Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 655

Chapter 655 655answer Before End Of The Month

655Answer Before End of the Month

After Lu Zhou confirmed his mission, he exited the system space.

Lu Zhous consciousness returned to his study room in his mansion. He wasnt in a hurry to start working. Instead, he went into the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He then opened his computer and went on his MathOverflow account.

This was the worlds largest and most professional mathematics forum, many well-known scholars such as Tao Zhexuan and Schultz had their own accounts and blogs, and Lu Zhou was no exception.

Even though Lu Zhou didnt update his blog as often as Professor Tao, he still liked to communicate with scholars from all over the world.

Lu Zhou knew that his thesis on arXiv should have been downloaded a lot of times by people around the world. He opened his MathOverflow email, and he was shocked by the number of email messages he received.

The most interesting part was that it wasnt just email messages from people in the mathematics world, there were also email messages from physics PhD students, postdocs, and physics professors. They all sent him private messages.

The core content of these private email messages was the same.

They were all asking him how close he was to the electrostrong interaction theory.

Or rather, how long it would take him to solve this problem.

The Yang-Mills existence and mass gap were explained from a mathematical point of view. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the unified theory of electrostrong interaction would be discovered. After all, the most difficult part about the electrostrong interaction was that one couldnt use the symmetry breaking method, which was used to discover the electroweak interaction.

However, now that the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem was solved, there was no longer a bottleneck on the electrostrong interaction. It was clear that it was only a matter of time before a groundbreaking theory would be discovered.

When Lu Zhou read these email messages, he couldnt help but smirk.

Replying to all of them was way too cumbersome.

Lu Zhou used a blog function that he had never used before, and he spent ten minutes writing a post before clicking Send.

[Ill give you guys an answer before the end of the month.]

This short blog post exploded in the physics community.

Lu Zhous life had been chaotic for the past few days. However, after solving the Yang-Mills equations, he could finally climb into bed and get a good nights sleep.

He slept until six oclock the next day, when his circadian clock woke him up. After he had some breakfast that Wang Peng brought him, he went to Jin Ling University.

He got off the black sedan and began to walk toward the mathematics building. Interestingly enough, people began to congratulate him.

Professor Lu, congratulations!

I didnt think I would witness this day in my lifetime, Professor Lu, youre amazing!

Congratulations, congratulations. Your name will be in the physics hall of fame.

Lu Zhou maintained a stiff smile as he responded politely to everyone who greeted him.

He didnt know why, but he felt like some of the professors were waiting on campus just to congratulate him.

The number of people that he happened to bump into was suspiciously high.

Not to mention, the physics building was quite far from the mathematics building.

Lu Zhou finally arrived at his office. He sighed and was about to sit down at his desk. However, he saw someone was already on his sofa, and there was a warm cup of tea on the coffee table.

Academician Lu? Lu Zhou was surprised as he looked at the old man. He walked over there and asked, Why are you here?

Academician Lu used to be Lu Zhous supervisor, so Lu Zhou had a lot of respect for him.

Even though they didnt spend a long time together, even now, Lu Zhous internship experience in CERN was still valuable to him.

Academician Lu smiled and said, What else could I be doing, Im here to see you.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, You could have just told me. I would have gone to the physics department to visit you. You didnt have to come all the way here.Read more chapter on v

Academician Lu waved his hand and said, Theres no need for that. Its not far, and I dont have anything else to do anyway. Plus youre so busy with your research, I dont want to disturb you too much.

The old academician had aged quite a lot. Even though he wanted to attend conferences all over the world, his fragile body wouldnt let him. Ever since he retired from scientific research, he devoted most of his energy to teaching the next generation of scholars at the Jin Ling University.

Lu Zhou: What do you mean? I still have some free time to visit you.

Yeah, whatever. Academician Lu waved his hand and smiled. He then said, The reason I came here today is mainly to congratulate you!

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly.

Even though he had been congratulated a lot on the way here, hearing his ex-supervisor congratulate him made him feel proud, something he hadnt felt in a long time.

Academician Lu looked at Lu Zhou and nodded. His heart was full of praise and admiration.

Accomplishing this much in the field of theoretical physics at such a young age was extremely rare. Academician Lu could have never imagined that convincing Lu Zhou to dive into the world of theoretical physics would change the history of physics.

He paused for a second before he continued, The Grand Unified Theory is the holy grail of theoretical physics. The unification of the strong interaction and electromagnetic force is the second step to the Grand Unified Theory. Since you were able to solve the mass gap, Im sure youre close to solving the electrostrong interaction. Your name will go down in history, not only as a great physicist but also as a monument of the human spirit.

Just a while ago, I thought that you were distracted by the aerospace field, wasting your physics talents. I was wrong, Academician Lu spoke emotionally. He looked at Lu Zhou and half-jokingly said, Youre the most omnipotent physicist in the world, go do what you have to do!

Lu Zhou solemnly nodded.


He knew what Academician Lu was talking about.

He also knew what he should be doing.

After Academician Lu left, Lu Zhou sat down at his desk and pulled out a piece of paper from his drawer. He thought for a second and then started to write his electrostrong interaction thesis.

Maybe because he leveled up in physics, which improved his ability to think about these types of abstract problems, or maybe because he was used to solving peculiar problems like this, but his writing was fluent than before.

It was almost like success was imminent.

Lu Zhou skipped the abstract and finished writing the first section of the thesis. He stopped writing and looked at the paper, almost like it was a piece of art. He couldnt help but smirk.

However, the office door was suddenly pushed open. Zhao Huan, who was responsible for his schedule, quickly ran into the office.

Professor, this is bad.

Lu Zhou looked up from the draft paper and looked at Zhao Huan.

Whats bad?

Zhao Huan didnt say anything. She took out a newspaper and placed it on the desk.

Lu Zhou glanced at it. It was an English version of Daily Mail.

There was an article title on the second page.

[Professor Brian: This is plagiarism!]

Lu Zhou:

Oh, its this clown?

I thought it was something serious