Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Xiao Ais Colorful Bubbles?

After that, He Ying asked a question about the m particle and the strong interaction force, as well as some things about the moon landing project. Lu Zhou answered all the questions to the best he could.

The hour-long interview was finally finished.

After the interview, Lu Zhou requested the cameraman to show him some of the footage.

Lu Zhou was quite satisfied with how he looked during the interview.

After the CTV interview finished, Lu Zhou invited the interview team to dinner. After that, he went back home.

He poured himself a hot glass of milk and went into his study room. He was going to look at his computer, then go to sleep. However, he suddenly received a call from Chen Yushan.


Its me, I call you in the afternoon, but your phone was off.

Lu Zhou could hear echoes coming from Chen Yushans side as well as sounds of water splashing around.

Is she taking a bath?

Lu Zhou didnt think much of it, and he replied, In the afternoon? Its probably during the CTV interview, I think I turned off my phone.

Chen Yushan pouted while sulking.

Why didnt you call me back then?

Lu Zhou: Oh, I didnt see your call.

Chen Yushan brushed her wet hair and sat in a more comfortable position. Her head was the only part of her body above the water.

Whatever, its your loss anyway. The reason I called was that I wanted to tell you that the space shuttle manufacturing center is already built.

Lu Zhou looked surprised.


Chen Yushan answered with a smug voice, Yeah, the first phase of the project is just a few factories, so it didnt take a lot of time to build. How about you go check it out when you have time?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Okay, Ill go there when I have some free time.

The conversation suddenly stopped.

Now that the business talk was finished, they didnt have anything else to talk about.

Time quickly passed by.

Chen Yushan could sense the atmosphere becoming somewhat awkward. She wrapped her hands around her knees. The hot bath made her a little dizzy. She was about to say something, but Lu Zhou spoke first.

Hello? Are you okay?

When Chen Yushan heard Lu Zhous voice through her Bluetooth headset, she suddenly blurted out, Oh, Im good Im taking a bath.

She blushed and wanted to bury her face in the bathtub.

F*ck, why did I say that?

Is he going to think

She didnt have to worry at all because Lu Zhou didnt think anything of it.

I know, just dont pass out in there.

Chen Yushan: ???

You know?

How do you know?

Her face instantly turned bright red.

She went silent again. Lu Zhou didnt know if he said something wrong, so he quickly tried to explain.

Wait, I meant that I guessed that you were in the bath. After all, there were all kinds of sounds, I analyzed the soundsRead more chapter on


Before he could explain himself, the call was terminated.

Lu Zhou paused for a second and looked at his phone.

She hung up on me?

Screw it, who cares.

As long as she doesnt pass out in the hot bath.

Lu Zhou put his phone aside and finished his glass of milk. He looked at his computer and said,

Xiao Ai, put some hot water in my bathtub, around 40 degrees, halfway full.

He was originally going to brush his teeth and head to bed, but he felt like taking a bath now.

He heard that baths were good for relieving fatigue.

Since he was so tired, he decided to let himself relax.

After Xiao Ai heard its masters voice, a text bubble popped out in the lower right corner of the computer.

Xiao Ai: [Do you need Xiao Ai to put some colorful bubbles in the bathtub?]

Lu Zhou: Uh Forget about the colorful part, normal bubbles are fine.

Xiao Ai: [Ok! ()]

Lu Zhou had to admit, that a hot bath was one of lifes great pleasures.

He went out of the bathroom, covered only by a bathrobe. Every pore in his body felt relaxed. It was an indescribable feeling of comfort.

He went into his bedroom and fell asleep until six oclock the next day.

After he got out of bed, he went on his morning run and came back. He ate some soup buns and sat in his black sedan. He didnt go directly to the institute or the university. Instead, he asked Wang Peng to go to the space shuttle construction site.

Concrete was poured onto the entire piece of land, and there were two three-story-high buildings. Lu Zhou could see the steel-reinforced concrete columns inside the buildings.

There was another five-story-high concrete building next to it. It was mainly for staff members, and it was also where the server was placed.

Just like Chen Yushan had said, the first phase of the project had been completed. They could start moving their equipment in.

Lu Zhou couldnt help but smirk.

With Xiao Ais help, the most advanced five-axis machine tool, and a complete set of automated industrial equipment Forget about the space shuttle, he was confident he could build a real-life Transformer robot.

It would just take time.

Lu Zhou suddenly thought of a serious problem.

He had to remind Xiao Ai not to place the pieces of equipment in random locations. After all, this wasnt his underground laboratory. The processing capabilities of this machine tool was far inferior to those automated industrial robots.

Lu Zhou stood outside the assembly center for a while. After that, he returned to his car.

Lets go. Jin Ling University.

Wang Peng started the engine and looked surprised.

Are you not going inside?

No need. Lu Zhou smiled and shook his head. He looked at the empty factory and said, The things havent been moved in yet, so theres no point going inside. Oh yeah, how many of your friends in the army are retired?

Some Are you interested?

I want to hire a few security consultants. A salary of 10,000-20,000 RMB per month, food and accommodation included. Can you help me find anyone whos interested?

Lu Zhou thought of this idea just a second ago.

If he wanted to get a license for a military-civilian project, he had to pass a confidentiality review. Not only was there a comprehensive qualification process, but this involved the production of aerospace technology, which was considered a sensitive technology. Security was a top priority.

Thankfully, Wang Peng had a military background, and he had a lot of connections to people in the army. Finding a few retired veterans for this job would be much better than outsourcing to a security company.

Not to mention, they could also train some security guards.

After all, this assembly center was considered private property. It would be unreasonable to use government resources.

When Wang Peng heard the RMB20,000 salary, he said, This salary is making me a bit tempted.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Forget about it, you werent in the security logistics department, so youre not a good fit.

Wang Peng smiled and didnt disagree.

Okay then, Ill ask around for you When do you need them?

Lu Zhou said, As soon as possible.