Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 668

Chapter 668 How Did You Guys Do It?

Since they didnt connect the generator yet, the heat could only be transferred through the water heat exchange system. However, the energy generated from the system far exceeded the required input energy for the system. Therefore, the neutrons proliferation rate was self-sustainable. From this standpoint alone, this fusion reactor was undoubtedly a success!

Once the ferrofluid electric energy generator was installed, the ultrasonic device would no longer require an external power supply. Only a large lithium-sulfur battery would be needed to melt the lithium, and the reactor could rely entirely on the electrical energy for operation.

When the experiment finished, Academician Wang immediately asked Lu Zhou, How did you guys do it?

Lu Zhou smirked and gave a simple answer.


Wang Zengguang was stunned. He squinted and said, I thought that pathway wasnt possible?

Because magnetic confinement fusion and inertial confinement fusion fell into a bottleneck, the research on sound fusion was popular during the 1980s and 1990s. However, even to this day, this research pathway had been controversial.

Not only were there two different experimental reports, but the main reason for this controversy was because there wasnt a clear conclusion in the physics community about the origin of the natural phenomenon of sonoluminescence.

There are two reasons why a technical pathway isnt feasible. One is because it is inherently wrong, and the other, is because the method is wrong. Twenty years ago, there were plenty of problems with it came to sound fusion research. The theoretical ground wasnt built yet. People were just doing experiments blindly and collecting empirical data to find ways to achieve fusion reaction, which is no different than trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Lu Zhou paused for a second. He picked up a marker from the desk and wrote a few lines of equations on the whiteboard.

Only after we determine the quantitative relationship between the electromagnetic force and strong interaction, can we build a phenomenological model that balances the relationship between the two. Then, we can use this phenomenological model to find the most optimal experimental method.

Academician Wang stared at the whiteboard for a while and frowned.

Are you talking about the electrostrong interaction?

Even though he wasnt a theoretical physicist, he was in the nuclear physics and nuclear engineering field. He was up to date with physics research, especially ones regarding nuclear power.

Lu Zhou looked at Academician Wang and nodded.


On the surface, it might seem like the reason this sound fusion machine was successful was because of Sheng Xianfu and others, who added a small ionization chamber between the air inlet and the nuclear core. This was to heat the deuterium-tritium gas mixture and allow them to inject the ionized gas into the liquid lithium.

However, in fact, whether it was the use of liquid lithium or the calculation regarding a series of nuclear fusion parameters such as bubble density, surface area, and sound pressure, all of these were possible only because of the electrostrong interaction model.

This was just like how the plasma turbulence model was related to magnetic confinement fusion.

Without Lu Zhous prior theoretical work, who would have known how long it would take for someone to build a sound fusion machine

Director Li from the State Administration for National Defense couldnt wait any longer. Can we put this on an aircraft carrier?

Lu Zhou paused for a second and smiled.

I dont know a lot about aircraft carriers. Youll have to consult with the naval nuclear engineers. However, even though the power efficiency and energy utilization are much lower than the Pangus, they are still stronger than a traditional nuclear fission reactor As long as its properly implemented, we should be able to put it in an aircraft carrier or a submarine.

Director Li sighed in relief and looked solemnly at Lu Zhou.

On behalf of the country, Id like to say thank you!

Lu Zhou smiled.

Youre welcome.

Lu Zhou had been thanked too many times; he didnt even react to it anymore.

However, he still felt pretty good when he heard Director Lis sincere tone.

Even though he wasnt interested in military technology, he was still happy that he could contribute to the safety of the country.

As for how to implement this into aircraft carriers or submarines, that would be the responsibility of the Navy Equipment Research Institute. The Jinling Institute for Advanced Study would provide some technical support, but most of the design work would be done by the military experts.

Of course, all of this wasnt for free.

Since the miniaturization of the controllable fusion machine was funded by the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study, which was a private research institute, the intellectual property rights would be in the guaranteed form of national defense patents.

Even though the profit from licensing to the domestic navy would be far less than the profits from licensing lithium-sulfur battery patents, Lu Zhous intention for this research project was never to make money, so he didnt care that much.

So far, this fusion machine is mainly going to be used on spacecraft. After all, we still need to conduct more experiments. Lu Zhou looked at Academician Wang and said in a serious manner, So, Im assuming youll take care of the ferrofluid electric energy generator.

Academician Wang nodded solemnly.

Dont worry, Ill definitely give you an answer in two weeks!

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded.

Im happy to hear this.

After Academician Wang witnessed the experimental sound fusion machine, he left Jinling Institute for Advanced Study and went back to Haizhou with his two students.

The most critical part of the project had been completed. All they had to finish now was the ferrofluid electric energy generator.

He had to complete the ferrofluid electric energy generator design as soon as possible so that he could efficiently convert the heat energy into electrical energy!

As for Director Li, after he ate dinner with Sheng Xianfu and Lu Zhou, he left Jinling and returned to Beijing, bringing back the news of the miniaturized controllable fusion breakthrough.

This involved national security, so the fewer people who knew about it, the better.

Therefore, he had to personally report this to the senate