Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Invitation From Cern

On Weibo.

The moment the announcement came out, Everyone Daily posted on Weibo regarding the announcement. The post was less than a hundred words long.

After the public found out what the CERN voting result meant for the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem, the re-post and likes blew up.


[God Lu is amazing!]

[The world of physics is going to change.]

[I guess that means the electrostrong interaction is also correct, right?]

[You cant say that, theres a difference between the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap and the electrostrong interaction. Even if Lu Zhous thesis was written well, it has to undergo a rigorous and repeated review process by the physics community. Actually, this is much better than what Weinberg had to go through. When his electroweak interaction theory came out, no one paid attention to his research. It was more than a decade later that the physics community finally accepted his research.]

[Lu Zhous research speed is too fast, the world cant catch up to him.]

[I cant believe this, my masters research is going nowhere. I cant take this anymore :(]

[Goddamn it, hes smarter than me and more handsome than me! (cry.jpg)]

Someone is calling me handsome?

How embarrassing is this

Lu Zhou was scrolling through Weibo while sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch. He couldnt help but smile as he liked the comment.

In fact, he didnt expect CERN to make a decision so quickly.

He thought that he wouldnt hear anything from them until the end of the year.

However, it seemed like he didnt have to wait that long.

Lu Zhou finished his lunch and returned the food tray. His phone suddenly vibrated and a text bubble popped up.

Xiao Ai: [Master, you have mail!]

New mail?

Lu Zhou was curious. He opened his email and clicked the unread email.

The senders email address was CERN Secretariat. Because Lu Zhou saved this email address a long time ago, he recognized this address.

The author of this email was Kalman Soma, CERNs secretary-general. When Lu Zhou was interning at CERN, he exchanged a few words with Kalman. However, Kalman Soma was only an ordinary office director at the time, mainly responsible for reception work for other partner countries.

[Dear Professor Lu, I am the secretary-general of the CERN Council Secretariat, Kalman Soma. First of all, please allow me to pay the utmost respect to you and your research results. The unification of the four basic forces is the lifelong pursuit of all mathematicians and physicists. Without the great work from outstanding scholars like you, civilization cannot move forward.

However, many people are still confused with regard to the two theses you recently published on arXiv. We understand that you are not able to do a live report, but we hope that you can appoint a trusted student or another scholar to explain your theory and answer some of the questions raised by our scholars.]

The email was pretty short, but it was sincere.

This request was definitely reasonable.

For a world-class problem like this, it was a common convention in the academic community to explain ones theory through the form of a report. If Lu Zhou werent busy with the miniaturization of controllable fusion, he would report this theory at the old Jin Ling University campus.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and wrote a short email.

[I will consider your proposal seriously, I will soon appoint a candidate for the report.]

Lu Zhou clicked Send and then called Luo Wenxuan.

When the call was connected, Luo Wenxuan immediately said, Hello? Whats up?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit before asking, Are you interested in a work vacation?

Luo Wenxuan was suddenly interested, and he immediately asked, Tell me, where am I going to humblebrag this time?

Lu Zhou nearly choked on his saliva. He asked seriously, What do you mean humble brag???

Okay, whatever, Luo Wenxuan said. Just tell me, where am I going?

Lu Zhou: Switzerland.

Luo Wenxuan: CERN?

Lu Zhou: Yeah, theyre inviting me to do a report there, but I cant really go. So youll have to go on my behalf.

Luo Wenxuan: Piece of cake, I got this When do I need to leave?

Lu Zhou: Probably in the near future, it depends on when youre ready.

Luo Wenxuan had worked with Lu Zhou on the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem before, and after the thesis was written, they talked in detail about the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap.

Therefore, Luo Wenxuan was the most suitable candidate to represent Lu Zhou to do the report. As long as the questions werent too difficult, Luo Wenxuan could handle the report by himself.

After Lu Zhou told Luo Wenxuan about the report, he left this matter aside.

Lu Zhou went into his office at the mathematics department and was about to take a break.

When he opened his office door and walked to his desk, Lin Yuxiangs eyes instantly lit up. She stood up and greeted him.

Professor, when you were eating, CTV called us.

CTV? Lu Zhous eyebrows furrowed as he asked, What do they want?

Lin Yuxiang smiled and said, Well, didnt you recently solve the Yang-Mills equations? They wanted to do an exclusive interview with you on this matter, and they wanted me to ask if you are available?

Lu Zhou: Which program?

Lin Yuxiang smiled and said, I think its a special program, prepared just for you. Apparently, its going to be broadcast at CTVs 8 pm time slot.

Even though Lu Zhou wasnt interested in the interview, he still had to give some respect to the national television.

Of course, he didnt want to waste too much time.

After all, compared to interviews, he cared a lot more about his research.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit before asking, Do I have to go to Beijing?

Lin Yuxiang: No, you dont, they said theyll send a reporter here.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Okay then, tell Assistant Zhao about this and arrange an appropriate time.

Lin Yuxiang playfully saluted.

Yes, sir!