Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Done By Him Alone

The problem regarding R() two-dimensional small coupling constant wasnt a particularly difficult problem. It only required a little abstract thinking At least that was what Lu Zhou thought.

However, even though the problem itself wasnt difficult, not everyone could ask a question like this. After all, most people wouldnt notice this problem in the first place.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and spoke.

The existence of the isolated eigenvalue m of M, together with the Wightman axiom, provides a theoretical basis for the two standard forms of scattering theory, which are the wave operator method and scattering matrix elements. By applying these two scattering methods, we can conclude that there is a progressive state with an arbitrary number of particles

Luo Wenxuan immediately picked up the marker and began writing on the whiteboard.

Lines and lines of equations were neatly written, filling up the whiteboard.

The problem was slowly derived. Wittens frown went away, and he smiled. The old man with the crooked nose nodded his head.

The whispers in the venue were gone.

Luo Wenxuan took a deep breath and stopped writing.

Thats the answer to the single-particle spectrum particle Are there any other questions?

The old man smiled.

Nope, no more questions.

When the people in the audience began to applaud, Luo Wenxuan could feel the praise and encouragement in the atmosphere.

Luo Wenxuan placed the marker on the multimedia table and sighed in relief. He smiled and his brain started working again.

He listened to the subsiding applause in the venue and couldnt help but feel emotional.

Professor Lu really is nutty.

Thank god for him saving me.


Hes the one that gets to do all the bragging.

After that, the scholars in the venue asked a lot of questions, which Luo Wenxuan answered one by one. Whenever Luo Wenxuan had some hiccups, Lu Zhou would give his own input.

After a final round of applause, the report came to an end.

When Luo Wenxuan walked off stage, the old man with the crooked nose walked over to him while carrying a cane.

What a wonderful report.

The old man looked at Luo Wenxuan and smiled kindly, which gave him even more wrinkles on his face.

However, Luo Wenxuan wasnt too happy. Instead, he scratched his head awkwardly. After all, Lu Zhou was the one who answered this old mans question.

Yeah, it was okay.

Okay? No, it was great. The old man smiled and said, Also, when you see Professor Lu again, give him my thanks. I didnt expect the unification of the forces would happen before I go to heaven. Originally, I felt a little worried about the theoretical physics industry But now, it seems that my worries were superfluous.

Luo Wenxuan replied politely, Ill give him your thanks May I ask who you are?

The old man put on his hat.

Peter Higgs.

He smiled at Luo Wenxuan, turned around, and left.


Luo Wenxuan stared at Higgs walking away, and it took him a while to process this.

He thought this old man looked familiar, but he didnt expect it to be Higgs!

However, this was expected. The old man disappeared from the physics community in 2013, and all of the photos of him were from years ago. Luo Wenxuan first went to CERN in 2014

I should have asked for a signature, Luo Wenxuan muttered to himself.

However, Higgs was long gone

The thunderous applause in the CERN lecture theater spread throughout the entire physics community. Previously, the international physics community was still debating about the Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem. However, all of the debates had now ended.

Three days after the CERN report, the Clay Mathematics Institute immediately issued a statement. The director of the Clay Institute, Professor Jaffe, announced that he accepted CERNs judgment and said that the Scientific Advisory Board was looking for a suitable time to present Lu Zhou with the Millennium Prize Problem award and prize money.

Also, Lu Zhous phone call during the interview became a talking point in the physics community

Three days after the report ended, 8 pm Switzerland time.

In China, it was already afternoon.

Luo Wenxuan was sitting on a hotel sofa near CERN. He was on a call with Lu Zhou.

I might come back a bit later.


Uh I plan on going to France, try to get some inspiration. Luo Wenxuan said awkwardly, Oh yeah, Im running out of money, can you transfer me some, and Ill pay you back later?

Lu Zhou could hear water flowing in the background. He smiled and shook his head.

Forget about lending. Professor Carlson, the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, has been emailing me all day. If you go to France, help me get the million-dollar prize money at the Institut de France, and Ill split half of it with you.

Luo Wenxuan nearly fell off the sofa.

What do you mean! Half is

Lu Zhou said nonchalantly, Its fine. Besides, you helped me a lot. I should share the prize money with you.

Honestly, given that Lu Zhou had received hundreds of millions in scientific research funding, a million was nothing to him. He was only interested in the certificate issued by the Clay Institute.

After all, there was no such thing as too much honor. Only seven of these certificates existed, so it had a collection value.

However, Luo Wenxuan didnt agree. Instead, he argued with Lu Zhou.

The Yang-Mills existence and mass gap problem is the final problem of the Millennium Prize Problems, and I did less than 10 percent of the work. This prize money doesnt belong to me, I dont want it! Luo Wenxuan seemed to be hesitant. He paused for a second before saying, I can go to the award ceremony for you, but Im not taking the money.

Lu Zhou: