isnt enough. Fortunately, there is an undeveloped abundance of resources near the vicinity waiting for human exploration.

[Target: Complete three milestones.

[Mission reward: Final evaluation is determined by the users performance on each stage. Rewards include but are not limited to, experience points, general points, samples, blueprints, special items]

The entire mission chain was divided into three milestones. Only the first milestone was visible, the other two were blacked out.

This mission chain was different than the previous one. There were no various paths that he could take to complete the mission. Lu Zhou had to follow the systems plan step by step.

Until Lu Zhou completed the first stage of the mission, he wouldnt even know what the next mission stage was.

Therefore, he couldnt find any shortcuts.

However, there were also advantages.

For example, he would receive experience and rewards after each phase of the mission instead of waiting for the entire mission chain to be completed.

Lu Zhou reached out and selected the first mission milestone.

[Target 1: Implement a manned moon landing.

[Requirements: Send at least one astronaut to the moon and successfully bring them back while ensuring their personal safety.]


Secondary goals:

1. Collect and bring back 1kg of lunar soil. Reward: 10,000 experience points.

2. For a period of five months, deploy 10 square meters of crops on the surface of the moon. Observe and record the growth of the crops under conditions of low gravity and the absence of a magnetic field. Reward: 10,000-50,000 experience points.

3. Place ten live mice on the surface of the moon for five months. Record mice activity under low gravity and the absence of a magnetic field. Reward: 10,000-100,000 experience points.


Lu Zhou looked at the mission information screen and began to contemplate.

So, Ill have to send someone to the moon?

Honestly, he previously thought about sending a few communication satellites or signal stations to the moon. After that, he could maybe send equipment for some unmanned scientific research experiments. However, it seemed like the system was eager for him to send a live person.

The Yang-Mills equations had been solved, and the unified theory of the strong interaction and electromagnetic force was bound to be discovered. Controllable fusion battery technology was almost feasible, and Lu Zhou already had an idea of how to implement controllable fusion batteries.

After I complete the Hall-effect thruster and fusion battery, I guess Ill send someone to the moon.