Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 657

Chapter 657 657electrostrong Unification

657Electrostrong Unification!

Oxford University.

Inside the same office room.

Professor Brian cleaned himself up and sat at his desk. He looked at a piece of paper in his hand and took a deep breath. He then looked at the cameraman and nodded.

We can start.

The cameraman didnt say anything. He only made a gesture.

Professor Brian looked at the camera and went silent for a while.

It was extremely irresponsible of me to make such an accusation against an academic scholar. Even though there were many misunderstandings and other nuances at play, I still take full responsibility for the incident.

His eyebrows lowered as he paused for a second.

I would like to apologize for what happened between me and Professor Lu.

Even though I know an apology wont fix anything, I still would like to ask for your forgiveness.

Apologizing wasnt an easy thing.

Especially for egoistic and arrogant people.

However, Brian had changed.

He spent a month researching the torus Euclidean spacetime. Not only did he grow academically, but his personal character also grew.

Even though this was embarrassing

But the fact of the matter was that Professor Lu indirectly gave Brian a physics lesson, without Brian even knowing it.

This video wasnt just an apology.

It was Brain saying goodbye to his past-self.

The video was very short; it was less than five minutes.

After it was uploaded on Youtube, it received a measly amount of views.

After all, it had been more than a month since Brians Daily Mail slander. This matter was no longer controversial. Even though Daily Mail heavily advertised the article, most people were only interested in the drama. They didnt really care about the truth anyway

Brian Caro was sitting at his desk. He had just finished uploading the video. He went silent for a while before he opened his computer and typed up an email. He sent the email to Lu Zhous mailbox.

Two days later, Lu Zhou watched this video in his office at the mathematics department of Jin Ling University.

Amazing Professor, how did you do it?

Zhao Huan was sitting at her desk watching the video, and she had a look of worship on her face. She was in disbelief.

She couldnt imagine how Lu Zhou was able to make such a shameless person apologize so sincerely

Calling Brian shameless was a bit over the top.

However, in her eyes, Professor Brian was a shameless scum.

I didnt do anything. Lu Zhou turned off the video and casually said, He just came to terms with it himself.

If Brian couldnt come to terms with this, then his academic career would have been over.

However, now that he accepted this situation, he was able to walk out of that dead end and continue onward with his academic career.

Lu Zhou didnt explain anything to Assistant Zhao. He continued to focus on his thesis.

It had been a month since the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem was solved. However, there wasnt a conclusive evaluation for Lu Zhous thesis. Most of the top-tier international theoretical physics research institutes were still carefully studying Lu Zhous thesis. Lu Zhou, on the other hand, hadnt stopped working.

He said that by the end of the month, he would give everyone an answer.

He was progressing smoothly.

He was almost finished

The entire day went by.

Lu Zhou was still sitting at his desk with a pen in his hand. He touched his stack of draft papers and felt satisfied.

His strong interaction theory

Was finally completed!

Lu Zhou spent the whole day working, and now, he was feeling a bit hungry. He put his thesis manuscript aside and wanted to go outside to eat something.

Han Mengqi, on the other hand, was holding a stack of freshly printed computational materials thesis. She cheerfully walked to Lu Zhous desk and said, Sir, I finished the task you gave me!

Lu Zhou looked at her thesis and nodded. Okay, just put it here.

Han Mengqi put the thesis on the corner of the desk and noticed the manuscript. She asked curiously, What are you writing?

Nothing. Lu Zhou stood up and smiled. He casually said, Its just a simple summary of the work I did a while ago.

2020 was an exciting year for the world of theoretical physics.

In less than a year, the general solution to the Yang-Mills equations and the mass gap problem was solved. The invention of the Quantum Yang-Mills Field began a new era for the gauge theory field.

And this wasnt just it.

While everyone was thinking that ten years worth of physics research progress was made this year, another world-shocking research project emerged.

Three days after Professor Brian posted his apology video, Lu Zhou posted his second thesis on arXiv.

The title only had three words.

[Electrostrong Interaction Theory!]

The second the thesis was published on arXiv, it was like the physics community experienced a magnitude eight earthquake.

Even though everyone had no doubt that Lu Zhou, the one who solved the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap, was the most promising person in the world to unify the strong interaction and electromagnetic force, physicists still didnt expect to see Lu Zhous thesis on arXiv.

In just one and a half months, Lu Zhou had perfected his own theorems and unified the strong interaction and electromagnetic force!

Lu Zhou couldnt even be described as merely being a genius

After all, geniuses were people.

Lu Zhou was a god

Apart from some Chinese research institutes, there wasnt a single well-known international research institute that commented on this freshly published paper. Most people either avoided questions from the reporter or gave an irrelevant answer.

After all, this was too important, even the highest-tier physicists had to treat this matter with caution.

If this thesis was correct, then it would change the face of physics for the next century.

If it was incorrect, but the academic community had mistakenly accepted it, then it could setback theoretical physics research for decades