Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 671

Chapter 671 From Nothing To Something

Lu Zhou stayed at the newly completed assembly center for the entire day. The customized server equipment was delivered to the assembly center.

Lu Zhou watched the technicians set up the server equipment. After that, he transferred Xiao Ai into the assembly center servers.

By the time everything was completed, it was already night time.

Lu Zhou booked dozens of tables at the most luxurious hotel near the Purple Mountain area. He invited the engineers and construction workers, as well as the staff from the assembly center, for a huge dinner. This was his way of showing his thanks.

After the big meal, Lu Zhou got into his car and went home. He was about to fall asleep on his bed when Xiao Ai suddenly sent him a message.

[Master, you have mail!]

Lu Zhou looked at the senders address and saw that the email message was from the China National Nuclear Corporation. He immediately opened the email message.

The content was very short, only one sentence.

[The ferrofluid electric energy generator is done.]

Lu Zhou climbed out of bed and put on some slippers. He went into his study room and began to type on his computer.

[Encrypt the blueprint and send it to me.]

After five minutes, Academician Wang replied.


Soon after, Lu Zhou received the blueprints.

Lu Zhou downloaded the large attachment and decrypted the file. He opened the folder and quickly scanned the blueprints sent by Academician Wang.

Overall, the design of this ferrofluid electric energy generator was heavily influenced by the Pangus ferrofluid electric energy generator. Whether it was the air inlet or the superparamagnets, the design was similar to that of Pangus.

However, even though there were many similarities, China National Nuclear Corporation had to make a lot of improvements and changes.

Especially for the ionization chamber design. Because they adopted a curved ionization chamber design, it reduced the generator size by at least 20%. However, they had to sacrifice a bit of energy conversion efficiency, but this sacrifice was acceptable for use on a space shuttle.

After Lu Zhou looked at the blueprints, he thought for a while before saying, Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai: [Yes? 0.0]

Lu Zhou used his mouse to draw a circle on the computer screen. He said, This ferrofluid electric energy generator, can you build it?

Xiao Ai: [No problem, Master, dont worry! ()]

Xiao Ai sounds confident, but can it really do it?

Lu Zhou hesitated for a bit, but in the end, he decided to place his trust in Xiao Ai.

Okay then, Ill ask the supplier to send the materials. Try to see if you can manufacture this thing.

Xiao Ai: [I promise I can do it! (*)]

At the same time, in Beijing, thousands of miles away, a car slowly entered the courtyard of the Navy Equipment Research Institute.

Under the escort of several intelligence personnel, a USB containing all of the information regarding the miniaturization of controllable fusion quickly passed the guards and entered into the Navys ship laboratory.

Unlike the ferrofluid electric energy generator, information regarding the miniaturization of controllable fusion energy could only be transferred through this primitive method. This was the most secure method, and it wouldnt leave any traces.

It was late into the night.

Academician Zhang Jianrong was sitting in a quiet laboratory with a pair of glasses on his face. As he meticulously read the freshly printed documents, his eyebrows furrowed from time to time.

After a long time, he gently put down the blueprints.

So this is the experimental reactor model for the fusion battery?

Yes, said the man who was standing next to the academician. He nodded and said, Weve already sent the package, please sign here.

Zhang Jianrong didnt say anything. He picked up a fountain pen and signed the document. After that, he gave the document back to the man.

The man nodded turned around, and he immediately began to leave the laboratory.

He was from the Peoples Liberation Army General Staff Department. After he left, the tense atmosphere in the laboratory disappeared.

A researcher wearing glasses was sitting at the experiment table next to him, and he couldnt help but whisper, I cant believe it The Pangu project collaborated with nearly a hundred nuclear physics institutes around the country. They spent an entire year to complete the project. I cant believe this pillar with a diameter of less than two meters is able to solve the problem.

The hardest part of any technology is creating something from nothing, another researcher said. The fusion battery is different from the real fusion reactor, whether its power generation or energy efficiency.

Regardless, with this technology, our battleships will see a huge improvement.


The blueprints were all in Academician Zhang Jianrongs hands. The other researchers could only sit around and chat.

As usual, Mr. Zhang would only assign the researchers their jobs after the project had begun. Each persons task was different. Before that, the blueprints were strictly confidential.

Academician Zhang Jianrong stared at the blueprints for a long time. Unlike usually, he didnt give the researchers anything to do. However, he suddenly stood up from his chair.

Im going to Jinling tomorrow.

The researchers who were chatting looked at the academician in surprise.

To Jinling?

Zhang Jianrong nodded seriously.


This is an entirely new technical route, and its very different from the magnetic confinement fusion path that weve been trying to achieve.

All of the researchers in the laboratory looked astonished.

An entirely new technical route?

Prior to this, all of them just thought that Professor Lu was trying to make a smaller magnetic confinement fusion device. They didnt expect him to go on another entirely different technical pathway.

I have to be safe. I have to talk to Professor Lu in person. Ill bring a few people over. As for everyone else, be on the lookout. Ill arrange work soon.

The researchers who were sitting at the experiment table nodded subconsciously.

When are you leaving?

Zhang Jianrong answered without any hesitation, Now.